Corded Drill: Why Do You Need This?

A Corded Drill

Whether you are considering buying a corded drill for the first time or you’re embarking on new tasks, there are several features that you should look into to ensure it is the right tool for you. When you have a task for home improvements, such as driving screws or creating holes having a corded drill makes life a lot easier. You’ll be finding for its ease of use, durability and quality performance for your choice.

Corded drill run with an extended cord to the household main current of 110 V. It is considered many times more powerful than a battery-operated drill of about 18 – 20 V. A battery-operated drill would be able to drive in a screw of a low-density wood but drilling into hardwood, metal and concrete would require beast power. Only electric-powered can do the job.

Main Purpose Of Buying A Corded Drill

Assessing the type of tasks you’re undertaking, for example, whether you are drilling into the wood or masonry will able you to make an informed decision about the right corded drill based on:

  • Power capacity
  • Handling – firm grip
  • Chuck size – key or keyless
  • Type of bits it can accept
  • Brand


One advantage of the corded drill over the cordless drill is that you don’t have to worry about the battery’s low and dying on you. The corded drill gets a massive boost of power and torque and is built to handle tougher and more demanding jobs. No need to wait for a recharge if your battery is low. With a wired, just plug-and-go and you’re always ready to get started. From wood to metal, to masonry, a corded power drill will not fail you in carrying out its tasks.


Running on a 110-volt supply, the corded drill is more powerful than the cordless drill which has a battery capacity of 12 to 18 Volts.

The power of the drill is not the maximum power output per se. Our electricity main is of standard 110 volts. If your drill’s motor, says 7 amps, then the maximum power output will be 770 watts (Watts =Volts x amps). So, Watts may not be the best unit to consider when comparing the power of different drills.

How powerful the drill is dependent on speed and torque. Speed measured in rpm (round per minute) is simply how fast the drill spins and torque is measured in inch per pound, is how much rotational force behind the spin.

You’d find this awesome torque and speed in today’s top-quality corded power drill in the market. An 18 to 20 Volt will provide you with all the power you could ever need in your work around the house and workplace.

Best Overall Corded Drill Experience

DEWALT Corded Drill, 8.0-Amp, 3/8-Inch, Variable Speed Reversible, Mid-Handle Grip 

Powered by an 8-amp motor, it is capable of high performance in multi-heavy-duty applications. 0-2,500 RPM VSR trigger right for fastening and drilling tasks. For greater bit retention, it has a 3/8-inch all-metal ratcheting keyless chuck.

DEWALT DWD115K 8 Amp 3/8-Inch VSR Mid-Handle Grip Drill Kit

Its ball-bearing construction provides better durability and overall longer tool life. Very comfortable grip design to ensure balanced handling in ultimate comfort. DEWALT DWD115K 8 Amp 3/8-Inch VSR Mid-Handle Grip Drill Kit Shop at Walmart ?

Best Premium Choice Corded Drill

Makita Electric Drill, 1/2 In, 0 to 900 rpm, 7.0A

Makita Electric Drill, 1/2 In, 0 to 900 rpm, 7.0A

It has a powerful 7.0 AMP motor and is most suited for continuous heavy-duty work. 990 RPM variable speed for controlled and precise drilling.

It has a light and compact body weight of 4.8 lb with a heavy-duty 1/2-inch industrial drill chuck. Makita Electric Drill, 1/2 In, 0 to 900 rpm, 7.0A Shop at Walmart ?

Best Great Value Corded Drill

BLACK+DECKER 3/8-Inch 5.2 Amp Corded Drill-Driver, DR260C

BLACK+DECKER 3/8-Inch 5.2 Amp Cordl-Driver, DR260C

Compact, and lightweight, this corded drill has a variable speed for optimum driving and precise control. It housed a 5.2 AMP motor, powerful enough to get the job done, yet it is cool in your hand.

It has a keyless chuck for greater bit retention providing convenient drilling and sturdy performance. With speed, power and precise control, it is best suited for drilling into metals. Slower speed and high torque for drilling into metals and higher speed and lower torque for drilling into wood. BLACK+DECKER 3/8-Inch 5.2 Amp Cordl-Driver, DR260C Shop at Walmart ?

Best Corded Drill

BLACK+DECKER 3/8-Inch 5.2 Amp Corded Drill-Driver, DR260C

Compact and lightweight and its Matrix Quick Connect system allows for quick changing attachments. The tool attachment would allow you to drill, cut, sand and more.

It has a variable speed option which allows for more precision and accurate drill work. Having a variable speed option, allows you to drill into any situation with more precision. Slower speeds for drilling into metals, and faster speeds when drilling into woods or any lower-density materials to ensure precision.

It has a robust motor of 5.2 AMP that can handle a full range of applications. Furthermore, it is an ergonomic design, which aids fatigue in your wrist, arms and shoulders after prolonged use.

BLACK+DECKER 3/8-Inch 5.2 Amp Corded Drill-Driver, DR260C

This corded drill is versatile and easily interchangeable. You would be amazed when you’re able to control your drilling even at an angle and still maintain its sturdiness.

It has an 11-position clutch which allows for an extra level of control power to prevent over-stripping and over-driving screws. BLACK+DECKER 3/8-Inch 5.2 Amp Corded Drill-Driver, DR260C Shop at Walmart ?

DEWALT Electric Drill, Pistol-Grip, 1/2-Inch, 10-Amp (DWD210G)

Powered by a 10 AMP motor, the patented DeWalt-built motor is designed to generate an extra half the power of a standard motor in the same size category. It has overload protection which added to its durability.

This Dewalt DWD210G corded drill’s 0-1250 rpm variable speed provides a smooth and consistent variable reversing speed trigger thus allowing you to precision drill all the time.

DeWalt DWD210G 1/2 in Heavy-Duty Drills, Metal, Single Sleeve Ratcheting

It handles both steel and wood jobs equally well. Its keyed 1/2-inch chuck helps grip the bit securely to prevent any slippage.

It sports a pistol-grip handle for that extra comfort and greater control. There is also a 360-degree revolving locking side handle which provides additional control of the device. It’s lightweight (about 5 lbs) making it easy to handle, not tiring in your hand and during intense tasks helps to minimize stress and fatigue. DeWalt DWD210G 1/2 in Heavy-Duty Drills, Metal, Single Sleeve Ratcheting Shop at Walmart ?

SKIL 6445-04 7A Amp 1/2 In. Hammer Drill

Skil, is a quality brand with over 95 years of power drills, saws and screwdrivers. It has a less powerful 7.0 amp motor but offers a maximum speed of 3,000 rpm.

As in the DEWALT Electric Drill, Pistol-Grip, 1/2-Inch, 10-Amp (DWD210G), it has a 1/2-in keyed chuck which can accept larger diameter bits designed for woodworking and concrete drilling and cutting. Set to hammer mode, the Skil drill did not disappoint. It can deliver a thumping 0-51,000 beats-per-minutes (bpm) of force.

Being a hammer drill, this SKIL 6445-04 can drill into harder materials, such as masonry. Weighing in at 7 lbs, this lightweight drill can handle more and be corded, you don’t worry about charging a battery, just plug and go.

This hammer drill comes with a large ergonomic side handle, which can rotate around 360 degrees, for sturdy and comfortable handling during intense work. Its variable speed trigger aids in precise and controlled drilling and better handling.

SKIL 6445-04 1/2″ 7A Corded Hammer Drill

What’s better than having a horizontal bubble level in your drill for better and more accurate driving and drilling? Moreover, there is a depth gauge rod, which you can pre-set the depth of your drill to prevent over-drilling, adding more controlled and accurate work. SKIL 6445-04 1/2″ 7A Corded Hammer Drill Shop at Walmart ?

PORTER-CABLE Corded Drill, Variable Speed, 6-Amp, 3/8-Inch (PC600D)

Founded in 1906 by R.E. Porter and G.G. Porter in New York, a company manufactures power tools among others.

Powered by a 6.5 amp motor, this PORTER-CABLE Corded Drill, (PC600D) has a high-torque gear system to perform better in wood and metal fabrications. Its prolonged run-time enables for drilling pilot holes for deck and other framing construction. Its keyless 3/8-in allows quick and easy bit change.

This powerhouse which weighs 4 lbs, is easy to hold in your hand that helps to alleviate fatigue in your wrist and arms for those heavy-duty jobs.

PORTER CABLE 6.0-Amp 3/8-Inch Variable Speed Corded Drill, PC600D

The impressive variable-speed reversing trigger ensures smooth consistency drill and drive. The soft, pistol-grip handle adds comfort and control when handling the drill. It also has a lock-on button for added safety, like preventing accidental reverse switching during prolonged and extended use. PORTER-CABLE 6.0-Amp 3/8-Inch Variable Speed Corded Drill, PC600D Shop at Walmart ?

Hitachi D13VF 1/2-Inch 9-Amp Drill, EVS Reversible

Hitachi Power Tools has been renamed to Metabo HPT.

It is powered by a 9-amp motor and the gear system has a no-load maximum speed of 850 rpm with a maximum torque level of 416.6 in-lbs, performs well for drilling pilot holes for deck, framing construction and drilling of wood and metal fabric. It has an industrial-sized 1/2-inch chuck and a chuck key. As an added security feature, it has an electronic brake.

The ergonomic palm grip allows for comfort and control, offers minimal vibration while operating and thus reducing hand and wrists fatigue for extended use. It dispels heat with its contractor-grade cast aluminium gear, making it less hot when in operation.

Hitachi D13VF 1/2″ 9 Amp Drill, EVS Reversible

Just weigh slightly below 5 pounds and it is easy to hold in your palm. It includes a removable side handle that makes handling for those hard-to-reach corners and areas and this model comes with an optional angle attachment. Hitachi D13VF 1/2″ 9 Amp Drill, EVS Reversible Shop at Walmart ?

Best In Class For Power-to-Weight Ratio 

Bosch 1006VSR 3/8-Inch Keyless Chuck Drill

This Bosch 1006VSR has the Best in class power-to-weight ratio with maximum power at a minimum rate. The Jacobs ratcheting 3/8-inch keyless holds accessory exceptionally well with minimal slipping, delivering a smooth performance. There is an improved lock-on switch design that is recessed in the handle to prevent accidental reverse switching. The variable-speed reversing switch allows for more precision when drilling and it prevents less slipping.

The oversized two-finger trigger is designed for comfort and convenience to frequently change drilling speed, to ease fatigue over prolonged use.

Mounted by a powerful 6.3 amp motor, it can deliver speeds up to 2,600 rpm. With so much power in a 4.3 pounds body, no wonder this tool was voted The Best in class power-to-weight for maximum power at a minute rate.

As an added bonus, it has a sturdy belt clip for securing the tool to your belt. This is a nice feature which allows freeing your hands when there is no place to put them down.

A corded drill is always ready to work, it doesn’t have to wait for batteries to be charged or recharged. Just plug into an electric source and you’re set to go. It can power through wood, metal and masonry with ease. Check Price

Can A Corded Drill Be Used As A Screwdriver?

Be cautious that when you use a corded drill for driving in screws, the powerful tool runs the risk of over-drilling and it may cause stripping out the screw. The powerful corded drill has much higher torque and speed than a cordless screwdriver. The cordless screwdriver has many features and uses to replace the manual screwdriver. Check my blog

Bottom Line

Know your reasons for choosing a corded drill. Be it for just hanging pictures or detailed boring into walls through bricks and masonry?

Most corded drills are designed with a whole range of functions to cater for different applications. Whether you have a drill for home or professional use, there’s a drill for all different in torque, speed and versatility.

Another factor that needs to be taken into consideration is the drill’s weight and size. If your drill is too heavy, fatigue soon sets and your wrist, arm and shoulders will ache. The drill is lightweight and compact and has an ergonomic handle and grip to ease discomfort.

I know what you’re thinking. I can hear you ask, “Is Brand part of the factor in choosing the right drill?” Yes, the brand name may be the deciding factor when you made your final decision. There are a variety of great brands out there and they are reputable for producing high-quality, long-lasting and powerful tools.

Bosch, DeWalt and Black and Decker are well-known household brands, and they are trusted for durability and quality performance.

Could you make any other choice?

“Always be wary of the Software Engineer who carries a screwdriver.”

– Robert Paul

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