Baby Safety: Why You Should Never Take It Lightly

Baby Safety: Never Take Second Chance

How to baby-proof your home

Baby safety is the number one concern and responsibility of a parent. As a caretaker or parent of the child, you want to keep them safe from self-inflicting danger around the house. In a blink of a second, accidents can happen at home if you are not aware of its potential dangers. Kids will be kids, they will hurt themselves.

Look around you, everything seems harmless, from the adult’s viewpoint, as we know what is the danger point and what is not deemed dangerous. It is very easy to overlook what might be fairly obvious and dangerous but escapes others.

Get Down On Your Knees

You got to get down on your knees and crawl like a baby to see it in the eyes of your child. From these levels, you would be able to see the potential hazards you would not see at your full height.

Babies or toddlers are very curious about everything that is within their reach and they will touch anything out of curiosity obvious to the danger that befalls them. I know it’ll be many more months before the baby starts to scramble around on their own, but there are still many things to baby-proof you need to take tasks to keep your bundle of joy safe.

Put Safety Covers Over Electrical Outlets

Safety Outlet Cover Universal Self-Closing Child Guards Socket Plugs

Electric outlets and sockets are usually placed at the lowest point on the wall for easy use of electrical appliances. Your crawling baby might try to stick their fingers to these sockets or try to pull them out. You might want to look into those low-laying electric cables on the floor and make sure there are no dangling wires around where they can be tangled. Baby Safety Outlet Cover Universal Self-Closing Child Guards Socket Plugs Shop at Walmart

Power outlets are a dangerous hazard in every home for little children. Our outlet plates make it near impossible for a little child to play with electricity, keeping your kid safe.

Place Baby Gates

Toddleroo by North States Easy Swing and Lock Baby Gate, 28.68”-47.85″

If you are living in a house with many floors, it is obvious you’d have many staircases. Babies when they started crawling, they are fascinated with the stairs. Naturally, you want to install stair barrier at the top and bottom to prevent your child from falling down the stairs. Toddleroo by North States Easy Swing and Lock Baby Gate, 28.68”-47.85″ Shop at Walmart

LOADED WITH CONVENIENT FEATURES: This gate opens effortlessly with one-hand operation and swings closed and lock with a gentle push. The gate only swings in one direction to avoid the danger of swinging over stairs. When not in use, the gate can be completely removed from the hardware mounts.

Place Soft Rubber Padding Around Tables Corners

When curiosity got the better of your child, they started to pull themselves on anything to explore new things. Pulling up on the sofa won’t pose a problem, but what if they pull themselves up on the edge of the coffee table? Usually, coffee tables are made of marble or wood, and they have sharp edges. A slight mishap will knock your junior’s teeth out of their mouth if they have any.

One way is to install bumpers or rubber padding all around the table. Similarly, put security pads on all edges of tables and if possible on chairs if they are squarish in shape. Babies love to pull themselves up on chairs too.

Mom s Bestyâc EXTRA DENSE Child Safety Protectors and Furniture

Low-lying furniture, such as cupboards, has sharp corners that need to be addressed. Put up corner protectors so they don’t come off easily even by adults’ standards. If they come easily they might cause a serious choking hazard to a child. Mom s Bestyâc EXTRA DENSE Child Safety Protectors and Furniture Shop at Walmart

EXTRA DENSE Child Safety Protectors and Furniture Bumpers Set – 15 Ft. Edge and 4 TAPED Corner Guards (16.2 Ft. Total Coverage) – Coffee Brown 

Install Safety Locks and Latches

Xtraguard Dual Action Multi Use Latches, 2 Count 

Another area that fascinates a small child the most is the cabinet. This is easily assessable to them when they begin to learn how to climb. By watching how the adults opened the cabinet, your little ones will know how to open one themselves. There is a number of safety locks that you can install to prevent your child from opening these doors easily.Xtraguard Dual Action Multi Use Latches, 2 Count Shop at Walmart

Easy to install with provided adhesive – won’t damage furniture and is easy to remove

Anchor TV to Wall

The Baby Lodge TV and Furniture Anti Tip Straps – Safety Furniture Wall 

If you have a TV sitting on your low entertainment stand, you may want to tether it to the stand or against the wall to prevent your child from pulling the TV down. The shattered glass may injure your child. Even if it won’t break, the weight of the TV could easily give your child a concussion. or even knock them off. Also, hide away all electrical cords and cables. The Baby Lodge TV and Furniture Anti Tip Straps – Safety Furniture Wall Shop a Walmart

Both end plates that secure to the TV/furniture/wall and the cam buckle are made of industry-standard metal to ensure the best tip-over protection

Secured All Doors

Toddler loves to open doors and they just might land themselves in danger when they opened the wrong door, such as the laundry room where kids can hide in a washing machine or a dryer. They might knock off iron from the ironing board, hopefully, it is not hot. Even if it is not hot, the weight of the iron could give a dent in their head.

Another room where there is a potential hazard is the pantry. Medicines are kept and must be kept out of small kids. That is why rooms must have security latches which are high enough and out of reach to prevent them from accidentally opening doors both from inside and outside with that extra peace of mind.

Magnetic Lock

Safety 1st Magnetic Locking System Complete 9-Piece Set

In the United States, in certain states where you have a cabinet that have any toxic materials and sharp objects in it, it is required to have magnetic locks installed. When this is installed, it will not be opened unless you have the key. This way the cabinet is protected from a child who might gain unknowingly access and put the child at great risk. Safety 1st Magnetic Locking System Complete 9 Piece Set Shop at Walmart

Screws securely on the inside of the cabinet or drawer. Operates with a magnetic release key.

Place Stairs Treads

PURE ERA Bullnose Carpet Stair Treads Set of 14 Non-Slip Self Adhesive

The trouble with wooden stairs is that they are slippery even if they are not wet. If you do not intend to have them fully carpeted, you can buy stairs treads which also helps. They work very well for kids going up and down the stairs without slipping. The advantage of having the stairs treads is that you can clean them whereas carpets are a permanent fixture and you don’t know how much dirt has accumulated beneath them. PURE ERA Bullnose Carpet Stair Treads Set of 14 Non Slip Self Adhesive Shop at Walmart

SUITABLE FOR PETS & CHILDREN: These step mats create a safer, more secure walking surface, and allow your family and pets to easily go up and down our slippery and steep hardwood stairs, by reducing the likelihood of slips and falls

Baby Safety: DiapperBag Backpack

Diaper Bag Backpack Large – Multi-Function Waterproof Baby Travel Bag

As your baby begins to turn over, the wriggling baby became a challenge when it comes to changing nappies. If you changed it on a table, you’ll have a handful with a struggling baby and swap the soiled nappy with a fresh one. With a moment of distraction, your baby will end up on the floor. Most moms have switched to changing their baby nappies on the floor using a nappy mat instead of changing it on the table if their young one is the kid who can’t keep still. Better for organising, it’s better to have all your baby’s items in one bag. Diaper Bag Backpack Large – Multi-Function Waterproof Baby Travel Bag Shop at Walmart

HANDS-FREE EVERYWHERE YOU GO – Carry our KeaBabies Diaper Bag Backpack with ease while using a baby carrier or carrying your baby. Hang it on your stroller or pram with the clip-on holder straps. Stay hands-free all day long while you tend to your little one!

The stairs pose a danger to crawling babies
The stairs pose a danger to crawling babies

Install Window Guard

Segal S 4776 Operable Window Guard, 22 In. – 38 In. X 21 In., Steel

Once your baby has reached toddler age, it may now be fascinated with what is beyond the windows. The birds chirping or even dad’s sound of washing the cars below would attract their attention. Their eagerness to see what’s happening downstairs has compelled them to climb the windows. If left unattended, and if the window is opened, your toddler might fall over. Make sure dad has begun to fix all the lower windows casing with window guards so that the kids might not try to open them again. Segal S 4776 Operable Window Guard, 22 In. – 38 In. X 21 In., Steel Shop at Walmart

Assists in preventing children from accidental fall through open windows 3-7/8 in. bar spacing

Know everything about baby car safety

Baby Safety: Car Seats
Baby Safety: Car Seats

In the U.S. or even the rest of the world, there are laws that oblige parents to follow safety measures when letting their children ride in the same car with a safety seat in place. The safety seat, as well as the installation guideline, has to be followed as well. Make sure that your child’s age, weight and height have been taken into consideration to ensure that the right car seat appropriately fits your child well for comfort and safety.

Types of Car Seats

They are four types of car seats, namely, the Infant Car Seat, Convertible, a combination High-back and 5 Point Harness and the Combination High-back, No-back Booster.

Typically, when you bring your baby from the first trip back from the hospital it will be in an Infant Car Seat. The convenience of an Infant Car Seat is that it is designed with a base and a pram, and you can easily click in and out of the base, carry your baby away and click into a stroller, thus creating a travel system.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Screenshot-2020-05-26T144722.053.png
Graco LiteRider LX Travel System

Most parents are paranoid about carrying their precious ones in a pram because they are afraid they might drop them. Graco LiteRider LX Travel System Shop at Walmart

Includes the Graco SnugRide? Click Connect? 30 Infant Car Seat, rear-facing from 4-30 lb and up to 30″

Infant car seats 

Infants should ride rear-facing in an infant car seat until the age of two. They should not be 32 inches tall and weigh no more than 30 lbs.

If the baby is getting too heavy, and it is not convenient to carry any more in the pram, it is actually beneficial to stop using the Infant Car Seats and start using the Convertible Car Seat regardless of whether they have reached the height or weight limit because the Convertible Car Seat will keep them safer

For extra comfort and security, the manufacturer of the Infant Car Seats usually comes with cushioned inserts to secure the baby’s head. Do not use any inserts that don’t come with the car seat which is deemed unfit and unsafe for the baby.

Graco SnugRide SnugLock 35 Elite Infant Car Seat

Never place your Infant Car Seat in the front passenger seat facing front. Always put it on the back seat facing the rear only. Graco SnugRide SnugLock 35 Elite Infant Car Seat Shop with Walmart

Simply Safe Adjust Harness System adjusts the headrest and harness together to prevent re-threading Safety Core absorbs frontal crash forces

Forward-facing car seats 

When your child reaches the age of two and has a body weight of 30 lbs, is time to switch over to forward-facing Convertible Car Seats from rear-facing Infant Car Seats.

Now as the child grows, you’ll find that there is limited legroom between your child and the seat in front. There is a misconception that in an event of a crash, the child’s leg would be crushed by the impact. In fact, during an impact, the forces are travelling in the opposite direction, and actually, it is taking the car seat further away from the car.

Graco Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat, Gotham Black

Most would recommend keeping their children in Convertible Car Seats until they’re about 5, or you can continue to use it till your kid reached 9 or is 65 lbs. or until it reaches those limits of the car seat. Graco Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat, Gotham Black Shop at Walmart

Graco Protect Plus Engineered: a combination of the most rigorous crash tests that helps protect Your child in frontal, side, rear & rollover crashes; additional testing based on the New Car Assessment Program and for extreme car interior temperatures

Booster seats 

Now that your child has grown a bit bigger, it’s time to put them in a Combination High-back booster and 5-point harness. Not only that it gives your growing child a bigger seated space and a taller back, but it also provides more comfort and more security.

It is more secure because it has this 5-point harness and this is what’s going to keep them contained in the event of a car accident.

Once your child has reached the limits, you can raise up the seat and start using the car’s seat belt. This is only when the car’s seat belt can be placed crisscross over the shoulder. This seat has a weight capacity of 120 lbs.

When your child has reached the maturity level, they can progress to the High-Back or No-Back booster. By now, your child should be able to sit upright and bring the seat belt down at the shoulder so that there is less movement if the car involves in an accident.

Britax Highpoint 2-Stage Belt-Positioning Booster Car Seat

You can take off the booster, if your child can feel more comfortable, and feels snugger on their hips as well on their shoulders. Britax Highpoint 2-Stage Belt-Positioning Booster Car Seat Shop ar Walmart

Easily converts to a backless booster to keep your big kid safer

Baby Cribs Safety – Better Safe Than Sorry

Into the last semester of your pregnancy is when you begin to shop for a baby crib for your baby. There are so many choices available and is hard to make your pick.

Besides cost, and how well does your baby sleep, security is of utmost importance to take into consideration when choosing the right crib.

It may cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a thousand. You want to have the best one for your baby, so it’s easy to get carried away.

Most moms do not sleep with their babies, so the crib you’ve chosen comes with all the safety features that would keep your little one safe.

U.S. Standards and Regulations

A reputable baby crib manufacturer will know and follow and adhere to all the U.S. regulations on all safety measures.

You will be looking at the slats on the crib, which are no more than two and three-eighths of an inch wide. This is to ensure that a baby’s head won’t get caught in here.

When the child is inside the crib, ensure always to keep the side of the crib up, and as the child grows, lower the height of the crib mattress. Stop using the crib if the child’s height is over three-fourths of the top railings.

While the crib is high enough to prevent your baby or toddler from climbing over, you want the convenience to take the baby in and out of the crib easily.

So, normally a crib should have at least one side that can slide down. The mechanism is such that only an adult can put it down and the toddler would not be able to figure out how to do it themselves.

Where to Place the Crib

Another thing is to think about where to place the crib. If space is limited, you have to place it near you in the same room. If you have a separate room for your baby, find a corner away from the window or door.

The window has blinds and the baby could climb up to pull them when they get older and may get entangled with the blind’s rope.

Graco Pack n Play Playard Anywhere Dreamer, Hattie

Today, most cribs are built on wheels. It makes moving around so easy. It’s nice to pull the crib out in the hall during the day so that you can easily watch over them while you get along with your daily chores by catching a watching eye from time to time. You can pull it back to their room during bedtime. So you can bond with your baby and at the time completes your household work. Graco Pack n Play Playard Anywhere Dreamer, Hattie Shop at Walmart

Infant bassinet easily lifts out from play yard to be used in any room of the house, keeping baby nearby

You don’t need to buy a new crib every time the baby grows a little older. Think about having a mattress that has several height position adjustments.

Graco Solano 4 In 1 Convertible Crib with Drawer

As your child begins to pull themselves up, make sure you know how to adjust the height tall enough to prevent them from climbing and falling over. Graco Solano 4 In 1 Convertible Crib with Drawer Shop at Walmart

Crib converts to a toddler bed (no guard rail), daybed and full-size bed (bed rails not included)

Baby Safety Bassinet

Don’t be surprised about the rigidity of the mattress you found in a bassinet. Those extra soft mattresses and plush pillows and pads are a tragedy going to happen.

For the first few months of your infant’s life, at least, it’s best to use firm surfaces. Soft surfaces may indent the mattress when a baby lays on them and if they turn sideways or flip over could entrap or cause suffocation.

Mum is always worried that the baby is not comfortable enough and so they add pillows and towels. They cried, not that they are uncomfortable, but more often than not because their pampers are wet or is feeding time. As long as they feel secure and warm, they are contented and happy and they’re best left on a hard surface, lying flat on their back without pillows.

Get a Mesh Wall Bassinet

Baby Delight Beside Me Dreamer Bassinet & Bedside Sleeper

A bassinet is preferably placed at the same level as the mum’s bed so that she can keep an eye on the baby for at least the first six months. The advantage of a mash wall bassinet advantage is that it gives you a view of your baby otherwise it can be blocked if it’s fitted with some fabrics. It can save the life of your baby from suffocation if they somehow managed to roll the side of the bassinet. Baby Delight Beside Me Dreamer Bassinet & Bedside Sleeper Shop at Walmart

Breathable mesh sidewalls and Anchors to adult bed for added security in bedside sleeper mode

Baby Monitors and Their Role in the Safety of Your Baby

 Baby Safety: Monitors to keep a watchful eye
Baby Safety: Monitors to keep a watchful eye

It’s wise to invest in a good baby monitor. It’s important that you can hear and see what’s going on in your child’s room. When you can check on them, you don’t have to worry too much.

In choosing a baby monitor, the following considerations you have to factor into it: Safety and stability, set-up time, cleanliness, signal strength, day-to-day use, battery life, aesthetics and value for money.

Audio Monitors

This type of monitor only allows audio sound. You can listen to your baby’s cries and coos while he sleeps in his crib.

Digital Monitors

Transmission from your digital monitors cannot be picked up by your neighbour’s baby monitor because they are encrypted to ensure some privacy in using them. With a bigger price tag than the analogue monitors, you have better sound quality and added security.

Video and Audio Monitors

Usually, it has a small camera that you can place on a flat surface in the baby’s room or it can be mounted on the wall. Most brands today have touchscreen monitors that you can zoom in and zoom out or even tilt the camera. Some can even turn the camera 360° to pan around the room.

Tagital Video Baby Monitor with Infrared Night Vision, Two-Way Audio

It’s good that the monitor comes equipped with night vision so that you can see what the child is up to when the lights are low or off. Some versions have multiple cameras, each for a different room but it can feed into one handset. This is advantageous if you have several rooms to monitor at the same time.Tagital Video Baby Monitor with Infrared Night Vision, Two-Way Audio Shop at Walmart

Allows you to care for your babies in the dark, keeping an eye on the baby all night with automatic night vision.

Wireless Network Monitors

MobiCam Multi-Purpose, Wi-Fi Video Baby Monitor, Baby Monitoring System

If you have an existing wireless network in your home or your office, you can connect your digital monitors to your desktop computer, tablet or handphone as the receiver. You won’t miss out on any movement or noise in your kid’s room or nursery. MobiCam Multi-Purpose, Wi-Fi Video Baby Monitor, Baby Monitoring System, Shop at Walmart

 Easy to link with WiFi network.

Movement Monitors

Parents and in particular caregivers who run a nursery held a very responsibility to keep their child safe under their care, and any red flags raised could be attended to immediately.

(2020 New Model) Sense-U Baby Monitor with Breathing Rollover 

These Movement Monitors include a motion-sensitive pad that is placed under the baby’s mattress. It can monitor the baby’s breathing or whether the baby is moving or not for longer than 20 seconds. This is crucial because babies who have SIDS (Sudden Infant Dead Syndrome) may stop breathing and die in their sleep. (2020 New Model) Sense-U Baby Monitor with Breathing Rollover Shop at Walmart

WEARING INSTRUCTION: The device needs to clip on a Snug Fit diaper(pants/shorts/etc) around the baby’s belly button to get accurate health readings, or else it may introduce false breathing & position feedback. For the Sense-U Baby monitors with the new clip design, avoid sandwiching clothing or other material between the clip accessory and the sensor device. It may break the accessory and introduce false alarms at your own risk.

Key Features to Look Out For In a Baby Monitor

There is an amazing array of add-ons in some baby monitors if you care to look around. One is the ability to control the temperature in the child’s room remotely. Also, if the baby suddenly wakes up in the middle of the night, it can even play some soothing lullaby sounds or soothing music to get the baby back to sleep.

Rechargeable Batteries

Pick a model that allows the batteries to be recharged or plugged in. The advantage of a plugged-in monitor is that you don’t have to bother to remember to recharge it. It can recharge the battery yet it’s operated by electric current. Monitors are on all the time, and you cannot afford to have the monitor dead or forgot to recharge the batteries.

Signalling Strength

Test out the signalling strength when you’ve just unpacked your new purchases. You can have the signal strength but when you have multiple walls and floors in the house, it may interfere with the frequency. It also depends on where you place your monitor’s base and other handsets around the house. You can also add some booster around some blind spots around the house so that the strength of the signal could be amplified.

Do You Have the Right Bedding for Your Baby?

You have spent a considerable amount of time choosing the best crib for welcoming your new baby. Well, choosing a crib mattress seems to be a second thought.

Finding the right crib mattress need not be a boring task but it’s one that warrants careful consideration. In fact, the mattress is just as important as the crib because your infant will be sleeping on it for up to 18 hours a day.

Your mattress should be firm and not soft as gaps could pose danger to your baby. A soft mattress tends to conform to the shape of your baby’s head or face. If the baby turns sideways or faces down, there is a risk of suffocation or even sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

It also causes the infant’s mouth and nose to be covered when the baby’s head is embedded into it. When this happened, he would be breathing in his own exhaled air, and this built an excess of carbon dioxide in the baby’s system. Inhaling in carbon dioxide in excess can cause drowsiness, coma and even death.

Graco Premium Foam Crib and Toddler Mattress in a Box

Look for quality in a mattress, quality foam and innerspring types of mattresses will retain their form and shape over continuous use and they provide excellent support for infants. When your baby has reached toddler age, you can switch to a softer mattress. Always buy a tightly fitting and washable waterproof mattress to cover and protect the mattress to keep the crib clean and sanitary as possible. Graco Premium Foam Crib and Toddler Mattress in a Box Shop at Walmart

RECOMMENDED MATTRESS FIRMNESS FOR BABY: Recommended mattress firmness for infant’s safer sleep; Mattress core made of high-quality, breathable foam to maximize airflow

Safety During Babys Bath

Finally, your baby is not afraid of the water and the sight of the tub anymore, it’s time for splashing time and having fun. But your job as a parent doesn’t stop here, you have the utmost important responsibility to ensure his safety during baths.

You have some basic golden rules to follow to avoid any risks with bath time:

  • Don’t leave your babies, or toddlers alone in the bath unsupervised
  • Check the water temperature before you put your child in
  • Babies are top-heavy and they can slip into or under the water suddenly
  • A few centimetres of water and 20 seconds and all it takes to drown a baby
  • Do not get distracted and move away from your babies
  • Get a non-slip bath mat
  • Get a baby bath seat or cradle for the child to sit upright
The First Years Sure Comfort Newborn to Toddler Baby Bath Tub, Teal

Both the bath seat and cradle aren’t safety devices without your supervision. The First Years Sure Comfort Newborn to Toddler Baby Bath Tub, Teal Shop at Walmart

Deep ergonomic tub design with pad to help hold growing baby better while bathing

Baby Monitors For Deaf Parents

Not being able to hear your baby crying can put your infant’s safety at risk. Worse still if either one or both parents are deaf. It can be very upsetting enough not able to respond to your child’s needs in the case of an emergency. Luckily, we have the technologies today that equipped deaf parents with monitors that alert warning to them via a light or feel.

A typical monitor is a device that would transmit sound from the baby’s room to a portable receiver that can conveniently be placed near you, in your pocket, or maybe strapped around the wrist just like a Fitbit.

SereneLife SLBCAM550 – Smart Baby Monitor with Wearable Video Smart 

Even parents who are normal with excellent hearing can make use of these devices if they are living in a house with multiple floors and rooms. These helpful gadgets serve as an extension to a person’s hearing or visual range, especially if your house is usually noisy with lots of kids. That would Rest assured that your baby’s safety will be monitored even in a noisy environment. SereneLife SLBCAM550 – Smart Baby Monitor with Wearable Video Smart Shop at Walmart

Smart Baby Monitor with Wearable Video Smart Watch – Wireless Video Camera Streaming Baby & Child Monitoring System

The Importance of Pool Safety

Each year, in the United States, more than 300 children under 5 years old drowned in residential pools, owned by their families. This raises concerns about babies’ and toddlers’ safety when they are in the pool. That’s why it is important, for parents or caretakers to understand the importance of pool safety, and also learn how to implement it.

Pool Barriers

Pool barriers provide the first layer of safety net in case a child wanders off without supervision. They are not childproof but they provide pool security under the watchful eye and alertness of an adult. If the house is part of the barrier, the doors leading to the pool should be protected with an alarm or the pool should be covered by a power safety cover.

Pool Fence DIY by Life Saver Replacement Peg Pole, 4-Foot

Swimming Pool Fence DIY by Life Saver Replacement Peg Pole, 4-Foot Shop at Walmart

Swimming Pool Door Hazard Alarm

PoolGuard Pool Door & Gate Alarm with Transmitter

It’s not easy to keep track of your children from going to the pool all the time. But you can by installing a door alarm at the pool door. It will give you a warning sound that your kids are using the pool without your supervision. The alarm once triggered will sound continuously until an adult comes to the door and resets the alarm. The alarm would have an adult pass feature that allows an adult to go through the door without the alarm sounding. PoolGuard Pool Door & Gate Alarm with Transmitter Shop at Walmart

The alarm uses one 9-volt battery (not included) with a battery life of approximately six months and is equipped with a low battery indicator that will audibly alert you when your battery is getting low. 

Many adults believe that as long as their pools have all the necessary safety devices for the children, they thought they would be safe. Do not believe in this misconception, you are advised to use common sense. Close supervision is the best protection you can ever give to your child.

Baby Safety on High Chairs

This is a must-item if you have a baby or a toddler in the house. At any time of the day, you have to feed them. What better way than to sit them on a high chair?

However, there are some safety features you have to take into consideration when choosing a baby high chair:

  • It won’t tip over easily
  • If the chair can be folded, be sure it can be securely locked every time you want to set it up
  • Never allow your child to step up. Always strap down the child, including the crotch with a strap
  • If you want to have a high chair that can lock onto the table, make sure the table is heavy enough for your child’s weight without tipping
  • If your child’s feet can touch the table support, he may accidentally kick it and dislodges the seat
  • Never leave your child who is sitting on a high chair unattended for your baby safety
Graco Blossom 6-in-1 Convertible High Chair

Graco Blossom 6-in-1 Convertible High Chair Shop at Walmart

Adjustable and removable seat back insert helps position Your growing child at the table

Baby Safety helmets

Baby soft skin and two wobbling legs are a surefire for disaster. Maybe he thinks he is a rhinoceros and he lowers his head and charges around until he hit something hard; usually the unthinkable. will happen.

Your baby’s head is made up of soft tissues and is not wrecking ball stuff. A direct fall either face-down or back can be catastrophic.

After hearing horrifying stories about an infant being incapacitated, you knew you have to do something. A safety baby safety helmet is the best thing to protect their head from the dangers of your home.

Thudguard Baby Protective Safety Helmet Lilac

How you wish you can keep an eye on the kids every second of the day, but you can’t. Even with proper care, your kid does eventually take a tumble. The thick padding of the helmet will cushion his head from the fall. Comfortable to wear, you simply slide over the baby’s head and secure the straps until it fits snugly. Thudguard Baby Protective Safety Helmet Lilac Shop at Walmart

Thudguard Baby Protective Safety Helmet LilacComfortable stretchy circumference band allows for growth and holes for ventilation. ½ inch thick impact-tested protective foam to absorb the severity of bumps and thuds. Ultra-lightweight materials avoid pressure on developing neck muscles. 

Baby Stroller

Carrying a baby while going for a stroll or shopping is no stroll in the park (no bun intended). The baby could be putting on a considerable amount of weight daily, and it is going to weigh and wear you down.

A stroller is a must-have for parents who lead a life on the go with a baby. From the basic one to one that suits your active lifestyle, there’s one that is right for you. From the budget choice to the most expensive one, you need to find one that is sturdily built and has more safety features for your baby and toddler.

Modular Stroller

A modular stroller is suitable if you have a baby and you would bring it along for a walk or a supermarket. Also, you can simply dismount it from the stroller and click it on a car seat. That way you don’t have to pick up the baby to place it in the car. You can easily transfer a wriggling or sleeping baby to your car.

Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System with Safemax Rear-Facing Infant Car

A modular stroller is basically made of 4 main components – the frame, a seat, a bassinet, and even a car seat. Of course, it can turn around the seat, so that you can watch your sweetie coo and smile all the time, but as they grow a little bit older, they would like to see more of the things around them, rather than looking at mummy all the time. Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System with Safemax Rear-Facing Infant Car Shop at Walmart

Sleek and versatile modular frame, 6 modes of use, reversible so baby can face in or out carriage mode, travel system and toddler stroller.

Full-Size Stroller

As your baby grows into a toddler, it no longer fits into a modular. Now, he can sit on a full-size stroller which is much safer and secure because they are now strapped in place. The seats are static though and it’s not going to move around.

Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System

A full-sized stroller can either be a single or a double seater. You can continue to use it for babies, up until they are toddlers, and even when they are little kids. Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System Shop at Walmart

For older babies and toddlers, the Chicco Bravo Quick-Fold Stroller features a multi-position reclining backrest, a five-point harness, and a large adjustable canopy. For younger babies, the Bravo Stroller includes a free car seat adapter to accept the Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat.

Jogging Strollers

If mum and dad love to bring their little babies while they are jogging, you can have a jogging stroller. But it is not recommended to place your baby in the jogger stroller if your infant is less than 6 months old. At this age, their spine and neck are not strong enough to withstand the pounding and motion of jogging.

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System

There is a lot of vibration and tremors up and down the stroller as you move the stroller over the pavement. If you really want to jog with the baby in tow, you have to be cautious and see that the wheels are filled with air and the stroller has suspensions to absorb the energy, so that your child is not feeling so much of the rough and tumble. Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System Shop at Walmart

Designed with enhanced safety in mind, both the jogger and the car seat feature a five-point safety harness.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

One of the largest deadly threats to babies, toddlers and adults alike is the presents of odourless and invisible carbon monoxide in your home. It can threaten your life within minutes after you’re poisoned.

All household appliances are the potential in leaking carbon monoxide when the fuel does not burn fully. The appliances are water heaters, cookers, central heating systems, boilers, gas fires and open fires which use wood, gas, oil and coal and may be possible sources of carbon monoxide gas.

Carbon monoxide gas is hard to detect but there are tell-tail signs that this gas might be leaking in your house or home. Stains could be seen around the leaking appliance; smelly air, and the smell of something burning.

First Alert 2-in-1 Z-Wave Smoke Detector & Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Even though it is colourless and odourless, carbon monoxide is easily detected by installing the right devices. Protect your baby’s safety and yourself and have peace of mind. First Alert 2-in-1 Z-Wave Smoke Detector & Carbon Monoxide Alarm Shop at Walmart

End-of-life signal chirps to alert you to necessary battery replacement

What features you should consider when buying a carbon monoxide detector

  • It is easy to install
  • Easy to learn how to operate
  • The alarm is loud enough but not too loud to be heard in other rooms. Babies may be distressed by loud noises
  • Probably you would not like the frequent blinking lights of the detector too much at night
  • There is ample warning if the battery is low
  • If you do not have a plugged-in model, make sure there is a backup battery pack in case there is a power blackout
  • Voice response and a two-minute countdown to ensure it is operating
  • Aesthetics appealing and doesn’t appear as an eyesore
  • Durable and accurate detection no matter where it is placed in the room.

Bottom Line

Childhood beyond the first year of life is the most susceptible to injury and is the main cause of death.

These injuries are not caused by chance, or by any bad omen or bad luck, and definitely are not an act of fate, but by the parent’s and caretaker’s carelessness and without due care.

The majority of injuries occur in a place where potential disasters are waiting to happen. Where accidents cannot be predictable, now we have an array of security methods and devices that could prevent any injuries and accidents from happening, thanks to new inventions and technologies.

Babies are an active lot in nature, very curious about everything around them and are often excitable. These attributes put them at risk of injury. As a parent and caretaker, you can do more to prevent injury and death to your baby by taking care of your surroundings.

“I child-proof my house but they still get in.”


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