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Essential smart home devices for every household - seamless integration for a smarter, more efficient home experience.

The smart home is the residential manifestation of building automation. With the concept of smart homes gaining popularity, the future has finally arrived. It’s now possible to control all the systems in your home including lighting, heating, and security.

Technology has allowed this to be possible all from one device, such as a mobile phone. An inevitable side effect rising from the growth of technology is that as it becomes more advanced, it will essentially get cheaper. This is true of almost any product on the market.

Smartphones used to cost an absolute fortune, yet nowadays you can pick one up for a few pounds. Smart home technology should be expected to follow a similar price pattern.

The benefits of smart homes are wide and varied. Smart home technology, when it has reached critical mass, will help older adults live at home safely longer. Smart homes will be able to help residents monitor their health. It will help people at home manage chronic diseases or conditions.

It will also provide a means of health monitoring in real time, enabling healthcare providers to be informed quickly if a serious health event occurs. It will improve medication management. With smart homes, people will all be prescribed the right medications at the right times.

Individuals with complex medication regimens will no longer need to keep all this information in their heads, nor will they be tripped up by taking a medication at the wrong time. Smart homes can also track medication usage and issue reminders or alerts if a dose is missed. Smart home technology also has the potential to improve the quality of life for individuals with disabilities.

By maximizing their independence, the most vulnerable populations who are often shut out of the job market may have a better chance at employment and self-sufficiency. This increased independence can also reduce home care costs for families. Smart home technology has the potential to cut home energy costs.

For example, in early research work, we were able to identify air conditioner misuse in many homes. A quick, easy to understand information display allowing homeowners to compare their usage to that of more efficient neighbors led to AC energy savings between 11 and 16%.

Airthings Wave Mini - Indoor Air Quality Monitor with Mold-Risk Indication

The AirThing Wave Mini is the latest product from AirThings, a company specializing in air quality monitors. Small and very much portable, the Wave Mini is an improvement over the last – the air quality indicator.

Using a few sensors, it measures three aspects of air quality – TVOC (total volatile organic compounds), CO2 levels, and humidity. From this, the monitor will produce a value from poor to excellent to rate the quality of your air, representing the amount of pollutants in the air.

A vital aspect of the device is the SmartLink, and the availability of an app, available on both iOS and Android. Using Bluetooth, you can link your mobile to the monitor to collect real-time data from your air, and view up to a year’s worth of data.

This is especially useful for the Wave Mini, which is marketed mostly towards people who are in a space where they are concerned with the air quality. An example of this would be someone who is working in a basement, where the air quality can be quite poor.

An employee has reviewed the monitor positively, saying “I’ve suffered from allergies in the past and I currently work in a too air-tight basement office. The meter let me know to move when I saw the CO2 levels getting high.” This shows that the Wave Mini is an effective tool for people who might be unsure whether their air quality is causing them health problems.

Being able to view your data on an app is a great advantage for the monitor, as you may simply make a change to your environment to see if it improves your air, and checking the monitor will tell you how successful that change was.

Airthings Wave Mini – Indoor Air Quality Monitor with Mold-Risk Indication Check Price

Keeping the temperature of your living space at a comfortable level

With the advances in modern technology, this traditional method of heating has now been altered in the form of “smart” space heaters. These appliances have the ability to automatically control how and when they produce heat.

They can do this by utilizing an electronic control system to maintain the desired temperature. Once the temperature drops below a pre-set level, the heater will then turn on until the specified temperature has been reached, at which point it will then turn off. This method consumes minimal energy. And the less energy you use, the less money you spend.

This is a very cost-effective way of keeping a room warm. Now, one of the best aspects of smart space heaters is that some of them now have the ability to connect to your home’s internet network. This then gives you the ability to monitor and control the heater from almost anywhere using your mobile phone.

This can be especially useful for people who have second homes, as they can heat their home before they get there but not waste money heating an unoccupied house.

Dreo Wall Heater, Smart Space Heater for Bedroom 1500W, 120° Up and Down Oscillation, Adjustable Thermostat, 24H Timer, Wall-Mounted Easy Installation Electric Heater for Living Room, Garage

High altitude users will appreciate the standard altitude settings that allow the heater to run at optimum efficiency between 7500 and 10,000 feet. The Dreo wall heater has a smart technology auto-adapt function that constantly monitors the room temperature and automatically adjusts the heater to the set temperature.

This saves any further wasted heat, power, and overheating costs that can be found with manual control heaters. With other great features such as the sleep mode and economy mode, Dreo has brought us the smartest and most efficient wall heater today.

This heater allows you to program a specific time to turn it on and off your heater with a 7-day timer. This will enable you to program a heating schedule to suit your weekly routine. This can also save you money as there may be times when you do not need to heat, for example, when you are at work or sleeping.

With the scheduled timer, you won’t need to leave the heater on for longer periods. This is perfect also for families with children, as it includes a child lock to lock your settings and avoid any operational errors.

The Dreo wall heater has a smart space heating system that keeps it cool to the touch even at high temperatures. It is the most advanced wall heater and is perfect for your bedroom as it saves a lot of space.

This heater provides your room with fast and efficient heating that is 100% energy-efficient. The powerful start-up heat this heater produces in the short run makes it a top priority for people who wish to get warm and comfortable fast without worrying about their electricity bill.

periodsDue to this rapid heat-up rate, it uses less energy than traditional heaters that stay on for long periods of time.

Smart apps are what sell millions of goods. Imagine using your phone to turn on your house’s heating before you even reach your doorstep. The Dreo Space Heater Services features a customized Smart Life app. It can control the heater, like the on and off setting and the temperature adjustment. The app can be downloaded on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store and is easy to install.

Dreo Wall Heater, Smart Space Heater for Bedroom 1500W, 120° Up and Down Oscillation, Adjustable Thermostat, 24H Timer, Wall-Mounted Easy Installation Electric Heater for Living Room, Garage Check Price

Furbo 360° Rotating Treat Tossing 1080p WiFi Pet Camera with 2-Way Audio, Barking Alerts

We live in an age where most people are divided between renting and owning their homes. If you are a first-time pet owner, and you are stuck in the renting portion of this struggle, when you come to the end of your lease, you will quickly realise that not all rental properties accept pets.

Those who are stuck in this pet-free zone have difficulty raising a pet: they are torn between the choice of seeing their pets every day or giving their pets to a loved, local, and responsible. With a pet camera at your disposal, you can see, hear, and talk to your furry friends every day when you cannot be with them.

People often confuse pet cameras with regular home security cameras. While they serve a similar purpose, pet cameras have unique features that accommodate the unique furry nature of our pets. Pets are an intrinsic part of our families, and if you want the best for them, sometimes a simple security camera goes a long way.

Pet cameras boast special features that only a pet owner can truly appreciate, and they are indispensable in training, monitoring, and soothing our pets at home. These cameras are practical for people who work long hours, have unpredictable schedules, and even if you are on a 10-minute coffee run.

Also, if you are the proud parent of a pet or multiple pets, like some of us, these cameras allow you in real-time to check on them and even interact with them whenever and wherever you are.

One of the biggest advantages of the Furbo Pet Camera is it has 4x digital zoom, so you can see the things you want to see in clear detail. You’ll be able to see the things that are important to you involving your pets, and of course play with them!

This camera from Furbo is more than a simple pet camera: it’s a dog training camera! When you get it, you’ll be able to have a company that’s been well-recognized by reputable media like the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and CNET.

If you’re searching for a smart camera that will give you peace of mind when you’re away from your furry friends, the all-new Furbo is the best pet camera that will give you all the comfort you need!

You can keep an eye on your furry friends from anywhere when you have the Furbo Smart Dog Camera for your home. This device comes with a 1080p full HD camera with a 160º wide-angle lens that has 4x digital zoom, night vision, 2-way audio, and is capable of live streaming.

You can also control the camera from your smartphone to see every corner (thanks to its 360º rotation and 160º tilting). Furbo – which comes in a sleek white design that never goes out of style – is perfect for people who are often out of their homes, no matter why they aren’t there. Use it to check up on your puppy, send him an alert if he isn’t behaving or toss him a treat if you feel like he needs it.

Furbo 360° Rotating Treat Tossing 1080p WiFi Pet Camera with 2-Way Audio, Barking Alerts Check Price

Smart water sensors can detect leaks early, preventing costly water damage

Moen 920-004 Smart Leak Detector

The smart leak detector offers the perfect solution with precise sensor technology to detect even the smallest leaks. You are alerted immediately, the bathroom automation shuts off your water if there is ever an issue, and with the help of friendly user instructions, your water shuts off in under 5 minutes – saving you one common cause of home damage.

Don’t feel the heat of costly bursts and slow drips. Monitors for water leaks and reports for faster action. Helpful connection control guidance. This smart leak detector can also help reduce your water bill by detecting running toilets or leaking sinks. Actively track the moisture in the air and directly advise on the best ways to regulate it.

Leaks can occur anywhere in your home. The silently destructive drips, with the general sound being of money vanishing. Here is a smart leak detector which can find those silent leaks and inform you of what is going on, allowing you to take remedial measures.

The smart leak detector is a simple-to-use smart home device that will detect the presence of water and alert you to potential issues. The sensor sends a push notification so you can take action to prevent water damage or flooding. It even includes audible and visual alarms for when you are home.

Moen 920-004 Smart Leak Detector Check Price

Health Monitoring: Some smart home systems can monitor health and wellness, reminding you to take medications or tracking your fitness goals

iHealth Track Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with Wide Range Cuff, Bluetooth Compatible for Apple & Android Devices

The iHealth Track Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor fits right into your lifestyle, too. Its large, clear LED display lets you check your pressure at a glance, and the instructions for its use are printed right next to the onboard controls. You can also use the Track independently of a mobile device.

The Track’s extra-large cuff can accommodate nearly every adult arm, providing accurate measurements every time. And with zero-cost device sharing, one iHealth Track is easily shared by multiple family members, for use wherever they happen to be, and from the convenience of any device. So why measure just your pressure when you can track your heart health with meaningful, accurate results, while on the go.

The iHealth Track Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor lets you take control of your heart health with easy, accurate blood pressure readings, automatically transmitted to your iHealth MyVitals app on your mobile device with one simple control.

Doctor trusted and FDA approved, the Track is clinically validated, so you can take your readings with confidence, knowing that your doctor will give them the same weight as readings taken in the office. With the Track, you can view iHealth’s clear, colored results, or interact with a comprehensive data table, enriched by graphical formats and data logs.

World Health Organization blood pressure indicators show both your number and its meaning. See instant readings from your last 200 measurements, and access the same information kept within your secure iHealth account, forever.

iHealth Track Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with Wide Range Cuff, Bluetooth Compatible for Apple & Android Devices Check Price

Accessibility: For those with mobility issues or disabilities, smart homes can control various aspects of the home environment with voice commands or a smartphone app, making it easier to interact with their living space

Dot (4th Gen) is the fourth generation of Dot. Despite the change in its design, with a spherical shape instead of being flat, its characteristics are still the same.

In addition to the small speaker, the 444g weight equipment has physical controls over its volume, configuration and microphone (all commands are also available through voice), a socket for power supply, a mini-USB port and two LEDs (one is located at its base and turns on when an action is performed and the other one is located at the top, showing the device’s status).

Moreover, it also has an array of seven microphones which identify the device’s position and distance of the user to the device, offering better performance on voice recognition tasks.

Dot allows the user to set schedules, and routines, control equipment (such as doorbells, cameras, thermostats, lights, plugs, fans, etc), manage his/her own music streaming service and be recommended with a wide range of activities, subjects and news, as well as asking heritage and tourism related questions based on Wikipedia data.

Finally, the user may also call someone (if the device has access to the user’s contacts book) and send and receive messages to/from other app users using the device.

The Dot (4th Gen) | With Premium Sound, Smart Home Hub, and Alexa | Charcoal Check Price

The technology is constantly improving and allows the user to control the thermostat using the internet from a PC, laptop, or smartphone. Learn more

Smart homes are on the ascent as homeowners look to technology to assist with making a convenient, efficient, and more secure lifestyle.

Homes are turning out to be smart by being equipped with a high-level system of devices and a suite of services that provide automation for certain household tasks like opening curtains, sometimes under the command of smart voice orders or devices such as Amazon’s Alexa.

The future of smart homes will see broader acceptance, new use case scenarios will emerge entailing moral implications. At the same time, user awareness and technology development will continue to influence what the future holds.

The term smart home is used to define a home fully equipped with equipment and appliances that can be remotely accessed, monitored, and managed using mobile devices or an internet connection from anywhere in the world.

The whole purpose of a smart home is to perform day-to-day home-related tasks more efficiently and connected so you don’t have to always be there in person. Nowadays, many people just dream about living in a smart home but are no longer capable of choosing the products in the market because of the variety that the home automation market has become. Very shortly, smart homes will probably be something that we just call homes.

“Why don’t smart homes ever get lonely? Because they always have a lot of “company” with all the devices they’re connected to!”

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