Coffee Bean Roaster Machine: Home-made flavour

Coffee bean roaster machine for dedicated coffee lovers and what better way than roasting it yourself in your home?

Green coffee beans

You can get raw green coffee beans cheaply at almost half the price of the roasted coffee you buy at the supermarket.

Green coffee beans can be stored for a long time whereas roasted coffee sold would only last a few weeks before they lose their aroma and natural taste. Harmful chemicals may preserve them to prolong their shelf life.

If you roast your own beans, you decide how much coffee you will consume in a short period of time so that it will not deteriorate to ensure that your roasted coffee is always fresh and full of aroma.

Blend To Your Taste

With a coffee bean roaster, you are free to blend all sorts of mixtures of coffee beans from different countries and regions as much as you like.

This way you can roast the different grades of roast to suit your taste. You are free to experiment with different mixes of coffee beans and different degrees of roast in making new flavours for your partner and to entertain guests over a cuppa of coffee. You would surely make a good impression and be a good host.

Roasted coffee beans

You can roast your coffee bean manually over an open fire but with its risk of over-burning. You can leave out the guessing game with an electric coffee bean machine which you do not have to monitor the whole process.

Just set your preferences for the level of roast, whether light, mild, medium, brown or dark, and they always produce the results required consistently.

A good reputable coffee bean roasted machine is usually durable for home use where you probably want to burn small portions rather than for commercial use.

GUVSOETS Coffee Roaster Machine Household Electric Coffee Bean Roaster with Timer

GUVSOETS Coffee Roaster Machine Household Electric Coffee Bean Roaster with Timer

Just turn it on and set the temperature for different roasting requirements, a thermostatic roasting heat-resistant coffee roaster with rotating rods inside to stir for a uniform then you can get the desired coffee bean. 

This home coffee roaster not only has a 0-60 minute timer function but also comes with adjustable temperature from 100-240℃(212-464℉). You can adjust freely to bake different grains with a professional thermostat’s automatic constant temperature heating.

GUVSOETS Coffee Roaster Machine Household Electric Coffee Bean Roaster with Timer Check Price

WOOW DEPOT Electric Coffee Bean Roaster Machine

WOOW DEPOT Electric Coffee Bean Roaster Machine Low Noise Stainless Steel with Tray

Strong temperature-holding ability. Low decibel drive motor, low noise, and comfortable listening to distinguish the dehydration degree of the coffee beans.

Transparent Viewing Window: It is convenient for viewing the changes in the beans during the baking process. 

Evenly Heated: Baking coffee beans with 30 revolutions per minute. Baking the material slowly and rotating slowly to heat it more evenly heated.

WOOW DEPOT Electric Coffee Bean Roaster Machine Low Noise Stainless Steel with Tray Check Price

Fresh Roast SR540

Fresh Roast SR540
  • Real-Time Temperature Display
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Roast 4oz/ 120 Grams
  • 9 Levels of Heat and Fan Settings
  • US 120V Certified only for US and Canada

Fresh Roast SR540 Check Price

WUZSTAR Coffee Roaster, Timed Automatic Coffee Roaster

WUZSTAR Coffee Roaster, Timed Automatic Coffee Bean Baker Roaster
  • Unique baffle design can effectively assist in mixing, making coffee bean baking more uniform and delicious
  • Compact body, large capacity, saves space, meet the needs of families
  • There are many vent holes in the top cover, so the moisture is easy to evaporate out, which can improve the baking efficiency
  • Real-time display, more convenient: One click to open, set a good time to enjoy the delicious coffee brought by baking
  • Detachable mixing rod

WUZSTAR Coffee Roaster, Timed Automatic Coffee Bean Baker Roaster for Home or Coffee Shop Check Price

In case you forget …

I have rounded up some of the simplest yet useful coffee bean roasters for your home use.

Not only they can roast different grains freely but with an automatic constant temperature device.

Heated slowly and rotating

Strong temperature holds the key to baking especially if you want that specific dehydration in your beans.

You will find that in order to have the beans heated evenly they are heated slowly and rotating in the baking process.

Keep an eye

A transparent window for you to view the whole process with a real-time temperature display so that you can keep an eye on it otherwise, once you have set the temperature so desired, it is all automatic.

During baking, you would have noticed moisture starts building up, and vent holes are for the purpose to ease evaporation out which improves the baking efficiency.

You would like a compact, large capacity and a baffle design to mix and bake coffee beans more uniformly for your family cup of home-brew coffee.

Now, you would roast your own coffee beans to your perfection, it’s time to make yourself a real cup of your favourite brew. Quick flip over

“It takes time to roast a great coffee. Let the moment begin!”

-Coffee Enthusiasts


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