Portable Mattress Vacuum: Look Beyond The Sheets

Portable mattress vacuum is handy and light. Strong suction to remove dust particles, mites and other allergens from your bed.

Portable mattress vacuum: Do you know what’s lurking on top and inside of your mattress?

Of course, you must not have noticed, probably you’ve slept on it for years! That’s a lot of salivae, sweat, and dead skin on your mattress’s top and beneath.

These gross stuff could attract uninvited small microorganisms and may cause trouble, especially to your health. Under the microscope, your mattress would look like a deadly infested zone.

We shed dead skin cells even when we are asleep and these tiny flakes may seep into the cracks and crevices of your mattress attracting dust mites. These dust mites love to feed on dead skin cells and in return, these bugs will litter your mattress with their droppings which are a health hazard. They can set off asthma and allergies.

Other uninvited invaders to your bedroom include bedbugs, fungus and bacteria. Of course, you can get rid of all these pests by spreading them with pesticides or you can call a pest control company to rid of them but if you take early precautionary steps you would have to vacuum your mattress regularly and not wait for the critical point where is it better for you to discard the bug infested mattress.

Picking the right portable mattress vacuum need not be rocket science. Just follow a few simple rules.

Since it is handheld, it must be reasonably light to manoeuvre around. The minimum I could get is a 2-pounder, 14 inches in length and 8 in width and that makes easy handling.

It’s either cord or cordless, the latter being powered by batteries chargeable or rechargeable. I want a portable mattress vacuum that can work for at least 15 minutes on a full charge.

If it is corded a long cord allows you plenty of moving space.

I also want my appliance to have sufficient suction power to do the job. I see most vacuums have between 1000 Pa and 2000 Pa and some even reach 3,000 Pa.

Steamless Heat Technology:

Raycop RS Pro UV+ Handheld Allergen Vacuum

Raycop RS Pro UV+ Handheld Allergen Vacuum
  • First handheld allergen vacuum
  • Steamless Heat Technology
  • No chemicals
  • Heats air to 150 F
  • Close to 100% allergen removal
  • HEPA filtration

Raycop RS Pro UV+ Handheld Allergen Vacuum Check Price

Deep cleaning:

Untica Mattress Vacuum Cleaner with U-V Light

Untica Mattress Vacuum Cleaner with U-V Light

1) Powerful Suction and Cleaning: Supports up to 8000 times vibration per minute and 10KPa powerful suction.

2) Cordless Vacuum Cleaner: Built-in 2400mAh large capacity battery that supports about 60 minutes of running time after fully charged.

3) Deep cleaning & UV Cleaner: The high-frequency vibration of the pulsating pad loosens the dust and dirt and brings the dust to the surface of the fabric. The mattress vacuum cleaner efficiently absorbs the dust and the purple light can effectively deep clean the fabric again.

4) Efficiency Filtration System: With HEPA filter element for deep purification.

5) Multi-Purpose: The High Power mattress vacuum is versatile, working on a lot of surfaces.

Untica Mattress Vacuum Cleaner with U-V Light, Cleaning Pet Hair with 8,000 Per Minute Agitation, Washable Filter, Great for Sofa, Bed, Carpet Check Price

Lasting Power:

Handheld Vacuum Mite Remover

Handheld Vacuum Mite Remover Bed Sofa Mattress Vacuum Portable Mite Remover Cleaning
  • Filtration does not block the dust. Long-lasting use of suction remains centrifugal dust dumping.
  • LED light irradiation sterilization rate up to 99.99%
  • Lasting power faction lasting operation does not decay built-in dual-cell power lithium- battery.
  • Strong suction.

Handheld Vacuum Mite Remover Bed Sofa Mattress Vacuum Portable Mite Remover Cleaning Check Price

Covered Rolling Brush:

Livepure Ultramite UVC Dust Mite Allergen Handheld Vacuum

Livepure Ultramite UVC Dust Mite Allergen Handheld Vacuum
  • Covered Rolling Brush – Clean soft surfaces without disrupting the fabric
  • UVC Light – Kill dust mites and allergens and reduce 99.9% of E.coli, staph, and salmonella
  • Safety Sensor – Activates UVC light only when within 1.2 inches of surfaces

Livepure Ultramite UVC Dust Mite Allergen Handheld Vacuum Check Price

Three-stage Process:

EcoGecko Ultra Portable Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

  • This powerful portable mattress vacuum uses a three-stage process to provide a clean and healthy bedroom environment
  • Stage one uses the high-power motor to loosen small particles and bring them to the surface
  • Stage two kills microorganisms and allergens with the ultraviolet light
  • Stage three is a powerful vacuum that suctions away bugs and allergens
  • Includes a reusable microfilter to trap particles

EcoGecko Ultra Portable Handheld Vacuum Cleaner UV Light for Mattress & Bedding Removes Dust Mites Check Price

Why choose a portable mattress vacuum?

First of all, these machines are practically small and easy to handle. They are not heavy and you can carry them for a considerable length of time, long enough to finish the job. I don’t see them as heavyweights.

They are very handy in the sense that you can pick up and start vacuuming on the spot without much hassle. It’s good that portable vacuums are now cordless and there is no cable dangling to contend with. You can pretty to go anywhere you need it. Recharging need not be a problem as most are equipped with rechargeable batteries.

Would you want a clean bed both outside and beneath?

Have you ever thought of cleaning your mattress? Or even clean them routinely? Probably you just wash the bed sheets but have you ever thought of the bed itself?

You are not aware of a lot going on underneath that bedding, that is a haven of pretty unpleasant stuff that may not be seen by our naked eye.

You might not be aware the mattress is the dirtiest place in your home! In fact, your mattress is the primary cause of all the health problems.

What keep you company every night as you sleep? Bacteria, fungal spores, dust mites, dead skins, sweat, harmful chemicals and bodily fluids. All these create harmful plasticisers that have been linked to lung, throat and nose cancers, allergies, and asthma.

Keep up with a regular mattress vacuuming schedule to rid of dust mites, prevent and control the build-up of fungi and bacteria and clear out other pollutants.

If you can avoid those cleaning services, you too can use a mattress vacuum with HEPA filtration to capture more allergens and helps capture all by-products from getting in the air.

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