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Writing, though it may seem to be an ordinary thing to do, the idea of writing about something that our society nowadays feels too insignificant is quite extraordinary and very meaningful to me. There are so many little things in life that are hidden and people out there fail to realize their beauty of it. When we see people realizing the beauty of little things, we are spreading joy, happiness, and positivity which has been overlooked in our everyday busy lives.

Life is full of fast food, pop music, and the same movies being played over and over in theatres. You know what you don’t hear about very often? The little burger joint that serves the best chilli you’ve ever had in your life, the amazing violinist playing on a street corner, and the indie film that only showed in a tiny little art house theatre for three days. This is all to say, I think that one of the best things a person can do for contentment in life is to look around and notice little obscure gems– the hidden bits of sunshine that pop up in between the monotony of daily life.

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