Dogs Hiking Gear: For Dog’s Comfort and Security

Dogs hiking gear is something you must invest on your dog on your trials together. Take good care of their health, security and well-being.

Dogs hiking Gear – Sometimes when you go hiking with your dogs, you tend to forget that dogs need their hiking equipment just as much as you do for security and comfort.

Too many, by choice, turned to your furry pet dog to accompany you for that amazing life-giving experience to share the joys of hiking. This is the best thing ever to spend love and quality time one-on-one together alone without any distractions in the world.

For that unique special bonding you and your dog share, dogs hiking gear are essential to make it happen.

Essential Gears For Your Dog

Hiking can be great fun for you and your dog to enjoy the great outdoors at the same time. She’ll get to chase all the rabbits and sniff all of the interesting nature smells and do all the dog things.

The essential gears that you would bring with you on your hike will determine how prepared and confident you need to get out on the trails with your dog.

Your little playmate will depend on you to provide them with security, comfort, and food throughout the trip. It’s all in your hands.

Energy For Hiking?

Make sure your dog is the type of breed who have the energy level and endurance to last the entire trip. They must show a willingness to go on long trails and are having fun.

Despite any shortcomings, you feel guilty if you are not taking your close companion with you on your hiking adventure. One can have this special bonding time between you two, and you know she enjoyed nature and the hiking trails as much as you do.

So, are you prepared for the time of your life with your dog?

Dogs Hiking Gear: The Leash


Of course, you would want our dog to roam to their heart’s content in the campaign trail without a care in the world to enjoy the surroundings.

But how many dogs are consistently able to listen to their master’s command? Most national parks require all dogs to be on leashes at all times for security’s sake.

Can your doggy call off her hunt with a whistle and come back to you? More often than not your dog goes selectively deaf when he catches a good sniff and totally ignores you. With Retractable dogs hiking gear, you can keep your dogs in check all the time.

The presence of your dog might show stress to some wild animals or some of their own species. Some hikers along the same hiking trail may not like dogs to jump on them. Some would despite the sights of another canine near theirs.

Off The Leash

There is a chance if your dogs go unleashed, they may attract home some wild dangerous animals that would put you and your pet at risk.

Dogs Hiking Gear: flexi Retractable Dog Leash (Cord)
flexi Retractable Dog Leash (Cord), 16 ft, Medium
  • The 16 feet flexi cord leash which can be accessorized with the Multi Box and/or the LED Lighting System, for dogs up to 44 lbs, is an introduction to the world of custom retractable leashes
  • Intuitive handling, thanks to the convenient brake button and ergonomic grip handle
  • Fast, reliable response by the Short-stop one-handed braking system

flexi Retractable Dog Leash (Cord), 16 ft, Medium Buy Now at Walmart ?


Hold on, didn’t you say there are the Classic Leases where the length of the leash is fixed?

The functions of both the Classic and the Retractable are the same. Both leashes provide the dog with the freedom to roam while being attached to you, but the Retractable leash offers more leeway and freedom to venture out further because the leash can be extended to about 16 – 20 ft long.

The Dogs hiking gear Classic leash is about 5 feet long, and it provides tighter physical control over your pet. You’re able to pull the dog away from any dangerous situation and your dog would able to hear your commands better in this short distance.

Long Leashes Gets Tangle

A retractable leash might grant your dog more freedom but it may land you in a difficult situation. Leading the leash, your dog might go on a different unconventional path of its own. Your 15 feet lash might get tangled or wrapped around trees in a mess!

If you’re out in large open spaces, where there are no worries of environmental danger, retractable leashes can let your dog explore with minimal danger. But no one can predict accidents will happen and letting out your dog outside ear-shots, it’s difficult to retract the leash fast enough in case there is an emergency.

Dogs Hiking Gear: A classic leash
BAAPET 5 FT Strong Dog Leash with Comfortable Padded Handle and Highly Reflective Threads for Medium and Large Dogs Black
  • HEAVY-DUTY – The BAAPET dog leash is made with the strongest 1/2 inch diameter rock climbing rope and a very durable clip hook for you and your dog safe
  • COMFORT PADDED HANDLES – Features soft padded handles for amazing comfortable, just enjoy the feeling of walks with your dog and protect your hand from rope burn
  • REFLECTIVE FOR NIGHT SAFETY – Highly reflective threads dog leashes keep you both safe and visible on your late-evening walks
  • GREAT FOR WALKING, RUNNING OR TRAINING – This 5-foot length dog leash is a perfect balance between freedom and control, giving enough freedom to your dog and everything absolutely under your control

BAAPET 5 FT Strong Dog Leash with Comfortable Padded Handle and Highly Reflective Threads for Medium and Large Dogs Black Buy Now at Walmart ?

Dogs Hiking Gear: Collars

True, dogs need to be collared and leashed every time when you bring them out where they are people and animals around. This is for your and your dog’s sanity. Do you feel stressed when your dog lugs at somebody passing by?

Yes, but have you considered the comfort of your dog in mind? Doesn’t you feel relieved coming home after a day in the office and you’d have a chance to shed some clothing and discard your tie which has been noosed around your neck the whole day?

It’s all right to take the collar off your dog at any time they are at home. Wearing a collar for a long period of time can be potentially dangerous to your dog especially the type of collar that doesn’t suit them.

Another issue is how you fit the collar on your dog’s neck. If it is too loose, it is vulnerable to being caught in branches and wires. Too tight and the dog’s windpipe and neck can be damaged when being pulled on a leash.

Proper Collar Fit

One way to test whether the collar is fitted well is to place two fingers side-by-side between the pet’s neck and the collar. If your two fingers can slide in nicely snug but not too loose, that means it has a good fit. A properly fitting collar leaves no chance that your dog will chew it and their paws caught when stretching themselves.

Your puppy will grow up very quickly into an adult and the collar needs to be replaced if it has outgrown it.

Security and comfort are what you’re looking for in your dog’s hiking gear collar. They must be sturdy enough to keep the leash in control during a hike but must be safe enough for you to quickly unclasp the collar when caught in a dangerous situation.

Collar Fabric

Choose a collar’s fabric with high-density webbing to add to its durability and the buckles are made from eco-friendly plastic.

Dogs Hiking Gear: A padded dog collar
Blueberry Pet Soft & Comfy Made Well Classic Neoprene Padded Dog Collar, Muted Red-Violet, Medium, Neck 14.5″-20″

The loop tied to the logo is specifically designed for the purpose of attaching dog charms, tags, pendants or accessories. Please do not attach any dog leash to this loop

This neoprene dog collar is available in 6 colour combinations: beaver brown with taupe grey webbing, light khaki with oxford blue webbing, beige with glaucous blue webbing, muted red-violet with grey webbing, peony with red webbing, and ginger with brown webbing.

Blueberry Pet Soft & Comfy Made Well Classic Neoprene Padded Dog Collar, Muted Red-Violet, Medium, Neck 14.5″-20″ Buy Now at Walmart ?

Flashing Collar

You don’t have to confine to hiking with your dog only in the daytime. Even when the sky is losing daylight you can still wander out with your dog safely by your side. With dogs hiking gear LED Collar, your dog will be visible and managed even on a leash.

LED is safe and bright when illuminated and your dog can be easily seen. Other hikers and their dogs would be able to see your dog and are pre-warned even at a distance so that no untoward accidents can happen.

Dogs Hiking Gear: A USB Rechargeable LED dog collar
Spencer LED Dog Collar, USB Rechargeable Safety Light Up Glowing

Capacity: 200mAH
2. Lasting Time: about 5H
3. Size:S/M/L/XL
S:Width~2.5cm; Length~35cm—43cm; Light surface 17.5cm.
M:Width~2.5cm; Length~38cm—48cm; Light surface 21cm.
L:Width~2.5cm; Length~40cm—54cm; Light surface 22.5cm.
XL:Width~2.5cm; Length~43cm—60cm; Light surface 24cm.

Look for a battery capacity that can last for a few hours and can be recharged via USB for convenience.

Spencer LED Dog Collar, USB Rechargeable Safety Light Up Glowing Buy Now at Walmart ?

Dogs Hiking Gear: Harness

When out on the hiking trails, your dog might be getting too excited with the new and exciting scents and will be pulling along the leash too aggressively.

Many times, smaller dogs can be prone to choke and injury from the pulling and tugging of the leash. Harnesses give better control of your dogs even for very large dogs.

On long hiking trips, putting on a dog collar for hours and ending with a leash, can be very tiring for the dogs. Besides, the constant lugging at the leash may cause abrasiveness to the skin which results in soreness and pain.

Dogs hiking gear – a harness would disperse the pressure over a larger area of the dog’s body, thus reducing strain on his neck and back.

Stop Pulling On The Collar

Dogs love to pull and when he is wearing a collar and pulls on the leash, he feels he is moving forward, which makes him pull some more. A harness will greatly reduce or eventually stop your dog from pulling. Make sure you take measurements of their neck and the largest part of the chest before buying, and as a rule of thumb, leave two fingers space between the dog’s skin and the harness for that extra comfort.

Dogs Hiking Gear: A Step-in Dog harness
Blueberry Pet Step-in Classic Dog Harness, Chest Girth 26″ – 39″, Rouge Red, Large

Nylon fabric with high-density webbing adds durability

Blueberry Pet Step-in Classic Dog Harness, Chest Girth 26″ – 39″, Rouge Red, Large Buy Now at Walmart ?

Dogs Hiking Gear: A Mesh Hardness Dog Leash Harnesses
Pet Dog Harness Mesh Vest Dog Leash Dog Harnesses Chest Straps Belt Easy Control for Small Medium Large Dog
  • Harness design reduces the tugging and pulling of traditional pet collars
  • Made out of a durable lightweight mesh to allow comfortable airflow to your pet
  • Great for walking, running, hiking and all outdoor activities, maintains your dog’s natural movements

Pet Dog Harness Mesh Vest Dog Leash Dog Harnesses Chest Straps Belt Easy Control for Small Medium Large Dog Buy Now at Walmart ?

Dogs Hiking Gear: Sleeping Bag

Dogs need their own sleeping bags too when they are out in the open with you. Or if you don’t mind a dirty dog with mud and ticks sleeping snugly with you in the same sleeping bag?

You’d don’t mind lugging around a heavy sleeping bag for your dog if you’re travelling in a car, but if you are hiking on foot, then the extra weight is a burden. Many prefer a portable lightweight to a heavy slug on a long hiking trail.

Dogs need their beauty sleep too and the cold weather would deter her from sleeping in the open. Dogs with thick fur may survive the freezing cold but what about those dogs with short fur?

Dual Uses

Nevertheless, choose dogs hiking gear a versatile sleeping bag that not only provides comfortable sleep but also a casual resting place for your dog.

Choose a bag that will not become waterlogged when wet and it can be dried easily. It can be cleaned easily where it is possible to shake off the dirt, hair and mud and you’re good to go. It is essential that your dog sleeping bag is proofed against rain and wind.

If you’re on a campaign trail, expect the landscape to be rugged and dirty. Your dog sleeping bag has to withstand the sand and the stones of your camping site. Dogs tend to dig before they nest and all these you have to take into consideration so that you would buy a quality bag with durable materials.

Dogs Hiking Gear: A Dog Travel Bed
ChuckIt! Pet Travel Dog Bed, Large

Dimensions: 39″L x 30″W x 4″H. Ideal for larger dog breeds weighing 75-100 lbs.Lightweight, portable design for easy travel. Built-in loop for convenient air-drying outdoors or at home. Machine washable, poly-suede top ensures a soft, comfortable surface for pets. Double-offset quilted construction provides a cushion on firm surfaces. Durable, rip-stop liner is water-resistant and rugged for outdoor use.

ChuckIt! Pet Travel Dog Bed, Large Buy Now at Walmart ?

Dogs Hiking Gear: Backpack

Lo and behold! Your cute little friend has a backpack of its own! But once the euphoria is over, think seriously, does your dog need to carry one on a hike with you?

I would say, it’s a matter of convenience. Let your dog carry its own food ration, toys, folded cup, and first-aid. and its own poo. Any time the dog needs it, it can easily unzip it from the pockets without you having to dig into your backpack.

But don’t let it carry hard objects though, it might get hurt when it playfully rolls over. I don’t think your buddy should carry heavyweights, dogs are not accustomed to it, besides they have their body weight to take care of.

Getting your dog to wear the backpack, should start way before you embarked on your bud on the hiking trail with you. Started off with an empty backpack for starters and experienced the ideal weight that your dog could handle comfortably and safely.

Harness Comfort

The best dogs hiking gear backpack is one that is lightweight, waterproof, breathable and non-heat absorber. The sides should be well padded to give comfort to your dog. The harness should be able to detach easily in case of an emergency and can be put on easily. With that, your partner will be well-equipped with his pack and are ready to roll (not to take it literally though).

Dogs Hiking Gear: A dog camping hiking backpack saddle bag
Dog Pack With Large Capacity Camping Hiking Backpack Saddle Bag

Designed with a leash buckle and convenient to use and can be adjusted. Quick to wear when going out and easy to take off when the dog resting. It can pack water, food, the dog’s toy and so on. It can save your labour and exercise your dog. Partly adding the soft mat to reduce pressure and anti-wear without hurting the pet’s skin. 

Dog Pack With Large Capacity Camping Hiking Backpack Saddle Bag Buy Now at Walmart ?

Dogs Hiking Gear: A hound camping hiking backpack saddle rucksack
Hound Travel Camping Hiking Backpack Saddle Bag Rucksack Dog 

High-density canvas provides a better holding to protect your pet’s fur from hurting.

Hound Travel Camping Hiking Backpack Saddle Bag Rucksack Dog Buy Now at Walmart ?

Dogs Hiking Gear: Boots

You need boots for your hiking trips to protect your feet from sharp stones and under any weather conditions. What about your loyal companion who followed you to climb mountains under the heat?

Most domestic dogs do need boots in their natural surroundings. They live in homes and their lifestyle does not have to rough out in the open very often.

With more people getting their dogs involved in hiking activities, there’s a growing awareness of your dog’s comfort and health. Just like your hiking boots, dogs hiking gear boots provide extra comfort, stability, and support for their feet. It also protects their paws from cracking during long walks. With thick padding, it will prevent injuries from stepping on twigs and branches, and sharp rocks.

Along the rugged terrain, the dogs may encounter potential threats such as ants and critters that may be stuck to the dog’s paws, snakes and other dangers lurking under the bushes.

Practice Makes Perfect

Your dog may find it strange why you have to put it on them. Initially, they may have trouble getting up let alone walking. But after some false starts and a bit of coaxing, your dog will be sprinting like a pro in no time.

Always think of the overall quality of the boots because you don’t want them to wear out too quickly or have frequent accidents.

Who wants a soaking wet boot? Most prefer the upper part of the boots to be made from water-resistant materials but some boots feature mesh canvas which gives breathability to it. Dogs do have sweat glands located in the pads of their feet.

Your main concern is whether the boots can prevent your dog from twisting its paw. Make sure the material is thick and it covers the lowest portions of the leg to give support and stability.

Better Grip

Without their natural paws for feeling and grip, they may slip and fall in their shoes. A quality boot for hiking should have durable rubber soles with ridges, and be flexible enough for your dog to feel the ground they walk on.

Petacc Dog Shoes Water Resistant Dog Boots Anti-Slip Snow Boots
Petacc Dog Shoes Water Resistant Dog Boots Anti-Slip Snow Boots
  • Different Sizes: Suitable for most dog breeds for indoor or outdoor activities, walking, and mountaineering even on rainy and snowy days.
  • Convenient to Wear: The wide front openings are easy for putting on and taking off the shoes. The self-adhesive straps fit the dog’s paws, ensuring stable wearing.
  • Anti-slip & Durable: Tough soles of dog boots offer stability and traction, and protect the sensitive paws from sharp objects and hot surfaces.
  • Superior Quality: Soft fabric of the shoes allows the dogs to wear them comfortably, and protects them from accidental injury.
  • Funny Shape: Shaped into paws shapes, it is lovely and makes your dogs look fashionable and distinctive

Getting the right size for your dog might be difficult, because their breed may be too small or too big, but it’s not impossible. Different brands have their own sizes and if it’s too loose for a snug fit you may try using dog socks.

Petacc Dog Shoes Water Resistant Dog Boots Anti-Slip Snow Boots Buy Now at Walmart ?

GPS Tracking for Dogs Hiking

Smart Pet Gadgets: A GPS pet tracker

Whistle GO EXPLORE / Ultimate Health & Location Pet Tracker Read my blog on A dog collar with GPS tracking here

Dogs Hiking Gear: Collapsible Bowl

Thanks to ingenuity and invention you can have almost anything made lightweight and minimalistic today. When you’re hiking you want to carry as little as possible and that’s what made your trip so enjoyable and memorable. If you’re burdened with overloading, you dread moving every inch.

My dog needs to drink and have food on the trail to keep hydrated and energized. He can drink from my water bottle and I think I risk being infected from the dog’s mouth. You may never know where he has been sniffing and lapping it up.

Lightweight and Foldable

Then I chanced upon a lightweight and collapsible cup that my dog can use as a feeding bowl and for drinking water. I have never seen a collapsable cup before and I am excited to try it out for my dog.

Ultra-Lightweight/Leakproof Reusable Collapsible Bowl
Nite Ize RadDog Green 16oz Ultra-Lightweight/Leakproof Reusable Collapsible Bowl

This nylon bowl weighs less than an ounce, packs down to the size of a pack of gum, and includes a plastic S-Biner® MicroLock® so you can easily clip it for convenient, hands-free carrying.

Convenient, foldable design

This dogs hiking gear minimalist bowl can hold up to 16 ounces of food or water. You don’t have to worry about leaking for this is made from durable coated nylon and is so small when collapsed it practically weighs nothing.

Nite Ize RadDog Green 16oz Ultra-Lightweight/Leakproof Reusable Collapsible Bowl Buy Now at Walmart ?

XL Collapsible Dog Bowls by Mr Peanut’s, 2 Pak, Extra Large 34oz, 7′ Diameter for Large Dogs, Dishwasher Safe BPA FREE Food Grade Silicone, Portable Foldable Travel Pet Bowls for Journeys & Hikes Buy Now at Walmart ?

Dogs Hiking Gear: First Aid Kit

Bringing your dog out, especially on hiking trips required a lot of time and effort on your dog. Be prepared for all eventualities that may fall on your dog from minor cuts to major injuries. That’s why you need to stock up on dogs hiking gear and first aid that your dog might face.

In the wilderness, where the nearest vet could be miles away, having a first aid kit you would able to attend to some minor injuries like a cut or a bruise quickly.

It’s important to know that dogs have different and unique anatomy (some can overlap with us) that requires different care and attention.

Dogs get stung by bees too. With a bit of itch and swell, it may look harmless at first but can lead to an anaphylactic reaction where your dog starts to vomit and has difficulty in breathing.

Of Sprains and Strains

They are fast and nimble and show extraordinary agility on trails, but they do suffer from occasional sprains and strains. Limping for the rest of the journey will do no good for your morale.

Unless your dog wears booties (see above, Dogs Boots) on their hiking trails, their barefoot are susceptible to footpad injuries. Small sharp rocks can puncture and lacerations to their footpads.

You fear most if your dog is bitten by a poisonous snake. You may apply some cream for the time being, but if you are certain your dog is bitten by a venomous snake, is better to head to the vet immediately.

Look Out For Vital Signs

Dogs have a slightly higher body temperature than we humans around 101 to 102.5 ℉ (38.3 to 39.2℃) but if your dog’s temperature falls below 99’℉ or above 104℉ take him to a vet immediately.

Look for signs that your dog may be suffering from heat exhaustion, the common symptoms are excessive panting, excessive salivation or listlessness, and show reluctance to move.

Adventure Medical Kits Dog Series, Workin’ Dog
  • Close serious wounds in the field when far from medical care
  • The LED headlamp allows your hands to be free to administer first aid to your dog
  • Reduce swelling of sprains and strains with the emergency cold pack
  • Easily wrap injuries with this self-adhering bandage which doesn’t stick to fur
  • Includes guidebook that provides instructions on the basics of emergency pet care

Adventure Medical Kits Dog Series, Workin’ Dog Buy Now at Walmart ?

Bottom Line

Your hiking trail will not be the same without your dog tagging along. Just feel the energy of your dog around you. The joy and the therapy it brings along on your adventure are immeasurable.

The unconditional love and loyalty of your dog make an easy companion. They are great at alerting you when there is danger nearby but most of the time they are playful, energetic and a joy to be with.

Take Care of Your Dog’s Welfare

They stick with you through thick and thin, they smile (bark) and comfort you when you’re not patting her as much as you usually do. So, with all the affection and friendship that they showed you don’t you at least take care of their security, food and comfort?

Spend and invest in some quality dogs hiking gear for them and makes their life a bit easier.

“Dogs’ lives are too short. Their only fault, really.”

Agnes Sligh Turnbull


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