Yeast Infection In Women – Questions You’d Ask At Your Next Appointment

Yeast Infection In Women

I understand why it is prevalent most women suffer from a yeast infection, and I understand why. Our immune system plays a significant role in arresting yeast infection or candida. Naturally, you would want to prevent, reducing and eradicating yeast infection in women.

Men suffered too

The occurrence of yeast infection seems to be growing and growing in tandem, yet to most women view this as a common ailment not an endemic. Men suffer from yeast infections too, is as painful as suffered by women in their nether region.

Generally, a yeast infection can be treated by topical cream or antibiotic, either applied orally or inserted to the vagina. Perhaps there are ways we can prevent infection or we find ways for treatment options.

What is a Yeast Infection?

Our body when infected produces too much yeast. Commonly found in the penis, vagina, mouth, in or on the skin. Yeast infection infects more women than in men.

How Yeast Grows

Yeast Infection In Women
Yeast Infection In Women: The use of synthetic materials in underwear can also contribute to yeast infections

The use of synthetic materials in underwear or lingerie can also contribute to yeast infections by trapping moisture which also creates an atmosphere conducive to excess yeast production.

Why Yeast Infection Occurs

The pH balance in our body is the key indicator of any disease or illness, in particular, yeast infection. Our diet plays an important role in maintaining this balance. Our body has a healthy pH of 6.4 (measuring urine or saliva). Yeast infection is prevalent in our body at all times. Our body regulates the acidity balance in the body and if this occurs outside the norm it helps its growth.

Your pH reading does vary slightly throughout the day but should average 6.4. What causes these unbalanced pH readings in the body? Birth control pills, injury, antibiotics and overweight all changes the pH level in the body. Stress and fatigue are the biggest reason for the unbalance pH readings in the body. Do you know that blood pH is higher than that of the body?

What Not To Do

Some may be following advice that is actually doing more harm than good. The wrong prescription would damage your vagina and may accelerate yeast growth.

Never attempt to cure yeast infection by using baking soda. Baking soda contains a high pH causing it to proliferate.

Also, people would use Echinacea to cure a yeast infection, whereas it is good to take orally, when inserted into the vagina it may cause an acute burning sensation.

Don’t attempt to use bleach in the vagina area for bleach can burn vaginal tissue and cause it to scar.

Douching seems alright but the side-effects is that reduces normal healthy vagina secretions by drying out its surface.

Effective Ways to Reduce Yeast Infections

  1. Keep your diet from sugar, most processed foods and grains.
  2. Consumed raw vegetables, not only it is good for you, it helps to combat yeast infections.

3. The regular washing of your silk and cotton intimate apparel is also an effective way of containing yeast infection.

Natures Assistance

Acidophilus, a culture, a bacterium, a good bacteria and can help your body in the fight of yeast infection.

Colloidal silver isn’t considered safe contrary to some manufacturers claim.

If you having bouts of yeast infection it only makes sense that you will try the natural approaches, learn and educate yourself and increase your knowledge on yeast, how it is infected and regulated.

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Disclaimer: The information provided here does not constitute medical advice, please visit your healthcare provider or medical professional.

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