Smart Home Security Camera: Your Guardian Eyes

Smart home security camera allow monitoring and control via smartphone apps. It provides alerts and video analytics for advanced safety.

Smart Home Security Camera: One of the main concerns of many homeowners when it comes to the safety of their homes is ensuring that their families and their property are safeguarded against intruders and other threats.

Smart home security camera systems are becoming increasingly popular. They are trendy with homeowners because they give them peace of mind when out of their homes.

Unlike the traditional “dumb” cameras, the new cameras have social intelligence and can tell between different events, and so can identify for instance if a pet, a person or something else is moving in the camera’s view.

This means the homeowner will not have to receive notifications on their phone or email that are filled with images of the pet moving about the home during the day.

Also, another advantage of the new smart cameras is that they come with built-in microphones and speakers. This allows the homeowner to see what is happening in the home and talk to the person in the home if they need to via the camera’s app from their phone.

This adds an extra level of security that is not available with any of the traditional cameras and also allows the homeowner to use the camera for other purposes, such as to check about pets during the day

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It also no longer requires the SmartHub to connect to the internet – instead, it can connect directly to Wi-Fi.

This is fantastic news for someone looking to update their house with security technology but doesn’t want to have visible wires everywhere or deal with complicated installation processes.

Like many modern smart security cameras, the Arlo Pro 4 includes several features which provide added functionality and convenience to the user.

For example, the camera includes two-way audio, allowing the user to speak through the camera when someone is in its view.

This is an excellent feature for using the camera as part of a home security system, as it means that the user can talk to an intruder to scare them off without needing to be physically present.

In addition, the smart home security camera advanced night vision mode allows the camera to produce a clear image in the dead of the night.

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Google Nest Cam Indoor - 1st Generation - Wired Indoor Camera

There are plenty of features that give this camera a real edge over the competition. The night vision function provides fantastic picture quality in low light, and the camera also has an inbuilt microphone and speaker, meaning you can use it to communicate with others through the “Nest” app as long as the camera is connected to Wi-Fi.

This is particularly useful for those using the camera in a business setting. The Nest Cam Indoor is a wired option, meaning it needs to be connected to a power supply at all times for it to function. However, the existing flexibility provided by the generous power cable means that it still has the potential to be positioned virtually anywhere, whether it’s for indoor business security or residential housing protection.

All video recordings are stored and accessible via the “Nest” app, and the purchase of a Nest Aware subscription means that your camera will also provide 24/7 continuous recording, more intelligent alerts and a more comprehensive ‘history’ period. With the non-subscription plan, the camera only records when it detects activity.

The smart home security camera’s field of view is an impressive 130°, which gives a wide angle that easily covers a large room. However, the camera doesn’t have any digital pan and tilt, so the camera’s physical position is vital. The camera lens is also surrounded by 8 infrared LEDs that provide night vision up to 10m away, and the camera can automatically switch between day and night mode.

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Google Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera 1st Generation - 2 Cameras

When you enable the 24/7 live video setting, the camera will upload video to the cloud and you can view it live as it’s being recorded.

The live video feed can be accessed through the Nest app. This setting is used largely when you’re someplace other than home. For example, when your camera is in your house, the last thing you’d need is to be continuously feeding live video of your home network and rapidly eating up your upload bandwidth.

However, when you’re on the go and you want to be able to view live video of a particular area, you can use the 24/7 live video. This feature can be activated on up to 3 cameras before a Nest Aware subscription is required.

Also, when the 24/7 live video setting is disabled, what your camera will do is monitor the area and record video based on the current settings of your camera, such as video with motion or sound events only. In this case, the recorded footage will be uploaded to the cloud and it can be accessed under the “History” section of the Nest app.

Knowing that it has a built-in microphone and speaker makes it one of the most popular additional features for the camera. I can also save any live video or photo taken from the camera onto my phone through my phone’s Bluetooth.

This means that if anything suspicious happens, I will have the evidence stored safely on my phone. It wasn’t difficult to set up the two-way audio feature, especially when considering that it is a technological product.

All I had to do was tap a button in the settings and it automatically paired my phone to the camera. Then, there was a sound test to check the volume.

Through the two-way audio settings, I can also toggle whether or not I want to receive sound on a live video through my phone’s settings. Overall, two-way audio has been a distinctively helpful feature for me and I’m pleased that it was a feature that was supported on my iPhone.

Weather Proof

But this thing is tough. How tough is it, you ask? Well, it’s weatherproof tough. It’s IP65 Certified weatherproof tough. That means it’s prepared to brave the heat, the cold, the wind, the rain, or the snow — in other words, all that Mother Nature can throw at it.

And it does this all the while maintaining a video stream. So no matter what the weather is like, every millisecond of your video is safe and sound

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The Wyze Cam Outdoor is built to declare war on rain and snow and stand up to anything Mother Nature has to offer. Having an IP65 rating, the camera is proven to become dust-tight with zero ingress and be water-resistant to powerful water jets, though not entirely waterproof.

With possible temperatures varying from 32F to 104F, the Outdoor Cam would have no issue tackling whatever seasons in your area. Cold, snow, sleet, heat? Not a problem at all for this camera.

The camera records in 1080p Full HD video, the standard for high definition. With this feature, you can see what’s happening in sharp and crisp detail, day or night. The camera is equipped with night vision as well. The result is a black-and-white video at night to ensure you capture all the details.

The camera has a 120º field of view. This means that everything that is within 120º in front of the camera is captured. It’s quite a wide angle and combined with the clarity offered by 1080p HD and the details provided by night vision, it makes the camera ideal for a multitude of locations.

Also, as a standard, the camera uses motion detection to know when to start recording. The camera will send an alert to your phone, and 12-second video clips can be saved on the cloud for free.

For more in-depth coverage, continuous recording can be purchased through the app. If you choose to use this service, you can put your mind at ease that the camera will capture everything, all of the time.

Two-way audio

The concept of two-way audio is simple. Once you open your Wyze app and view the live feed, you are just a click and hold away from being able to communicate with someone on the other end.

Whether that’s scaring the postman with a siren sound, giving Alexa commands to the Dots in your home or talking directly to the person outside, the quality and reliability of this feature are excellent.

Firstly the volume is more than satisfactory. There are multiple settings of medium, high and off, but even on medium, I was more than impressed with how loud it was.

Coupled with a built-in speaker which adds to the “siren” feature, you’re going to surprise someone who doesn’t realize the Wyze Cam Outdoor has audio capabilities. This is again down to the crystal clear, HD 1080p footage.

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The technical specifications of the Ring Indoor Cam 2nd Generation are a testament to its advanced capabilities. Equipped with high-definition video resolution, the camera delivers crisp and clear footage, capturing even the minutest details within its field of view.

The wide-angle lens provides an extensive perspective, minimizing blind spots and maximizing coverage.

Additionally, the camera features night vision technology, enabling round-the-clock surveillance without compromising image quality.

The integration of two-way audio facilitates communication between the user and individuals within the camera’s vicinity, enhancing the interactive nature of the device.

The Ring Indoor Cam 2nd Generation boasts an array of features that augment its utility and convenience. One notable feature is the motion detection capability, which triggers the camera to initiate recording upon detecting movement.

This proactive approach to surveillance ensures that any unusual activity is promptly documented, contributing to the overall security of the premises. Furthermore, the camera is compatible with a mobile application, allowing users to remotely access live footage and recorded videos.

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Why a smart home security camera?

If surveillance cameras are visible, burglars are less likely to attempt a break-in. This will make not only your home safer but also the surrounding neighbourhood. Many home invasion incidents happen in broad daylight when no one is home.

Smart security cameras work to deter criminals from breaking into any home at any time of the day because with any intruder that comes close to your home, the camera will catch his face and this video footage will help the police in identifying and tracking down the criminal. If every home has a security camera like this, no criminal will be able to hide

Many police departments and law enforcement agencies promote the use of visual surveillance such as dummy (non-working) cameras to discourage potential theft. Modern security cameras have extensive recording ability, highly customizable settings for motion detection and alerts, and live feed monitoring from a smartphone.

All these elements together create an effective means to provide visual evidence of theft, accommodate law enforcement requests, and fully protect against losses due to theft on the property.

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Home security cameras: the silent judges of our midnight snack choices.”

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