Does Your Vacuum Cleaner Sucks? Here’s The Solution

Vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaner makes light work of sucking up debris and dust from your living room. Are you aware you are breathing the pollutants from the floor? You can see a vacuum cleaner practically in every home nowadays. It has become a valuable and handy tool to clean your house from dirt and dust. They purify the air as it cleans the nook and corner of your room. It collects all the pollutants gathered on the floor dropped down from the contaminants in the air and form into heavier and larger particles caused by your air purifier.

What is a vacuum cleaner?

It is an electric device that uses an air pump to suck up dirt, dust and other pollutants from the floor and other surfaces. How it cleanses will determine the type of vacuum cleaner you will need and the variety of options available to choose from.

Advantages of vacuum cleaner

When you clean with a broom, it sweeps the floor and at the same time it also kicks up dust into the air. Unlike cleaning with a vacuum cleaner it is not only hygienic and secured where the dust is sucked up efficiently and almost totally. Cleaning with a vacuum cleaner needs fewer people and less time to clean a larger area than you would be done manually. It is easy to operate anywhere with a connected electricity supply.

They are equipped with HEPA or other types of filters which removes or block off bacteria, germs, virus and germs that cause airborne diseases. Due to its sucking power, it is able to remove stubborn pet hair that got tangled in the carpet as well as odours you cannot get rid of by hand.

How much should you spend on a vacuum?

Advancement in technology makes vacuum cleaner very affordable. The size you would use and the type of cleaning you want will determine the type and model and then the cost you’d have to spend. Of course, there are lots of different makes and models where one is suitable for your use.

Disadvantages of Vacuum cleaner

Though there is a portable vacuum cleaners, vacuum cleaners are mostly large and bulky and are difficult to move about in your house or office. Storing your vacuum cleaner required a big place. A bigger vacuum cleaner is a power guzzler and it consumed a huge amount of electricity because it has a larger engine to provide the sucking power it needed.

No reusable dustbin bags will add much to your cost and these bags can be costly unless you replace your vacuum cleaner with one that has a container that doesn’t require replacing. All you need to do is to throw away the dust collection and the container can be used again and again.

Types of Vacuum cleaners

Shopping for a vacuum cleaner is not the same as your weekend shopping for groceries in your neighbourhood’s store. It entails a lot of research to find the right one. One must look for the vacuum’s features and functionalities. Does it suit your use? Of secondary importance are the colour, shapes and sizes. Others may purchase their favourite brand even though other brands might have a feature not available in them. Knowing what you need and whether it justifies your purchase may prevent you from buying something that it might end up in your storeroom or that you are too lazy to use it.

Is it worth buying a vacuum cleaner?

Importance of HEPA filtration

Have you noticed during vacuuming that you can smell the dust in the air? Whether your vacuum uses a bag or bagless, it releases particulates back into the air during operation. It is important to choose a model that has a post filter to capture these particles and prevent them from escaping and polluting the surrounding area. The best vacuum is capable of capturing the 0.3 micron-sized particles 95% each time it passes through the filter.

Without HEPA filtration, the microscopic particles that escaped from these vacuum machines can cause allergenic reactions. These airborne allergens can be caused by irritation of the eyes, it can trigger respiratory illnesses. All standard premium vacuum has HEPA filtration for medical filtration.

Change of dust bags

One disadvantage of using dust bags is that improper loading and unloading of the bag on the vacuum cleaners can lead to leakage. Before installing the bag, open the pleated filter paper and positioned it properly and seal it with the connecting tube to ensure is air-tight and allows a free flow of dirt in the bag. If you used your vacuum cleaner on a regular basis the bag should be changed often.

How to choose your vacuum cleaners

There are 5 primary types and shapes of vacuum cleaners, each has its own unique functionalities and versatility.

Handheld vacuum

These are basically handheld as the name suggests, and are easy to use and clean places that another vacuum can’t reach. Other Vacuum cleaners like the canister type are big and bulky and are suitable for cleaning a large rug. Handheld vacuum with its compact size makes it a smaller version of the traditional vacuum cleaner. Definitely, they are not suitable for cleaning large areas of your home. Handheld vacuum cleaners are not a full replacement for Canister and Upright vacuums. It is supposed to lend support where larger machines can’t be reached.

Typically, most handheld vacuums are small in size as compared to its counterpart, usually about half the size, or even smaller. Some are so small that they can hold in the palm of your hand. You can carry it around or you can store it on the shelf, laundry room, pantry or even in the home garage when not in use.

If you are living in a small apartment, or dorm room where space is scarce, the compact-size vacuum cleaner will fit in nicely and keep your house tidy and neat. If you want to clean random spots, the portable handheld vacuum is the way to go.

They are lightweight, weighing less than five pounds, but obviously, it depends on the make and model. The size varies but they are reasonably light. It makes carrying upstairs with less risk of toppling over, even the elderly could help out because of its compactness and is not heavy.

If simplicity of use is the way to go, go for cordless. The last thing that you don’t want is for the cord to get tangled while doing your vacuuming or carrying around the house. If you prefer to use a model with a chord, make sure it is of reasonable length. You don’t want your vacuum cleaner to rip off from the wall socket while you are pulling along.

Why choose a Handheld vacuum?

BLACK+DECKER Cordless Lithium Hand Vacuum (Chili Red)

BLACK+DECKER Cordless Lithium Hand Vacuum (Chili Red), HLVA320J26 Shop at Walmart

The charging Indicator light notifies you when the vacuum is charging and/or fully charged, Easily Empty the Dustbin without Touching the Dirt, and Pull out Crevice Tool for hard-to-reach areas

  • Other places can’t reach – Very useful when you want to clean the bed, sofa and underneath furniture, where Upright and Canister vacuum can’t be reached.
  • Stubborn Dirt – Dirt and dust stuck in between cushions and sofa can be cleaned easily.
  • Mini-size – They are small and compact, approximately one-fourth the size of their counterpart.
  • Lightweight – It weighs about 2.5 kg and is extremely light
  • Hideaway – It can be easily carried around and stored in small spaces.

Canister vacuum

The canister vacuum is seen as the most expensive type due to its multi-functional design and its technological-forward features. It contains a cylinder which housed the suction motor and dust bin or bin to which it is connected via a long wand which is at the end connected to a suction hose.

Canister vacuum works well on a variety of floor surfaces

Canister or cylinder vacuum is very easy to move around the room or office being they are mounted on wheels. Its mobility makes it moving around downstairs and upstairs very easy. It consists of two parts, the body of the vacuum that you pulled behind you while you push the suction head through a long connected tube. Canisters vacuum works well in a home which has a variety of floor surfaces, especially hardwood. They are versatile in that the long hose makes cleaning the staircases easily.

Usually, they are mostly compact and lightweight which makes them easy to handle. They are the perfect choice for cleaning carpets, hardwood floors, bare floors, sofas, stairs, curtains and those nooks and corners, like underneath the sofa and bed. It comes with a variety of attachment tools depending on what type of surface you want to clean.

Bagless vacuum cleaner

They come either in a bag or bagless. Bagless vacuum cleaners use a plastic cup, in which collected dust is stored, to empty the bin when full. Canister-bagged vacuum either has disposable bags or reusable bags. Dirt collected in reusable bags is dusted to be used again whereas the disposable paper cloth bag is discarded and cannot be used again.

Empty the dust bag often

To run the vacuum cleaners efficiently, make sure the dust bag and motor filter are not clogged. If they are clogged, less air is flowing in, resulting in less optimum cleaning no matter how powerful is the motor. To ensure the machine runs to its maximum capacity, ensure the dust bag is emptied or discarded regularly for a new one and the filter cleaned as well.

When you are vacuuming carpets or surfaces which contain fine particles, these fine particulars can restrict the airflow very quickly. Check your bags regularly to ensure your machine works efficiently as these fine particles can result in decreased performance.

Upright vacuum
Picture of an Upright Vacuum

Why choose a Canister vacuum?

Bissell 2156 Zing Bagged Canister Vacuum Green

Bissell 2156 Zing Bagged Canister Vacuum Green Shop at Walmart

Dirt cup capacity 2 litres; Cyclonic action and powerful suction provide thorough cleaning; Plus, no more bags to buy or change ever

  • Furniture clutter – If you have live-in odd-shaped flats and may have many pieces of furniture of different sizes. Canisters are lightweight and are best suited to clean the bottom of the tables and the stairs.
  • Wollen and hard floors – Ideal for cleaning a mixture of carpets, rugs and hard floors
  • Light and Easy – Canisters are light, usually, around 4-5 Kg that makes it easy to carry up and down the stairs
  • Oh no – But the downside, canisters have a limited dust collection capacity.
  • Quiet – Canister vacuums are quieter than Upright vacuums due to the sound-dampening insulations. It seems that the noise level is inversely proportionate to the price of the vacuum cleaners. In other words, the more expensive is it, the quieter is it.

Upright vacuum

Have you seen an advert for vacuum cleaners lately? Most probably images you see are an Upright machine. Perhaps, most people are familiar with it and also it is the most popular and sought-after. Why? The upright position makes operating the machine easily and you don’t have to bend yourself. Get a make and model that could vacuum not only on carpeted surfaces but also on bare floors.

Prevent back pain

Choosing an Upright vacuum is your own personal choice and maybe it is suitable for your home use. If you vacuum a lot of wall-to-wall carpeting, an Upright vacuum is your best bet because they’re easy to manoeuvre.

An Upright vacuum stays in front of you as you move along as in a lawn mover. This way it covers a lot of ground easily and faster, with minimal bending of your body. The upright vacuum has a wide cleaning area on a Brush Roll, which ultimately reduces cleaning time.

Why choose an Upright vacuum?

BISSELL PowerForce Helix Bagless Upright Vacuum (new version of 1700)

BISSELL PowerForce Helix Bagless Upright Vacuum (new version of 1700) Shop at Walmart

Exclusive Performance System with Helix Dirt Separation – for longer-lasting pick-up performance.

  • Price – If compare with the canister, it is cheaper
  • Good for carpets – Most models have a motorized brush and it is very efficient in cleaning carpets
  • Foot control – You can control the cleaning as it transits from bare floors and carpets with foot control
  • Reusable cup – Dust is collected usually by a transparent plastic cup and it is easily disposable when full. The cup can be used again and again
  • Sweeping Range – With the long tube, you can sweep at a wider cleaning path.
Carpets, rugs and sofa need vacuuming
Picture of carpets and sofa

Stick vacuum

It has a long stick-like handle and a slender construction. With a feature like this, ever wondered it is known as the Stick vacuum! An excellent supplement to the full-sized canister and the Upright styles. The flexible stick is ideal to access tight corners and constricted areas not possible by larger vacuums due to its manoeuvrability.

Due to its versatility, stick vacuum uses a combination of brushes and can go from smooth floors to carpets with a click of a switch.

Traditionally, a stick vacuum is not as powerful as Upright vacuum cleaners but innovation in vacuum cleaning technology has resulted in a stick vacuum that offers sucking capabilities that are comparable to the Uplight alternatives.

Will chordless help?

A majority of the Stick vacuum does not need a chord for their power supply. This feature comes in handy where the wall electric socket is far apart or none at all. It can be very frustrating when you needed most to clean a place to find that there is no power connection. Concerns with battery life can be solved to find out the charging time required and how long it can operate with a single charge.

Back pain and other joint problems are long associated with vacuuming. This whining can be history as these gadgets are height adjustable and you don’t have to bend over so much to hurt your spine.

And you still want to have a Stick vacuum …

Eureka Blaze 3-in-1 Swivel Lightweight Bagless Stick Vacuum

Eureka Blaze 3-in-1 Swivel Lightweight Bagless Stick Vacuum Shop at Walmart

The Eureka Blaze stick vacuum weighs less than 4 lbs and has swivel steering for gliding around floors and a low-profile design for under-furniture reach. It also includes a HEPA filter, an onboard crevice tool and a large-particle-capture nozzle design for picking up dirt and dust.

  • Doesn’t roar – Its quiet operation as compared to its Upright counterpart that roars while cleaning
  • Your baby can sleep soundly – Allow you to operate the gadgets anytime without disturbing other members of your family or worrying about waking up the baby
  • Less costly – Not as costly as other alternatives because of its compact design and the use of less powerful motors
Robotic Vacuum
It operates via remote control and its self-drive mode allows cleaning without human control.

Autonomous / Robot vacuum cleaner

A robotic vacuum cleaner is a robot that performs its behaviour and tasks without external influence. Developers used intelligent programming and artificial intelligence in their robotics. It operates via remote control and its self-drive mode allows cleaning without human control.

It runs quietly in the background as you carry on with your daily routine in the house, or you can set it to work while you are away or asleep.

Cleaning modes

You can schedule your cleaning in a variety of modes to suit your preference: cleaning designated areas or spot or spiral mode for a particular spot to repeatedly clean harder-to-clean areas. Alternatively, you can program your robotic vacuum to stay clear of certain areas knowing that is better off using a canister or Upright gadgets. in these restricted zones.

If you are still considerating buying a robotic vacuum, read on:

Eufy RoboVac 25C Wi-Fi Connected Robot Vacuum

Eufy RoboVac 25C Wi-Fi Connected Robot Vacuum Shop at Walmart

Compatible with both Alexa and GoogleHome

  • Multiple functionalities – Some models could sweep, vacuum and mop damp wet floors
  • Hard surfaces – Can clean better on hard floors surface, such as laminate, hardwood and tiles floors
  • Sensor bump – Some have an anti-drop and passive infrared sensor anti-bump sensor
  • Intelligent robot – The more sophistical robotic vacuum cleaner has mapping capability. It uses a camera, radar, LDS laser or use gyro guided system to map out an area floor plan, which can be stored to repeat the cleaning process repeatedly.
  • Not repeating – It is intelligent enough not to repeat cleaning an area that has been just cleaned
  • Restricted areas – You can set boundaries to restrict the unit’s no-good areas
  • Battery life – It uses rechargeable batteries and can last long enough for 100 minutes of cleaning to cover a house of 200 square meters. Charging time is around 5 to 6 hours and it can navigate to the recharging port by itself when the battery level is low. It is programmed so that it has enough fuel to last the journey unless it is blocked on the way back
  • Round shape vs D-shape – D-shape robotic vacuum cleaners are now in vogue. Unlike, the normal round-shaped units, the D-shaped can clean better and capture dirt in corners and along walls
  • Set your own schedules – Cleaning schedules can be programmed for daily and a full week of different daily times
  • Wifi-enabled – You can control your robotic vacuum cleaner by an app over wifi connection from your smartphone or your connected home automation device, such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Software Updates – These machines are able to receive software upgrades over the air OTA firmware updates

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