Fishing Rod: What’s Needed For Your Current Fishing Plans

An Angler Casting With His Fishing Rod

You can land any fish on any stick if you want to. But picking a fishing rod is all about what and how far you want to cast. It’s not about its ability to catch fish but about the sensitivity of the fishing rod and how the fish feels in your hands. The money you’d spent on the right fishing rod is all about having fun and enjoyable to use as opposed to any real practical difference.

A good rod may allow you to feel much more with your lure. You may be able to tell if you’re dragging on the bottom of sand, mud, or rocks, and what is important you’re able to detect whether you get bit.

The fish darts and dives when caught, that’s made for an interactive and rewarding experience to reel one in. They provide an invigorating fun experience for both anglers of all ages and skill levels. How excited you were when you first landed a fish? You were pumped up “hook, line, and sinker”.

Whether you’re new to fishing or a seasoned angler, fishing need not be an expensive hobby and you and your family can go for a camping trip and have a wonderful time at all times of the year. Certain fishes like panfish, are not only a strong component of summer open-water and spring but of ice anglers as well. This provides family fishing opportunities especially for children to take up these sports.

Investing in a good quality reel is just as important as investing in a good rod. For a new beginner learning about the pole and reel relationship will help speed up your knowledge of how you would match your pole with your rod.

Considerations When Choosing A Fishing Rod

Fishing rods and reels are two of your fishing component that is most costly. Therefore, they are the most scrutinized items before you make a purchase. The type of lure will ultimately determine the action of the rod you should use.

Fishing Rod Grips and Handle

Having a good grip on your fishing rod is the most fundamental thing you need to know. Without the proper grip, your hands may slip off when you are casting or when you’re doing a battle with the fish. On one hand, you’re reeling in and on the other, you’ll try to keep the pole securely to prevent from losing grip.

Casting With Two Hands
Casting With Two Hands

The handle must be comfortable, non-slip and always have a durable grip. Fishing is all about casting your lure, so it must handle the casting efficiently. Longer handles longer casting because both of your hands are involved. It requires the strength of both hands to cast further. Fishing rod’s handles are typically made from cork or EVA foam for that extra grip.

If you are fishing on creeks or streams, where there are trees, bushes or overhanging branches behind you then a backcast is not possible. You need a shorter handle to perform the roll cast adequately. The roll cast is performed by raising the rod at behind ear level and quickly executing the cast with a whip-like motion in the direction of your cast.

All About Reel Seats

Moving forward from the handle you will find the reel seat. This is the place where you will secure your reel by sliding the reel foot into the collars and tightening them to eliminate any wobbling from the setup.

There are many shapes and sizes, as there are different styles of reel seats but they all have one common function – securing the reel to the rod.

Reel Seats Is Where You Secured Your Reel Securely
Reel Seats Is Where You Secured Your Reel Securely

Whether the reel seat you’d choose for the saltwater rod or the freshwater rod, the body style, the trigger, and the locking hood are all the same. The only difference is in a saltwater reel seat it is larger to facilitate larger reels. This would ensure the reels are fastened firmly to the fishing rod. Seawater applications require stronger and stouter rods to crank in those massive fish. The reel seat needs the necessary aluminium butt and reel seat combos for this reason.

The different fishing application requires different reel seats. So make sure to choose the right reel seat for the occasion. There are the Spinning reel seats, Baitcasting reel seats, fly fishing reel seats, and saltwater reel seats.

What Are Ferrules On A Fishing Rod?

If your fishing rod is broken into two and you cannot bear to throw it away for sentimental reasons then you can connect the two again. A rod building ferrules is typically a hollow metal tube that will connect back the rods blank again.

How To Choose The Fishing Rod Length

The length of the fishing rod can heavily influence your casting abilities. A shorter fishing rod will cast a shorter distance than a longer fishing rod. If you’re going to fish in a choked tight stream then probably you need a shorter fishing rod, for example from 6-7 feet long. With this length and the right casting precision, you might not be crashing in the bushes.

A shorter rod when fishing in a tight stream
A shorter rod when fishing in a tight stream for better casting

A shorter rod has less bent and it’s great for anglers who have to combat with fighting fish. Longer fishing rods can cast further, making them excellent for covering more water and fishing in deep water. Certain fish like catfish strives at the bottom of the water. Only by casting far and deep will you be able to lure them. The shorter pole is best suited for shallow-water fishes.

On the other hand, if you are fishing in open water, for example, you have more than 50 ft or more on both sides, then a long pole of about 9ft, with give you more and accurate casting.

S7 ft. Sabiki Rig Fishing Rod – Bait Pole

So, choosing the length of your fishing rod will depend on where you fish. Is it in a confined space or a wide-open space? Also, in terms of body weight and size will be determining factors in choosing how long the rod is to be. In a boat, you need not have a long pole. S7 ft. Sabiki Rig Fishing Rod – Bait Pole Shop at Walmart

What Is The Best Material Used For Fishing Rods?

Sougayilang Spinning Telescopic Graphite Fishing Rod with Reel Combo

Fishing rod made of graphite materials are preferred by anglers who want rigidity and fighting power. Their sensitivity can detect if you have a bite much easier. Graphite can be brittle and can break easily. They also cannot bend in one position for a long duration of time. Sougayilang Spinning Telescopic Graphite Fishing Rod with Reel Combo Shop at Walmart

Rad Sportz Beginner Spincast Fishing Rod & Reel Combo- 5’6” Fiberglass Pole

Fishing rod made from fibreglass tends to be studier but tend to add weight. They are much more durable and require less maintenance. If you are using a crankbait then sensitivity is not necessarily required. Unlike graphite materials, fibreglass can stay bent in one position and stay there much longer. Rad Sportz Beginner Spincast Fishing Rod & Reel Combo- 5’6” Fiberglass Pole Shop at Walmart

How stiff is the fishing rod will determine how much weight you could cast. The more weight you add to your lure, the more your fishing rod will bend when you reel in. Too much or too little can have a dramatic impact on your casting. Make sure you have the right weight suitable for the type of rod and line your rod combo can handle. Always be clear that the more weight you add to your lure, the more stress you put on your line and gear.

Fishing Rod Action and Power – What Type Is Suitable For Your Fishing Needs

When your rod has a lot of backbone, it means it can generate a lot of power. It’s the power to handle line strength. Heavier power rods will able to withstand heavy line weights and lighter power rods will fit lighter lines. This means that the wrong match can have a very unpleasant fishing experience. A power rod will break light lines whereas a light power rod will snap when subjected to heavy lines. It is important to read the power limitation as printed on the rod before you’d make a purchase.

The type of water and fish you will be fishing will determine what type of power rod you select. Yanking out a combative aggressive fish requires a much stiffer and stout power rod. Fishing in shallow water where the fish are less likely to put up a fight, a light power rod will do. If you’re just starting, 7 feet of medium or medium-heavy casting rod is good enough. It works well for most techniques of casting and lures.

How responsive is your fishing rod?

A fast action rod will bend in only the top third of the blank, or less. This provides better sensitivity and faster power for hook-setting. It can “shut off” faster or bends on the higher end of the pole.

Casting Distance

Depending on where you fish, whether in a tight stream or the open waters, casting far and short will depend on the rod action. Rod that has a slower action on a parabolic curve, has much more stored energy once the line is released. Picture yourself cracking a whip or releasing an arrow from the bow. So much energy is released, and this makes your casting further away.

Fast action rods which bend closer to the tip do not have ‘rod loading” using less of the rod to cast. While they lack casting power, they excel in casting accuracy and you can drop in your lure quietly.

Types Of Fishing Rod

Telescopic Rod

If you are an avid angler but personal commitments do not permit you any free time to fish but you would take any opportunity to take a nip. You’d pull over the side when you come across fishable water. Lo and behold, you are prepared tucked under the seat is a set of a telescopic fishing rod ready to spring to action.

Is Telescopic Fishing Rod Good?

Telescopic Fishing Rod

Telescopic rods are designed to be the ultimate in portability and versatility. They are small in size and you can bring them along anywhere – to the remotest backcountry, creeks and streams. They are extendable which makes them so handy. It’s about 2 feet when not extended and can extend up to a whopping 20 feet long. It has several eyes and its fast action at the tips, makes casting very easy. It resembles a casting rod but due to its versatility, a reel can be added to its reel seat to form a spinning rod combo. Perfect for fishing panfish, bass, bluegill and trout.

Portable Fishing Rod and Reel Combo Telescopic Fishing Rod Pole Spinning

Portable Fishing Rod and Reel Combo Telescopic Fishing Rod Pole Spinning Shop at Walmart

Casting Rod

A Casting Rod
Casting Rod: Notice how the eyelets are positioned above the blank. This rod can also use for trolling

This casting fishing rod is for advanced or professional anglers. The eyelets are facing upwards while the rod bends underneath when you’ve got a bite. The longer the casting rod is, the more accurate is your casting.

Abu Garcia Pro Max Low Profile Baitcast Reel and Fishing Rod Combo

On the contrary, a shorter rod for accurate handling if you’re fishing near docks or right beside your boat. There is much to learn about this rod and it takes time and patience. Abu Garcia Pro Max Low Profile Baitcast Reel and Fishing Rod Combo Shop at Walmart

How Do You Determine The Action Of A Fishing Rod?

Like any other rod of make, graphite gives more sensitivity because they are very flexible but they are not as hardy as those made from fibreglass. A rod that is bent at the top 30% has better casting accuracy, however, the reverse is true if it bends from the lower half.

Shakespeare Ugly Stik Tiger Casting Fishing Rod

Besides how much you can feel and the distance you can cast, you have to bear in mind the type of fish you are reeling in. The heavier and more combative the fish is, you’ll need a more powerful rod and line to withstand the stress. Shakespeare Ugly Stik Tiger Casting Fishing Rod Shop at Walmart

Why Fishing Rods Break?

Breaking a rod by a large fish is rare. Only damaged or worn-out rods can break. A rod can be damaged by careless handling like brushing against tree branches and bushes. Of the three main components of a fishing rod, the weakest links are the reel and the line, and not the rod. The rod is the strongest part of the system.

Let’s say you have a rod which can handle 100 lb of force and the line is only 50 lb of force and the reel generates 20 lb of drag. With this system, it can only generate a maximum of 20 lb of pressure. The line can never handle 50 lb of pressure.

Spinning Rod

Having the eyelets and the reel hangs below the rod makes it very comfortable and the large eye closet to the reel reduces friction during casting. You can handle the reel with your left hand and hold the rod with your dominant hand which builds control.

A Spinning Fish Rod
Spinning Fish Rod: Notice the reel and eyelets are below the blank

One disadvantage is that the eyelets are below the rod and when the force of the line is pressed against the eyelet by a big fish. The pressure is pushing away from the rod resulting in an eyelet being pushed off the rod.

Longer means longer cast

Strike Series Spinning Fishing Rod and Reel Combo – Fishing Pole by Wakeman

Spinning rod comes in different action and length. For medium action rod where it can bend more, it is able to load more energy. The more you can cause the rod to load more energy, it can better launch a lure with the recoil on the rod. If the rod is really heavy power, and is stiff then it won’t have much bending power, it won’t load as much. A longer rod will give a further cast. If you take a rod of similar power (weight) and action (flexibility to bend), a 7-foot rod will cast further than a 6-foot rod. Strike Series Spinning Fishing Rod and Reel Combo – Fishing Pole by Wakeman Shop at Walmart

Fly Fishing Rods

Fly fishing is a fisherman’s way that using a lightweight lure or an artificial fly to catch fish. These rods are built specifically for fly fishing, though similar to any fishing rods but are also very different.

A Flying Fishing Rod
Flying Fishing Rod: Notice how lightweight is it. The reel is at the very close end of the butt

The rod is light and thin and has a tapered tube which makes it very flexible. It also has a reel seat where a reel can be mounted. This is where the similarities end. The reel is mounted at the very lower end of the rod, below the handle when you hold the rod upright. By smart design, the position of the reel here is to create balance in the rod. The reel is not used here as a baitcasting or spinning reel to reel in the fish. They have special design eyelets called Snake Eyes, which help guide the heavy fly line and prevent it from tangling.

Correct way to the flying rod before casting
The correct way to cast a flying rod: Notice the right thumb on the pole and the left hand holding the line before casting

How To Choose A Fly Rod

Flying fish rod is categorised according to weight. A small fly rod will be 2 or 3 weights, and the gigantic rod would be 15 weights. The small weight rod which is thin and flexible is used for inshore saltwater fishing or freshwater fishing. They are generally for small fish. The middleweight rod is used for catching redfish trout and the largest-weight rod is for fishing tarpon and cobia fish. You will notice the difference in the weight of these rods. The reels are correspondingly bigger in the bigger rods. Make sure the lines are matched correctly with the weights of the blanks.

Fenwick Eagle Fly Fishing Rod / Pflueger Medalist Fly Fishing Reel Kit

If the line is not matched properly, for example, if you put a 3-weight line to a 7-weight rod, the rod would not bend effectively resulting in a bad casting. Conversely, if you put a 7-weight line to a 3-weight rod, it will then overbend the rod and again it will not give a satisfactory cast.

Sure it is not possible to catch all types of fish with one type of rod as we have seen different rod weights and line types will determine what fish you can reel in. You can start with a medium-weight rod which is good for general purposes. Fenwick Eagle Fly Fishing Rod / Pflueger Medalist Fly Fishing Reel Kit Shop at Walmart

Pen Fishing Rods

Fishing Rod Reel Combo Kit Set Mini Telescopic Portable Pocket Pen Fishing reel

As the name suggests, the pen fishing rod looks like a pen. Make no mistake, it is so small that it can fit in your pocket. It can extend to about a metre long. When not in use it can be collapsable down to the size of a pen.

A mini spinning reel could be added to aid smooth and easy operation. Find one that can fish in both freshwater and saltwater. Fishing Rod Reel Combo Kit Set Mini Telescopic Portable Pocket Pen Fishing reel Shop at Walmart

Surf Rod

Going for a holiday at the beach? It’s time to whip out your surf fishing rod and have a nice time with your family. Catching a saltwater fish from shore with the wave breaking beneath your feet, is one of the most thrilling experiences in fishing.

All year round, you are filled with excitement as you go from coastal bays to coastal bays in search of your favourite bull reds or pompanos.

Let’s check out a Spinning Rod for surfing.

A Surfing Fish Rod
Surf fishing by the seashore. Notice how long is the rod. It can cast longer

Typically, you would choose a long spinning rod for fishing among the waves. This gives the distance you could cast according to the type of fish species you want to catch. For smaller species such as flounder, whiting, redfish, and trout, a rod of length 8 to the 10-foot range will do.

Okuma Longitude Surf Rod Heavy 11Ft

Okuma Longitude Surf Rod Heavy 11Ft Shop at Walmart

Match Your Species With The Length Of Your Rod

To be able to catch fish like big stripers, bull redfish, small sharks and jacks, you need to cast further. A rod of 10 to 13 feet long is more suitable. Matching the species of fish with the length of the rod is sometimes difficult. With some experimenting, you’ll be more experienced on your next fishing trip. A 10 feet rod will be good for all-purpose.

If you want to feel whether you got a bite, get a fast-action rod. This type of rod will bend primarily one-third at the tip. Slow-action rods will bend throughout the entire length and are not as sensitive when bitten. It has its advantages over fast-action rods. Slow-action rods have strong recoil power and fighting power. Its strong recoil power produces more leverage for hurling a longer cast when it matters most.

Daiwa D-Wave Saltwater 2-Piece Spinning Combo 9′ SKU

Match your reel and line weight selection to ensure the weight of the species of fish your reel can handle. Daiwa D-Wave Saltwater 2-Piece Spinning Combo 9′ SKU: DWB50 Shop at Walmart

Trolling Fishing Rod

Typically, trolling fishing is about how you drag metal or lure behind your boat, and some basic fishing rods can have to make your fishing more rewarding.

It needs a strong rod, preferably medium to medium-heavy – fast taper rod. It has to carry the weight of not only the crankbaits but offshore planer boards, in-line weights, snap weights and lead core line.

Trolling Fishing Rods
Trolling Fishing Rods: Fishing from a moving boat. Notice how all are using big casting reels

Trolling rod is often reeled in long distances and it needs a fighting tip. With one-third of the rod flexible, you will be able to land in more fish bite. Of course, we have poles long enough to spread lures.

Bite On!

Shakespeare Wild Series Trolling Conventional Reel and Fishing Rod 

In fishing, it is critical to get the best possible gear. With so many lure choices, the rod is designed to cast particular baits to deeper water and with more accuracy. Shakespeare Wild Series Trolling Conventional Reel and Fishing Rod Shop at Walmart

Fishing Weight Rod Guide To Bait Fish Species

  • Ultra-heavy: Tuna, Sailfish, Halibut, Shark
  • Heavy: Salmon, Tuna, Tarpon, Sturgeon
  • Light: Bluegill, Skiller angle, Jacks, Sunfish, Drums
  • Medium: Catfish, Redfish, Bass
  • Medium-light: Walleye, Trout, Bass
  • Medium-heavy: Snook, Musky, Pike, Salmon
  • Ultra-light: Baits, Crappie

Buyer Tips For Fishing Rod In A Nutshell

  • Generally, shorter rods cast shorter distance
  • The longer distance required longer rods
  • Shorter rods great for combative fishes
  • Shorter rods for closer actions, don’t need to cast far
  • When fighting a fish, the shorter body allows less bend
  • Longer rods cover more water and can cast further
  • Casting from piers or surf, the longer rod is required
  • Graphite rods are light and stiffer
  • Graphite feels brittle and this makes them more sensitive
  • A graphite rod is better at detecting light bites
  • Fibreglass rods are heavier and more flexible
  • Fibreglass seems virtually unbreakable
  • The more power the rod has, the stiffer the backbone, is less unlikely to bend
  • Powerful rod for big and heavy fish
  • Light and Ultralight rods are geared for smaller species like panfish
  • Moderate power rods are ideal for baits that you don’t want to break the line
  • Heavier rods are best suited for less bend in the rod
  • A fast-action rod will bend closer to the tip
  • A slow-action rod will bend closer to the butt
  • Fast action with a stiffer backbone is built specifically for handling hard-fighting fish
  • A lighter action rod allows you to feel the fight
  • Using the ultralight rod to tackle bigger species allows a thrilling angling experience

Best Types Of Fishing Rod And Combo All-In-One-Place

Best Telescopic Fishing Rod and Reel Combos

PLUSINNO Fishing Rod and Reel Combos Carbon Fiber Telescopic Fishing Rod with Reel Combo Sea Saltwater Freshwater Kit Fishing Rod Kit Source: Amazon

Key Features:

  • ? Perfect elasticity, high-density Carbon fibre mixed with fibreglass makes your fishing pole hard & durable.
  • ? Instant anti-reverse; Power drive gears equipped for high strength. Deep aluminium spool with double colour and one line hole; short body with large spool and large line capacity. Line capacity: mm/M 0.20/240 0.25/200 0.30/140. Model: HA 3000; Gear ratio: 5.2:1.
  • ? Stainless Steel Hooded Reel Seat is anti-seawater corrosion; EVA Fore Grip for comfort. The telescopic fishing rod is portable and closed length design is convenient for carrying around. Power: Medium.
Penn Battle II Spinning Reel and Fishing Rod Combo

Penn Battle II Spinning Reel and Fishing Rod Combo Shop at Walmart

Best Casting Rod

Ugly Stik USCA662MH Casting Rod Source: Amazon

Key Features:

  • A durable, lightweight fishing rod offers a balanced feel for lighter weight
  • Virtually indestructible blank construction with a combination of graphite and fibreglass
  • Clear Tip design delivers added responsiveness and strength
  • Lightweight EVA grips provide comfort during lengthy fishing outings
  • 1 piece stainless steel Ugly Tuff guides eliminate insert pop-out and can be used with all types of line

Best Spinning Rod And Reel Combo

PENN Battle II Spinning Fishing Rod and Reel Combo Source: Amazon

Key Features:

  • Fishing rod and spinning fishing reel combo ideal for conquering big saltwater gamefish
  • Full metal body, side plate, and rotor and heavy-duty aluminium bail wire offer exceptional durability
  • HT-100 carbon fibre drag system provides powerful drag without sacrificing smoothness
  • Fluid cranking with 5 sealed stainless steel ball bearings and instant anti-reverse bearing
  • Superline spool requires no backing, is braid ready, and has line capacity rings marked at 1/3, 2/3, and full capacity
Shakespeare Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Reel and Fishing Rod Combo

Shakespeare Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Reel and Fishing Rod Combo Shop at Walmart

Best Fly Fishing Rod Combo

Orvis Encounter Rod Outfits Source: Amazon

Key Features:

  • Material: graphite
  • Rod Length: [5wt] 9 ft, [6wt] 9 ft, [6wt] 9 ft 6 in, [8wt] 9 ft Weight: 5, 6, 8 Pieces: 4
  • Reel Material: composite

Best Pen Fishing Rod Combo

Docooler Fishing Rod Mini Fishing Pole Retractable Pocket Pen with Fishing Reel and Fishing Line Source: Amazon

Key Features:

  • Pen-sized fishing rod for situations where full-size fishing gear is inconvenient.
  • Aluminium alloy reel includes forward and reverses ratchet stop and drag control.
  • Compact, lightweight body fits in a pocket, glove box, briefcase, backpack, etc.
  • The reel attaches between 2 grooves in the pen body.
  • Ideal gift for fishing enthusiasts or collectors.
Mini Aluminum Pen Fishing Rod and Reel Combo Set Telescopic Pocket

Mini Aluminum Pen Fishing Rod and Reel Combo Set Telescopic Pocket Shop at Walmart

Best Surf Fishing Spinning Rod Combo

Spinfisher V & VI Spinning Reel & Rod Combo Source: Amazon

Key Features:

  • Full Metal Body, side plate, and rotor
  • Water Tight Design Sealed HT-100. Slammer drag system
  • Graphite composite blank (Inshore & Jigging Rods)
  • 1 piece tubular glass blank with solid tip (Boat Rods) Stainless steel guides with aluminium oxide inserts
  • Reel:SSV8500 , Rod:SSV2040S70

Best Trolling Rod Combo

KastKing Centron Spinning Reel – Fishing Rod Combos, Toray IM6 Graphite 2Pc Blanks, Stainless Steel Guides Source: Amazon

Key Features:

Lightweight and Sensitive

  • Lightweight and Sensitive Toray IM6 Graphite Blanks – Centron Spinning Combos feature a sensitive and lightweight Toray IM6 Graphite blank designed to provide exceptional value and performance for all anglers. All combos are 2 pc and come in lengths from 6’ for Bass, Trout and Panfish and go all the way to 8’ for Catfish, Steelhead and even Salmon.
  • Stainless Steel Guides w/O-Rings – Strong and durable stainless-steel guides are used on all models with premium O-ring inserts that perform perfectly with both mono or braided lines. The lightweight stainless frames look great and keep the weight down for a perfectly balanced rod blank.
CarbonZeal 2-Piece Strong and Lightweight Portable Spinning Fishing Rod

CarbonZeal 2-Piece Strong and Lightweight Portable Spinning Fishing Rod Shop at Walmart

Split Rear Handle

Contoured EVA Handles and Fighting Butt – We finish the rods with contoured EVA handles and fighting butt, so the rods feel great in your hand and provide all-day comfort and a sure grip while providing a perfectly balanced rod. Split rear handles are used on the 6’ to 7’ all-purpose combos and full-length EVA handles on the 7’6” medium heavy & 8’ heavy action combos which are perfect for catfish, salmon/steelhead or other large fish.

Centron Spinning Reel

  • Includes Centron Spinning Reel – Each combo includes a perfectly matched KastKing Centron spinning reel that matches the rod and the type of fish that it is intended for. Reel sizes start at a compact size 2000 and go all the way to a powerful size 5000 that is perfect for the 8’ heavy action rod intended for Catfish, Salmon and Steelhead.
  • Premium Reel Specs at a Value Price – The KastKing Centron features a 5.2:1 or 4.5:1 gear ratio, 9+1 Maxi-Dur ball bearings, anti-twist line roller, lightweight graphite frame and aluminium spool. The super-smooth reel action is complemented by a powerful triple-disc felt drag system.

Tell me about your new purchase. Does the three elements – Action, Power and Length of the fishing rod key in making your decision?

“Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after”

-Henry David Thoreau

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