Email Marketing: Will Your Email End In the Trash?

Email Marketing

If you’re just starting out in your internet business having your website is not enough to attract visitors. You need a blog for your business. That’s where email marketing complements your role.

Nobody knows you just yet even if you are selling the latest and hottest item on the internet. You could have all the fancy design in your site but if you could not get the traffic required you would not be able to sell.

Your website or sales page is like an offline office located at the corner of the street. If you do not give out flyers or advertise your businesses, the public wouldn’t know that your shop exists at all.

Not only does a brick-and-mortar business need to create awareness but your online business also needs one.

But how do you make your online business known to your prospects? How do you attract them to come to you?

Blogging is what you need to create and promote your online presence. What was once a part of the social platform for connecting to friends and families, blogging is now a serious business where you can monetize it too.

Blogs come in different forms and people blog for various reasons. Properly SEO-optimized with keywords or keyword phrases of the topics of your niche, when applied correctly, your blog will able to bring in traffic from those prospects who are interested in your business.

The writing blog of your expertise in your business helps to share your knowledge and information that’s what your prospects are looking for. When your blog is really focused and is razor-sharp to target a specific niche, this would result in making your site an authority and a favoured one for those who are interested in your work.

But what is your goal in having a business blog?

Ultimately, if your visitors are interested in your blog posts, you would want to send them to your “squeeze” page and sell them to opt-in to your mailing list. This mailing list will eventually be your source of leads that you would engage with them in your email marketing.

You gain trust and credibility by writing useful and relevant content in your blog that your readers will find it beneficial. They can draw great inspiration and insights from your knowledge and experience in your field of expertise and would look up to you as a trusted source of the information that they are looking for.

To make your blog relevant, go and write your articles and have them posted on a regular basis. Write passionately about your interest and do meticulous detailed research to ensure that your facts are correct. Nobody wants to read a half-baked post that reeks of incorrect facts.

A business blog post provides the interactivity needed that you can’t find on your static website. You are able to engage with your readers when they post their remarks or opinions and this invaluable feedback will give you tips on how you could improve your online business further. Besides, your blog will be your trusted PR working tirelessly round-the-clock to bring traffic to your business.

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