Dog House – Which Is Right for Your Fluffy Friend?

Dog House

A proper dog house required planning if you are considering building or buying one. It is called a dog house because it is commonly built in the shape of a house. They are built for domestic animals in particular for dogs. Comfort for your dogs is of utmost importance. Choosing the right dog house is an arduous task ensuring that your pet won’t be subject to the extreme cold of winter and the warmth of summer.

Outdoor or Indoor?

A dog house can either be placed inside the house or outside the house. It depends on your dog whether it enjoys the outdoors or indoors. Or you can choose either one when the weather permits.

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Is a dog house necessary?

Keeping pet dogs outdoors shows a lack of love for your canine and consigns them to a life of loneliness and frustration. In some homes they like to think their dogs are not part of the family, they are not allowed inside the house. They can’t share our living rooms, sharing our beds and they aren’t even allowed indoors. Coziwow Large Wooden Dog House Pet Shelter Cage Doggie Home Shop at Walmart

Dogs are social animals and they don’t have packs. They only have us. Without human companionship forcing them to live outside, it numbs their natural desires.

Before you get a pet dog, love them with all your heart, and welcome them as part of your family. No dogs should live outdoors their whole life except during the hot summers when the night is cooler. Dogs can overheat very quickly in warm climates and cause hypothermia in cold and wet weather.

Though your dogs may be part of your family, your dogs do like to spend a considerable amount of time outside because, for millions of years, they roamed and lived in the wild until man domesticated them.

So a family dog will appreciate a space to call their own and retreat to and relax in.

Big dog, small dog

a big dogWithout a doubt, a bigger dog like a Rottweiler, Golden Retriever or German Shepherd required large houses whereas smaller breeds like a Chihuahua will need a smaller one. The door need not be the same height as the dog as it can lower its head when they go in but once inside the house, it required its full height in order to stand up. As a precaution, the floor should be study-made and the floors are not slippery when they gathered dirt.

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Dogs love small space – dog house ideas

It should be big and wide enough for the dog to turn around and it shouldn’t be too big. Most dogs love a place that is snug as small spaces give them a sense of security.

The type of roof depends on its design and function. Your design must complement its function. You must have a basic knowledge of the look and feel of the design and the materials of house roofing. Provide insulation to the ceiling of the dog house against the summer’s heat and the winter cold. If it is a little dog house, use foil-faced paper, plastic or bubble insulation. During cold and rainy days cover the outside roof with a tarp or house wrap to prevent heat loss from the inside or snow from the outside/

Adding shingles to the roof


Provides protection from the element and makes the structure appear more attractive if you are going to put it outside the house. A slanting roof keeps the water from draining away fast during rainy days.


This roofing absorbs the heat of the sun and when heated up can be caused by concern and can be very dangerous.

The right materials used

In deciding on the right materials used, it should able to withstand wear and tear and should be durable. Some of the common materials used in constructing or buying a dog house are wood, plastics or metal.

Wood: DIY Insulated dog house build

Insulated dog houses

Wood is the most common material used. It is a better insulator from heat and cold. Some wood materials are inexpensive and very easy to work with. Wood is easier to cut and can be used for any weather. Cedarwood is best in wetter areas with high humidity. However, ticks and fleas strive in a wooden hut but it can be solved by using cedar wood in construction or using cedar shavings for the bedding. Cedar may be a bit expensive but it sure stands for its durability and practicality. Some may try untreated pine and hemlock wood but these are not resistant to rotting as cedar does.

Pressure-treated pine used by dog house builders might argue these planks may be studied, but the lumber inside contains toxic that are harmful to your pets.


Plastic materials are lighter and it doesn’t absorb odour as wood does. It can be cleaned easily and doesn’t have pores to attract fleas and ticks to its habitat in it. It is waterproof and setting it up is a breeze. Plastic is more affordable, tougher and durable and it is suitable to accommodate your dog out of the home, though it may be a bit cold in winter and warm in summer. If your dog is a chewer, plastic is suitable for him.

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Dogs like to chew and when was the last time your dog had chewed up the dog house? It is the biggest challenge with plastics and wood dog houses. Because the last thing a dog would chew on is a metal cage. It is scratch-proof and they can jump on it to their heart’s content. They are used to transport dogs from one place to another. Midwest LifeStages Dog Crate Shop at Walmart

Metal dog house tends to absorb more heat and are a better conductor to heat than wood or plastic under the sun. Similarly, a wooden or plastic dog house would hit 40 degrees inside when placed under the hot sun. Your dog would not go in either. So, no matter which material is used placed your dog house under a shade or under some shady tree.

Floors should be elevated

A quality dog house should be a reasonable distance off the ground to keep water from outside from getting into the house’s interior. Floors at the rear end should be slightly higher to allow water better drainage to flow outside should water gets in.

dog houseDog house for winter helps your dog to avoid dog hypothermia. This occurs during cold days when the dog’s temperature drops below 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Whereas dogs can’t heat themselves up efficiently, they need help from the owners by providing sufficient insulation using dog heaters, meaning installing a winter dog house. These are engineered to block cold air streams from entering the dog house.

A well-insulated dog house packed with plenty of clean and dried bedding material also helped provide warmth on the floor for any dog who must spend time outside. GustaveDesign Warm Winter Pet Coat Dog Waterproof Reflective Jacket Vest Shop at Walmart

Don’t leave doors closed during the hot weather or you can remove the roof to increase better ventilation.

Plastic and metal houses are not suitable, as they are bad insulators of heat. In summer they heated up and in winter they cannot keep warm.

Luxury dog house? – dog house with a porch!

Let’s face it, do your dog really need a luxury abode with a detachable side deck or a porch? Even though they are part of your family, except for providing them with warm-loving care and food, you might provide them with a palace, they probably are happy to sleep on your doormat! So don’t overspend on your budget. Precision Pet Country Estate Luxury Dog House with Heater Shop at Walmart

What about dog beds?

Dog sleeping bagNot that dog-like dog beds but the dog owner wants it. It fits nicely to a door and it is comfortable and warm to sleep on. On the downside, the dog will tear up anything with stuffing. The soft padding will at least provide some comfort because their elbows can get really raw if they sleep on hard surfaces a lot.

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Insects repellants

Red cedarwood oils are natural repellants of small insects like termites, ticks and fleas. Don’t use towels, blankets and carpet as your dog beddings as they trap heat, a good breeding ground for fungus, ticks and fleas. Flys Off Fly Repellent Ointment Shop at walWalmart

Bonus tips – dog house plans

Before you get out to get your dog house considered what you want for your dogs, and the safety concerns:

For Outdoor dog house

  • Good ventilation
  • Spaced bottom slats
  • a predrilled hole for easier assembly
  • 12 mm thick cedar
  • Anti-rot materials will last a minimum of 3 years
  • Water-based paint – not harmful to your dog
  • Insulated due to raised floor
  • Most important – attractive looking

For Indoor dog house

  • Affordable
  • Resistant plastic
  • Non-tearable
  • Comfy
  • Removable floor for easier cleaning
  • Plastic feet will protect the dog house’s wood

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Sleeping with your dog

Dog and manStudies have shown that sleeping with your dog is beneficial to you. People suffering from PTSD found sleeping with their pets helped diminish nightmares. On the other hand, the physical benefits helped you release oxytocin in the brain. The reasons to sleep with your door will :

  • Less stress – Reduces depression
  • Energy – Promotes Theta brainwaves
  • Protection – Increases the sense of security in you
  • Sleep well -Eases insomnia
  • Easy – Maximises comfort
  • Happy to live in – Decreases loneliness
  • Sleep soundly – Improves sleep quality
  • Carefree – Reduces stress
  • Healthy dog – Lowers blood pressure
  • Mutual Understanding – Strengthens your bond with the dog
  • Health care – Promotes healthy heart
  • Promotes healthy lives –Reduces allergies later in life
  • Better lives – Better overall health

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Choosing the right dog house shouldn’t be difficult when you make an informed choice. What do you think is the right house for your fluffy and cuddly friend?

“Happiness is a warm puppy.”

-Charles Shultz


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