Smart Gadgets: Devices That Unlock Intelligence

Smart gadgets can enhance and improve your life. It provides entertainment, security, save time and money with smart controls in your home.

Smart gadgets are devices equipped with software and sensors that can analyze data, and communicate with other devices over the internet as in I0T (Internet of Things).

Smart devices provide numerous benefits over non-connected devices, for example, such as the ability to remotely lock and unlock a door even when the user is away from home.

Also, a smart sprinkler system can avoid overwatering by not running before, during, or after a rainstorm, ensuring efficient water use.

More so, a smart light switch offers the basic function of turning the lights on and off and can be used to turn on lamps and lights in different rooms. It can even automatically turn on the lights using a motion sensor.

Smart gadgets differ from their standard counterparts in terms of intelligence. With embedded sensors, software-powered artificial intelligence, and machine learning, certain smart devices can comprehend their environment and react accordingly. For instance, an intelligent smart shade equipped with a temperature and light sensor can lower itself when it senses a rise in temperature.

A smart robot vacuum with a camera can avoid pet waste because it recognizes it. Now, a smart doorbell can learn and recognize who visits your home and alert you when someone you don’t know arrives at your door.

Smart gadgets have the ability to talk to each other. A contact sensor on a window can tell a thermostat to shut off when it’s open, an air purifier can tell a fan to start running when air quality is poor, and a motion sensor can tell lights to turn off when no one is in the room.

And, as with my morning routine, multiple devices can be grouped into routines that automatically adjust everything in your home for example, my alarm, my air purifier, my toilet lights, and my coffee maker, all work like clockwork!

A smart video doorbell can show you who is at your front door through a smartphone app. Some can also identify pets, people, packages, and vehicles.

However, to get all the smart devices to work independently or among themselves you need a platform to manage and control them.

Platforms like Google Assistant, Apple Home, Samsung SmartThings, and Amazon Alexa are popular in the market today. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Natural language processing capabilities are Google Assistant’s strength, for vast compatibility with third-party devices, you may choose Alexa, developed by Amazon.

For ease of use, you have Samsung SmartThings and Apple HomeKit as security features.

X-Sense Wi-Fi Water Leak Detector, Smart Water Sensor Alarm, Water Detector Alarm

Water damage can be a costly problem, especially when it goes undetected for too long. Whether it’s a leaky kitchen sink, a leaky water tank, or a flooded basement, repairing or replacing damaged electrical wiring, appliances, carpets, flooring, and walls can be costly.

Fortunately, with the help of water-sensing smart gadgets, you can now detect leaks before they cause serious damage. These devices come in various forms, from simple puck-shaped sensors that you place on the floor to more complex in-line systems that monitor water flow rates for irregularities that may indicate a leak.

These smart gadgets can send alerts directly to your phone, making staying on top of potential water damage issues easier.

X-Sense Wi-Fi Water Leak Detector, Smart Water Sensor Alarm

This Wi-Fi water detector kit uses smart technology to detect leaks, providing round-the-clock monitoring and instant notifications.

The SBS50 base station is a crucial device that helps to keep all your water detector devices connected to your smartphone app, providing a transmission range of 1700 ft. It is specially designed for use in areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, and basements where water leaks are common. Whenever there is a water leak, the device sends an alert immediately to your smartphone, allowing you to take necessary action.

The smart water sensor alarm is designed to detect any water leak or flood in your home. Equipped with ultra-precise sensor probes, it provides high sensitivity to quickly alert you of any potential water damage. With a slim design and a thickness of just 1 inch, it can easily fit anywhere. Upon detecting a water leak, the device immediately sends an alert to your smartphone, allowing you to take necessary action and prevent further damage.

Upon detecting a leak, a notification is sent to your smartphone to prevent further damage. It is recommended to place the sensor near leak-prone areas such as sinks and dishwashers.

X-Sense Wi-Fi Water Leak Detector, Smart Water Sensor Alarm Check Price

Renewed Rachio 3 – 8 zones Smart Sprinkler Controller

This is the newer generation of Rachio’s groundbreaking system, returning with the same number of zones, and a truly intuitive app that lets you control everything perfectly. As you might have imagined, the upgraded model is still fully functional with Amazon Alexa. The upgraded system includes stronger forecasting information, such as local weather tracking, and greater use of data to determine when it’s appropriate to water the lawn

Renewed Rachio 3 - 8 zones Smart Sprinkler Controller - White 8ZULW-C

 Premium Weather Intelligence Plus Weather Intelligence Plus is an exciting feature exclusive to Rachio that provides hyperlocal weather accuracy to improve your schedules and reduce unnecessary water waste
• Combining data from more than 300,000 weather stations and other data sources, Weather Intelligence Plus ensures you’re never caught watering in the rain, wind or snow.
• Weather Intelligence Plus will even update your schedule durations on a monthly basis to offset seasonal weather changes. That’s because your yard needs more water at some points of the year, and less at others. This keeps your plants healthy year-round while saving water
• Rain Skip
• Wind Skip
• Freeze Skip
• Seasonal Shift

Renewed Rachio 3 – 8 zones Smart Sprinkler Controller – White 8ZULW-C Check Price

Echo_Dot with Clock (5th Gen, 2022 Release) Smart Speaker with Clock, Alexa

Alexa on Echo Dot is handy for quickly setting reminders and dates in your calendar. Check your appointments and the weather when you wake up by asking. Save yourself some screen time.

With Alexa the Echo Dot allows you to control all the smart devices in your home.

You can control the Echo Dot with the Alexa smartphone app or its top buttons. The top buttons are particularly useful when you have less tech-savvy visitors.

If it detects the sound of breaking glass or a fire alarm, your Echo Dot will send you a mobile alert.

If you have more than one device in your home, you can also use your Echo Dot as part of an intercom system This is useful if you live in a larger, multi-bedroom home.

Echo_Dot with Clock (5th Gen, 2022 Release) Smart Speaker with Clock, Alexa
  • OUR BEST-SOUNDING ECHO DOT YET – Enjoy an improved audio experience compared to any previous Echo_Dot with Alexa for clearer vocals, deeper bass and vibrant sound in any room. 
  • CHECK THE TIME AND MORE AT A GLANCE – The improved LED display shows you the time, alarms, weather, song titles and more. 
  • YOUR FAVORITE MUSIC AND CONTENT – Play music, audiobooks, and podcasts from Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify and others or via Bluetooth throughout your home. 
  • ALEXA IS READY TO HELP – Ask Alexa to show you weather and song titles, set hands-free timers, get answers to your questions and even hear jokes. Need a few extra minutes in the morning? Just tap your Echo_Dot with the clock to snooze your alarm. 
  • KEEP YOUR HOME COMFORTABLE – Control compatible smart home devices with your voice and routines triggered by built-in motion or indoor temperature sensors. Create routines to automatically turn on compatible lights when you walk into a room, or start a fan if the inside temperature goes above your comfort zone. 
  • DESIGNED TO PROTECT YOUR PRIVACY – Amazon is not in the business of selling your personal information to others. Built with multiple layers of privacy controls, including a mic-off button.
  • 2 lb

Echo_Dot with Clock (5th Gen, 2022 Release) Smart Speaker with Clock, Alexa Check Price

Google Nest Hub Max

Smart speakers have only audio capabilities but smart displays effectively combine both smart speakers with touch screens. Both allow you to check on something, play music to entertain you, and have the ability all your home devices with just your voice command. But a screen adds a new dimension just like a person who has the additional ability to see!

Keep your family connected. Whether you’re across the house or across the country, Nest Hub Max helps everyone stay in touch. You can make video calls or leave video messages with Duo.

Your home looks out for you and vice versa. Look out for home when you’re away with the built-in Nest Cam.

Make your smart home even smarter. Nest Hub Max works with thousands of smart home devices, like lights, TVs, and locks. And you can easily control them all from one place. 

Enjoy videos on YouTube. Watch live news, sports, and TV shows with a YouTube TV subscription. Stream from your apps with Chromecast built-in. And listen to music with YouTube Music, Spotify, Pandora, and more.

Hands-free help from Google Assistant. Nest Hub Max helps your busy family stay on track. Everyone can see their own reminders, calendars, and commutes.

Google Nest Hub Max Check Price

RENPHO Smart Wi-Fi Air Purifier

New generation HEPA air purifiers smart gadgets for homes and large rooms, good for smokers, allergies, pet owners, and parents with newborns.

  • Convenient WiFi Control: Monitor and control your air purifier for a home anywhere from the RENPHO Smart or GENNEC App such as setting the timer, adjusting fan speed, and sleep mode. Compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Voice Control to turn on/off your air purifier.
  • Smart Air Quality Detection System: With a built-in auto quality sensor, the smart Wi-Fi air cleaner can detect air quality at every moment, automatically change colours and adjust fan speeds based on the air quality it senses to bring your family pure air.

RENPHO Smart Wi-Fi Air Purifier RP-AP001S, Air Cleaner for Large Room up to 1068 Sq.ft, H13 True HEPA Filter Check Price

Keurig K-Supreme SMART Coffee Maker, MultiStream Technology

Smart coffee makers have become much more and more popular nowadays. Thanks to the growth and development of Alexa and Google ecosystem, developments in Wi-Fi-connected technology.

Some smart brewers are simply designed to be configurable through your virtual assistant, whether that’s by voice on your Echo Dot, or on your smartphone.

  • VOICE ASSIST: Add Keurig to your morning routine using Voice Assist (Amazon Alexa or Google Home) to brew your coffee.
  • CUSTOM FAVORITE SETTINGS: Save up to 10 custom settings, so it’s easier than ever for everyone in the household to enjoy their favourite cup.
  • 66 OZ DUAL-POSITION RESERVOIR: You can brew up to nine cups before refilling.
  • BACK-TO-BACK BREWING: Immediately brew a second cup; no need to wait for reheating.
  • TRAVEL MUG FRIENDLY: Accommodates travel mugs up to 7” tall.
  • OLED DISPLAY SCREEN: Provides an easy-to-use interface.

BrewID™: WiFi-enabled BrewID® technology, recognizes your specific K-Cup® pod and customizes brew settings. BrewID® technology will recommend SIGNATURE BREW settings created by the coffee experts for the most flavorful brew.

Keurig K-Supreme SMART Coffee Maker, MultiStream Technology Check Price

More smart gadgets to enrich your life Read More

Is turning your home into a SMART one worth it?

Picture yourself telling your robot vacuum to specifically mop with water in a certain area and just sweep up the dog’s hair in a certain area.

You want automation out of necessity and you want to save time and energy to do the dirty job. The robot can recharge itself too. When not operating the robot vacuum is tucked up at the rechargeable bank. It doesn’t take up much, but you have to find a place for your upright bulky vacuum.

Having a dog with long fur in the house can be good and bad. The bad side is obviously the shedding hair and ticks. It would spell disaster if you have older folks and babies at home. Luckily you have a smart air purifier to help detect and clean the air to avoid allergies and asthma.

With smart devices and a suitable platform, you can direct all devices to work together and do multiple things all at once. Before you get home, your devices will set the house temperature and lighting according to instructions and AI helps to adjust.

Watch out for Matter, the NEW smart home interoperability standard for all smart devices and platforms.

Technology is teaching us to be human again.” –Simon Mainwaring “It’s supposed to be automatic, but actually you have to push this button.” –John Brunner


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