Dog Training: How To Bring Out The Intelligence In Them

Dog Training: Dogs Need Exercise and Mental Stimulation Too!

Dog training: The importance of keeping your dog mentally stimulated. Is your dog feeling bore and has been following you from room to room? Do they show a bored face? Is it pestering you and you are wondering if they have a life on their own?

Most family who keeps dogs as their pet do live in an urban setting, where they spent considerably lots of time in the house while you out working. These dogs will develop behavioural problems due to their pent-up energy.

The only excitement of their day, where they can release energy, is when the owner returns home from work, After spending a greater part of the day they may be too exhausted to play with their dog, and soon, they are left to themselves pacing up and down the house, or find its cosy corner and called it a day.

Without mentally stimulated, your dog will start to engage themselves with undesirable activities to keep themselves occupied such as aggressive chewing and non-stop whining.

Dog Training: Dogs Were Meant to Lead Active Lives

Most dog breeds that we keep as pets in our home do not have specialized jobs as they normally do in their natural self in the wild. Instead, they are just relegated as a fun toy to keep you company.

Specific Breed, Specific Job

Take, for example, many dog breeds we kept as pets are bred to carry out certain specific tasks, their nature dictates. The spaniels who flushed birds out of bushes, the retrievers are good at retrieving down birds for their owner hunter, the herders who grouped sheep and cows and protect farm animals from predators, the hounds who have a powerful nose to track down prey and other versatile breeds who specialized in a wide variety of tasks, but today, they don’t have the job anymore. They can now just sit pretty at home waiting to be fed and patted on.

These pet dogs who have nothing to do to past their time is left with a void to fill up. There’s a saying “an idle mind is the devil’s workshop” is applicable to us and dogs as well. With nothing to do to stimulate their minds, they idle the time away and indulge in activities like barking, chewing and digging to load off some energy.

Dogs Need Exercise and Mental Stimulation Too!

We humans, we must find ourself occupied or else we might turn into a moron if we have too much time and so little to do. Just like dogs, they need exercise to stay healthy and active. They need someone who can play with them so that they are not bored.

Home Training: Dogs Need Exercise and Mental Stimulation Too!
Home Training: Dogs Need Exercise and Mental Stimulation Too!

In modern times, dogs no longer live in the wild and hunt whole days in the fields with their masters. Despite all this, they still have in their DNA, a strong drive for mental stimulation.

However, you don’t have to arm yourself with a rife, quit your cushy office job, and go hunting for rabbits, to give your dogs the mental stimulation they required There are ways you can enrich your dog’s life without even having to step out of the house yet you can get your dog’s cognitive abilities going.

Play Hide ‘N’ Seek In Your Dog Training

Rather than allowing your dog to spend the whole day snoozing in front of the fireplace, why not play some dog training simple game such as Hide ‘n’ Seek with them. This would engage his brain while also gets the much-needed exercise.

What happens if your dog’s mind is correctly stimulated:

  • Its problem behaviours can be eliminated or fade away
  • Will be better obedient and well behaved
  • An ability to learn will increase many-folds
  • The dog’s temperament will greatly improve
  • Your bond with your dog will become closer and stronger
  • Your dog’s well-being and health will improve with leaps and bounds

A Bit Of History About Dogs

Back then, before the dawn of time, mealtime wasn’t easy as of today. They have to hunt for their meal, sometimes if they have to endure hunger for days on ends if they are unable to catch prey, or they could even die of starvation if they are old, sick or injured where they couldn’t hunt anymore.

When dogs hunt, they entailed lots of sniffing, stalking and chasing before they could get a kill. Even after they got their kill, they still have a lot of work to do. They have to remove the skin and the bones which involved gnawing and scraping before they can get to the meat.

Natural Scavenger In A Dog

Domesticated dogs no longer need to hunt at heart but still for millions of years they still have their natural instinct to scavenge for food. They spent their waking hours sniffing and looking around for little tidbits on the floor.

Today, we do all the hunting for them. We go to our local pet supply store and get our supply of dog foods and you just have to pour the food in a bowl, and your pet dogs will gladly gulp down in a jiffy without thinking much.

In order, to let your dog use their brains again, why not introduce a bit of hunting instincts back to their lives again. They are natural hunters and the game such as “Treasure Hunt” will stimulate their minds of something they know best. They are always up for a challenge, and the Bottle Game, which is a super easy and challenging suppertime game for them.

Don’t Forget To Exercise The Brain Too In Your Dog Training

To keep your dog mentally stimulated all the time, ensure you have lots of problem-solving exercises. To keep them interested always introduce a new tick once in a while, or simply revamp an old training session with some element of novelty. This way, your dog will think it is a new trick and are very eager to learn them.

When both the needs for exercise and mental stimulation are met, your dogs are happier and healthier. You feel happy too when your dog is happy. So the next time when you’re exercising your dog, don’t forget their brains need to be exercise too!

Dog Training: How To Get Their Attention?

Getting your dog’s attention is not easy. They will listen to your command and forget the next moment. If they are off the leash momentarily, they will run wild. If they are no good to listen to the command, I wonder what would happen to your dog if it ran onto a busy road and they are not responding to your calls to come back! It’s important for us owners to capture and hold our dog’s attention for safety sake.

These are simple dog training tips you can apply immediately to help your dog become more attentive.

Brain Training

Brain training is an effective way to increase your dog’s ability to pay attention to you!

Let’s play a game called “The Airplane Game”, and it is specially designed to improve your dog’s attentiveness. In this simple game your dog will learn the following important skills:

  • How to pay attention to you on command.
  • Maintain focus on you despite distractions – unlocking the pathway to super obedience.
  • How to use his hidden intelligence to figure out puzzles.

Watch this video here:

The “Food Sound”

Nothing attracts more to dogs than food. Are there any dogs who aren’t interesting in tidbits and food? When you familiarize your dog with a “smacking sound” which mean there is food to be given as a treat, then the dog could remember the signal well. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get your dog’s attention every time with a familiar sound?

To train your dog using sound to get their attention, choose a quiet room with your dog. Make a smacking sound, like kissing the air, then immediately offer your dog a treat. The idea is that whenever he hears the familiar sound he gets rewarded. With continued practice and persistency, you will soon grab your dog’s attention in no time. With continuing effort, your dog has become very attentive and observing you if you are going to give any signal.

The sound signally works best when your dog is not engaged with any other activities that may catch his attention, for example, he may be eyeing a rabbit when you give out your signal. It might not respond to the sound you have just made, and it may go unnoticed.

Don’t Forget To Give Incentives

Dog training is about giving rewards after they have successfully executed a specific task. Dogs like being rewarded every time because it encourages and motivates them that to get rewarded they must obey instructions to get it. Just like me and you, are you motivated to work for no reward? That’s why dog obedience through incentives are so important in dog training.

There are many different types of incentive in dog training, like giving your dog a pat on the head or a ball to play with, but food rewards are the most common and you know your dog loves best.

Milk-Bone MaroSnacks Dog Snacks

In order to be rewarded, your dog knows that they have to execute a specific instruction correctly like you are teaching your dog to “sit”. Whenever your dog has successfully done sitting, just slip a doggy biscuit or piece of kibble and they will remember fondly with your reward. He will more than eager to perform the same trick again and again to get those doggie biscuits.

Treat you doggy to some biscuits, Milk-Bone MaroSnacks Dog Snacks. Shop at Walmart.

They Will Come Back For More

When you and your dog go out for a walk in the park, do your dog keep to your side all the time or are they running away without abandoned, busy sniffing and exploring without paying attention to you.

Maybe it’s time, to step in for a little change … to get their attention.

Firstly, you need to bring along some tasty treats like cooked ham every time you go out with your dog exploring. Keep these treats handy in a pocket or treat bag, and whenever your dog gets close enough, reach out to him, pat it and praise him and quickly extend your treats.

If you offer them treats in this manner long enough, it will give positive reinforcement to your dog that checking with you he will be rewarded with some nice tidbits. Soon you’ll notice your dog will begin to check on you more often and they feel that you are worthy of his attention.

No Distraction

Dog training requires your dog full attention and doing sessions at the right time and the right place is crucial because they will be comfortable in their own familiar places.

It is not advisable to train your dog as soon as you are back from work because he is all worked up and are bouncing off the walls, excited to greet you and play with you. Wait till they are calmer and are able to concentrate and focused more.

Start training in a quiet room at first to prevent any distractions like TV sounds and lights and cooking smell from the kitchen when it is close to dinner time. Make sure the room’s curtain or drapes is drawn down as dogs are very easily distracted by things he sees outside.

If you have a difficult and bad behaviour dog and are struggling day and night on how to overcome such misery, you need drastic help. Your dog bad behaviour will become engrained over time and getting it to be corrected would be difficult. Why don’t I share with you a brains training for dogs?

Dog Training for Proper Behavior Management

Dog training for a difficult dog needs proper management for his misbehaviour. Even if have a good dog that needs to learn more proper behaviour or you have a dog who regularly misbehaviour and needs more intensive etiquette and guidance, there are many other reasons why your dog would benefit from behaviour training.

Closer Bond

You have a closer bond with your dog if they have properly behaved. There is a sense of mutual respect and both and you are satisfied and happy towards each other and this makes a better relationship together.

If your dog is obedient and well-trained, responsive and relaxes it makes managing them easy for you It will get more pleasure and meaningful from your ownership and as a result you and your dog will get closer together.

Easily Controlled

Learn the basics on what the obedience school would teach to your dog, like stay, sit and drop. This will make more manageable and you can easily control them in their daily life because you have made them a part of your family and he will stay with you for many more years to come.

Dog Training: Your dog is easily managed if it well trained
Your dog is easily managed if it is well trained

If they are well disciplined they may lead a happy life mingling with you and your family and they don’t have to be locked up whenever they are guest around for fear they misbehaved and make a fool of themselves.

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It’s a joy to watch your dog doing simple things such as a friendly greeting, response when called back and followed commands when they are off the leash, are among few important behaviours that you would like to have in your dog. Flexi New Classic Retractable Dog Leash (Cord), 16 Ft. Shop at Walmart.

Social Friendly

Would you like your dogs to socialize? Like they won’t jump and try to reach for the other dog’s jugular every time they met any of them on the road or park? This is very distressful and drained your energy to see your dog behaved like that. You may be wondering, how on earth did your innocently sweet darling can be turned into a monster by just the sight of another dog?

If that is the case, your dog needs to tutor on socialisation, and learn how to respond to other dogs. Without this discipline, you and your dog suffer humiliation and embarrassment whenever your dog misbehaved during the visits to the vets, and when they have to go into a kennel or boarding.

Stimulating Training

Dog training need not be a bore for you and your dog. Get your dog exercises that are both engaging and brain-stimulating. Whether you have had dogs your whole life, or you are new in owning a dog, there’s always some skills that your dog could learn from, for example, you could learn some techniques on how to stop bouncing and jumping on you and other members of your family.

Keep Your Dog Safe

It is utmost important to keep your dog away from harm, either through self-inflicted or otherwise. Teach your dog to stay away from the kitchen and to respond to the command to come back or drop anything which might be dangerous they picked up.

Your dog’s response to your call back is important. If are unleash and they ran to a busy road with cars zooming around, the unexpected results might happen. So, if your dog has not learned to listen to your command, he is putting himself in grave danger.

Dogs Need Guidance

Your dog needs guidance on how to behaved and to navigate through everyday situations. They are dogs and dogs don’t know to behave and what is required of them in your household and as pet owners you have to let them know. Without training and reinforcement and discipline, they will revert to their natural self.

Dog Training: Why Are Your Dogs Aggressive?

You are frustrated and angry why your pet dog suddenly showed violent and aggressive behaviour? Before you want to send them for dog training, you may want to identify the real root cause of the aggression.


Fear is attributed to dogs behaviour which turned aggressive towards other dogs. If your dog has been locked away for a long time, it will lack meeting and socializing skills with other dogs. So, when they are confronted with other stranger dogs, they think that they are subjected to danger and they need to defend themselves or they have past negative experiences with other dogs.

Why are dogs are aggressive towards other dog? Fear? Bad experience?
Why are dogs are aggressive towards other dogs? Fear? Bad experience?

On the other hand, you might have adopted your dog from the kennel, and they might have a string of abusive history from its previous owners. They feel fear in the care of another human who they think they are going to be badly treated again. From fear, they will turn aggressive.


Animals by nature are very territorial and are aggressively guarding of things they cherish, like their mate. or their owner! Your pet dog is in particular possessive to their toys, food, treats, or even your baby! They lunge or even bite at anyone who gets close to their possession, sometimes, even bites the owner’s hand if they think their territory is threatened.

You need to find a solution fast if not its aggressiveness will escalate further.


Anxiety may turn your dog’s behaviour to exhibit aggressiveness. Recent changes in a dog’s environment may make them feel jittery, like moving to a new home or there’s an additional new member of the family. These cause them to be nervous and they don’t know how to react or deal with. At this hour, comfort them and introduce your new home and the newest family member and they meant no harm to them.

Dog’s hierarchy

If you have a number of dogs kept as pets, they tend to establish a hierarchy system among themselves. This follows a rank and file rule on who gets the best choice of food first or the cosiest sleeping spot. However, if the hierarchy is disturbed by a lower-ranking pack member, the leader of the pack might correct the order by showing a snap with a display act of aggressiveness to show who’s the boss.

Leash Act Of Fury

As soon as your dog is put on a leash, they begin leash-aggressive, and starts barking and lunging and begin snapping at everything in sight. Leash aggression is commonly directed towards other dogs,


Even dogs get frustrated when they couldn’t get something they want like a toy, a walk in the park or particular tidbits they longed for. Frustration can lead to aggressive behaviour directed towards another pet in the house or the owner himself. In dog training, look at signs of discontent behaviour.


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Your dog might be ill and they don’t know how to tell you. They became quick-tempered and begin to snap at anyone. Watch out of these signs, and how they are signalling to you that they are not well and they need your attention. Capstar Fast-Acting Oral Flea Treatment for Small Dogs, Shop at Walmart.

Why Hand Signals Should Be Incorporated In Your Dog Training

As your pet grows older, their hearings are not as sharp as when they are younger. Just why you need to incorporate hand signals as an alternate form of communications with them. Better still, pet owners should have dog training with hand signals paired with an auditory command right from young.

How to train hand signals To Your Dog

Teach your pet that a verbal command is the same as hand signals. To be effective, your hand signal needs to be very simple and not too complicated. Next, you need them to reinforce what is being taught with rewards such as treats and praise. Depending on how fast your dog learns, you can slowly fade out the rewards.

Teaching them hand signals is easy if they already know the standard command such as sit and stay.

How to make your dog look at you during training

In order to give a hand signal to your dog, first, you must teach them to look at you. This is an important first step before you want to completely shift to hand signals command from verbal commands. Get your dog to look into your eyes so that communication is strong as a foundation for super obedience.

Train your dog to make eye contact so that you could give hand signals command
Train your dog to make eye contact so that you could give them hand signals command

They have to look attentively at you, not just a cursory look before they know what’s your command are. You will point one finger to your eye to direct your dog while he looks intently at you. To reinforce what has just learned, and they have followed your command through, award them with some tidbits.

How to make them sit

Perhaps, the first trick you teach to your dog is to make them sit. Most would verbally call out to them to sit or you would push its rear end down.

The hand gesture is easy and simple to follow. Raise your hand with your palm facing upwards at the chest and move your hand in an upward motion. You may use the verbal command together with your hand signal initially while you tried to reinforce their understanding.

How to make them lie down

Calming down your exciting doggie can be very difficult unless you have this command on hand. Point your finger to your chest and do a sweeping diagonal motion down to direct your dog to lie down.

How to make them wait

Teach your dog to stay stationary in one place is crucial, in particular places of heavy traffic where your dogs could be a danger if they are left on their own. They might run onto moving vehicles where they should be waiting by outside before it is clear to cross the road.

The hand gesture is opening your hand with the palm facing forward at the level of the chest. Let them familiarize this hand signal command together with the auditory command initially, and soon you can use either one without much effort.

Also teach to stay put while you are walking backwards, making sure they learned not to move until you gave the signal for them do so.

How to make them come to you

After you have taught them to stay, it’s appropriate for you to make them come back to you. Start with your and open at your side and bring it up diagonally to the opposite shoulder. This is another useful command if your dog is off the leash and they may pose danger to itself or other people around him.

Training your dog this commands to keep them safe and at the same time, then it is easier to manage them.

If you have a difficult and bad behaviour dog and are struggling day and night on how to overcome such misery, you need drastic help. Your dog bad behaviour will become engrained over time and getting it to be corrected would be difficult. Why don’t I share with you a brains training for dogs?

Dog Training: Drained Your Dog’s Energy

If you want to work with your dog much easier, you have to drain their pent-up energy. If they are unable to find release for that energy, it can lead to your dog’s erratic behaviour and aggression. Dogs need constructive releases in order to stimulate their brains. Both mental and physical exercises help to drain their energy and keep them occupied.

Outdoor Activities

Just a round of walking around the block will drain a considerate amount of energy from a dog, but some breeds may yearn for more. For those who are bigger and robust, they have the ability to jog alongside you or even keep up with you when you riding a bicycle.

Physical Games

Most energetic dogs are always game for fetch and tug-of-war because it provides an outlet for them to release pent-up energy. Besides having to drain their excess energy this game teaches your dog impulse control and instinctive behaviour.

Introduce jumping games to your dog, like hopping through a hoop or running around poles to improve on their agility. That’s another great way to expend energy.

Indoor Games

You can even train your dog indoors by playing less energetic games. Indoor games allow keeping your dogs busy especially on a rainy day when it is not conducive to play on wet grounds.

You can begin a game of fetch, by throwing a tidbit up a fleet of stairs for your dog to pick it up. Not only your children can play a game of hiding ‘n’ seek, but even your dog will also find it interesting and exciting. Hide some of your dog’s favourite tidbits around nooks and corners of the house and let it sniff it out. That’s a great way to spend the boring rainy afternoon, and lighten it up. The hide ‘n’ seek game helps to reinforce the strong bond between you and your dog, and never be lonely.

Mental Games

Dog Bone Treat Game Interactive Food Dispensing Game Puzzle Toy For Dogs

Games no need to be all brawn and energy-sapping. Introduce some games which use his brain cells to solve a puzzle and find some hidden treats. This type of games tests their mental intelligence in order to solve problems. If they can solve the puzzle they can be rewarded. This type of mental games is readily available at your local pet store. Dog Bone Treat Game Interactive Food Dispensing Game Puzzle Toy For Dogs. Shop at Walmart

Dog Training – Curb Their Digging

It’s natural for dogs to dig, either to cover their path to prevent predators, to hide or to dig for their food. Other digs out of boredom, to entertain themselves, comfort, for self-protection and escaping from others.

If you want to let your dog continue digging, assigned a designated ground at the backyard for them. Also by giving your dog their favourite toys will enable to curb the digging habit.

Provide their own dog house

Dogs have a reason to dig. They dug holes to lie in to escape the elements of the weather, whether to escape from the cold or the cold. It is natural for them in the wild. Having a doghouse for them will enable them to retreat to seek warm or cold will prevent them from digging. Add a few toys for them to chew on for entertainment. The doghouse should be well insulated for the winter months, and are airy and well-ventilated during summer months, preferably your doghouse should be placed under a shade. Read my article on the various types of doghouse here.

How to potty-trained your dog

It’s never too early to potty-trained your puppy because they will be messing up the floors and carpets if there are allowed indoors. Besides the inconvenience of cleaning up, it also leaves a foul smell. It’s going to be uphill tasks to train a new puppy potty business is not meant to be inside the house.

Look for early signs that your puppy needs to go and helps to prevent an accident. Dogs like to sniff around, and started scratching and circling and barking before they dumped it.

If you caught your puppy in the verge of urinating or defecating indoors, make a loud sudden noise and clap and say the word “No” and then quickly lead them outside.

This loud command shows the dog your disapproval of the act. This will sooner ingrain in their brains that this behaviour is not allowed in the house.

Choose a designated area outside the house so they can remember the place they should go every time they have to go. They can associate the place is for urinating and defeating by their own urine smell.

If you set a regular time to bring your dog out for a walk and at the same time to ease themselves, they soon learn to be patient enough to hold on and wait for you every day to bring them to the park. Take action now and have a fully potted trained dog here.

Dog training – how to stop possessiveness with food

Established yourself as the leader of the pack, and you’d success in every aspect of your dog training. Once you have established the order, everything will come in place. Your dogs are alert to your command, obedient and will answer to all your call. Without that, your dogs will not listen to you and your training is ineffective.

One of the techniques to establish yourself taking command is through food. Food is always a dog’s foremost priority and if you can stamp your authority here, soon they will be eating from your palms.

Take His Food Away

To achieve this, give your dog his meal for a few seconds, and then you take it away from him. Use appropriate command each time you take away like you would say “stop” or “leave”. Keep the bowl for a few seconds and wait for his response, If he doesn’t show any aggression, pat him and show appreciation. Make sure you are holding the bowl in an authoritative manner and waited a while and gave back the bowl to him and signalled to him that is alright to continue eating.

Do this for a couple of days to ensure you have sent the message that you are in control as far as food is concerned. They know that you are the leader of the pack, and only you can dictate whether they can eat or not and not up to them.

For some aggressive dogs, who may fight back if their food is taken back, then drastic actions need to be taken. Perhaps, you need to drain the energy of their aggressiveness till they are subversive enough to carry out this training.

Dog Training Obedience Easy To Understand Concepts

Dog training can be a long and frustrating process if you now don’t how. Some said that teaching your kids could be more difficult than teaching your dog. A well-trained dog is a happy dog, and you will be much happier when your dog listens to you. It’s great when your dog is potty-trained and they don’t poop around the house anymore, they don’t fight among themselves and they listened to your command.

They are quite smart really, and they just have to master a few basics standard obedience that can be taught to a dog. Your dog training must include easy concepts that dogs do naturally every day and associate your instructions to them with appropriate verbal and hand signals for reinforcement.

Breaking Your Dog’s Jumping Habit: Dog Training

Some dogs are highly energetic animals and they get excited easily and they love to play and run. From young, they developed a habit of jumping which can kind of cute but when they are full-grown, it can be very annoying.

When a dog jumps on you, it means a sort of greetings and often children are afraid of dogs jumping on them even when they mean no harm. As owners, you have to take responsibility to train your dog to curb body-jumping for the benefits of your guests, family members and yourself.

Here is one simple training method you can try in your home. You’d know there is nothing better than food as the inducer. So using food to divert your dog’s attention each time they want to lounge at you. You would throw some tidbits on the floor, and then greet him while his attention is fixed on the treats.

Dog Training: Be A Leader Of The Pack

Be a leader, a dog will follow.

If you lead the pack, your dog will stay and follow you forever. Your dog’s behaviour is a result of your behaviour. That is, your dog reacts to your every mannerism and behaviour. If you teach the appropriate behaviour well, and you’re consistent in reinforcing it, your dog will do everything within his capacity to please you. Use positive reinforcement to introduce any teaching of new or change in dogs behaviour.

Dominant animals lead the pack and so even in your home where you have a few dogs, one of them will dominate the others. But you don’t allow this to happen because one dominating the other will lead to fights among the dogs in the family. So you have to step up as the human pack leader and be firm about it and let no dog be the dominating force again. That way, you will have absolute control over your dogs.

Dog Training Dealing With Separation Anxiety: Replacement Behavior

Dogs do suffer from separation anxiety like the loss of its owner or it misses someone who may be the previous owner that he has not seen for a long time, or it is another dog. Separation anxiety can manifest itself in many different ways, like pacing around, destructive chewing, excessive barking, urination, defecation everywhere, and a tenancy of self-inflicting behaviour.

Dogs suffering from separation anxiety often whine, howl, cry, dig and scratch at the door as if they want to go out. You can make your dog forget this unfortunate episode, whatever it is, by giving them play a game to replace that anxiety behaviour. To ensure success, any games that you want your dog to participate in is to give praise and rewards for reinforcement.

Dog Training: How To Stop The Chewing Problem

It is a natural behaviour that your dogs like to chew destructively. It is a sign that your dog is showing boredom, anxious or in pain.

One of the ways to prevent your dog from chewing about anything in the house is to introduce doggy toys to them. Reprimand them sternly that it is not all right to chew on things in the house. Left several chewable toys lying in their favourite spot in the house to allow them to chew quietly to their heart content. If they are still interested in your sandals, reinforced your teaching methods again,

Dog Training: A Well-Trained Dog Is A Happy Dog
A Well-Trained Dog Is A Happy Dog


It’s everybody dreams to have a well-behaved pet, eliminated of bad behaviour and are also obedient. Every dog has an element of intelligence in them. Can you bring out the intelligence in them?

Most of the time, when we trained our dogs, we omitted to engage with them on a mental level. Without mental stimulation, the dog’s many behaviour problems could not go away.

Find out the root cause of your dog’s bad behaviour and the problems could be solved much easier. Scolding and reprimanding your dog will not solve the matter. Be gentle and nice, and try to create positive emotions in your dog oppose a fearful one.

Natural Intelligence

Every dog has natural intelligence in them. Why not make use of it to teach them good behaviour? You have seven things you wish you want in your dog:

  • Full control over your dog.
  • Calm and pacified your excited dog.
  • Stop your dog from whining.
  • Quicky want your dog to overcome anxiety.
  • Teach your dog to obey your every command.
  • An everlasting bond with you.
  • A stressless relationship with your dog.

Your dog might be causing you a lot of stress and worry in your life right now, to the extent that you want to consider giving up ownership of him.

If you have a difficult and bad behaviour dog and are struggling day and night on how to overcome such misery, you need drastic help. Your dog bad behaviour will become engrained over time and getting it to be corrected would be difficult. Why don’t I share with you a brains training for dogs?

“MONEY can buy you a fine dog, but only LOVE can make him wag his tail.”

Kinky Friedman

Disclaimer: Nothing on this article is intended to be a substitute for professional dogs handling, training methods and advice, diagnosis, or treatment. You should always seek the advice of your vet or other qualified dog trainers with any questions you may have regarding your dog’s health and other behaviour condition. The contents of this article are for informational purposes only.


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