Smart Pet Gadgets: It’s A Wonderful Time To Be A Pet

Smart Pet Gadgets provides a happier co-existence between you and your pets. It can entertain your pets, provide mealtimes, safety, security, and comfort.

Smart pet gadgets can sometimes give you a helping hand to keep your loving pet entertained, fed, stimulate and exercised when you’re out to work. They also keep them from the mischief that would hurt them. Always ensure the gadgets left with your pet are safe.

As pet’s parents, you can have the option of sending them to daycare or hiring someone to walk them but these services can be costly. Another option is to bring your pet to work but it will depend on the workplace’s policy.

Wifi Capability

Today some smart pet gadgets were designed with wifi capabilities, where any features and functions are as easy as opening an app.

It’s a challenge to keep your pets from boredom when left alone for several hours while you’re away. Let tech gadgets play with them, monitor their behaviour, feed them and keep them hydrated and provide you with a piece of mind that your pet is safe and happy.

With a smart device, you can see and talk to them even if you’re remotely away. You can play with them with laser lights and can even pop a treat when they show cuteness overload.

Even when you’re home after a working day, when you’re just too tired and don’t have the energy to catch up with your pet, you still can roll out those toys to let them takes over your place.

Love Affairs With Your Pets

Americans are known for their love and admiration for their pets and there have been buying increasingly creative pet products, from the speaker which can play calming songs, treat launchers, and self-cleaning cat litter box to an automatic feeder.

Are you like most pet dads and moms who miss their four-legged animals dearly when you’re away?

With the help of pet monitors, you can still engage with your pets by watching and even talking to them. The pet camera can be linked to your smartphone and you can see what they’re up to at any time.

Smart pet gadgets have GPS that monitors your wandering pet on a day’s out. It’s designed to pinpoint the exact location where they can be found.

Pets become very stressed when they’re left alone for a long period of time. Just like humans, they long for their owners to come back. To prevent them from becoming restless, why not give them some stimulating toys to play with?

GPS Tracking for Man’s Best Friend

When you bring your canine to new surroundings, especially on vacations, the risk of them running away definitely increases. The unfamiliar new surroundings, smell and distractions can easily make your pet disorientated when they go too far exploring. They are lost and simply couldn’t find their way back to the owners.

Your pets are your soul mate and you considered them as lifelong companions. Of course, it will break your heart if your pet has run away or gotten lost somewhere outdoors.

Smart Pet Gadgets: A GPS pet tracker
Whistle GO EXPLORE / Ultimate Health & Location Pet Tracker

Whistle GO Explore pet GPS tracker monitors your pet’s location and health for total peace of mind. Just attach the Whistle Go dog tracking device to your pet’s collar and customize the Whistle app to send alerts and insights to key people in your pack. Pinpoint your pet’s location with live dog tracking.

Monitor behaviours that may point to potential health issues. Plus, know where your pet went and with whom. You can even set fitness goals based on age, weight, and breed, and review weekly reports that break down your pet’s latest stats. With a built-in light for visibility and a battery that lasts up to 20 days, Whistle GO Explore GPS for dogs is the ultimate pet tracker.

GPS Tracking

Let your pet enjoy the great outdoors again. With smart pet gadgets, a GPS tracker monitors trek your pet’s location and helps give you peace of mind knowing that your pet has breached the safety zone of your backyard. You can also pinpoint your pet’s location if they wandered too far off during an evening walk in the park with them.

Whistle GO EXPLORE / Ultimate Health & Location Pet Tracker Buy Now at Walmart ?

Control Your Pets Diet With Automatic Feeder

With WiFi-enabled smart pet gadgets, you can feed your pet even though you’re miles away. You can program your smart pet gadget so that they won’t miss their meals.

For others who tend to overeat, the gadget can be set to schedule their meals. Using the app, the gadgets can dispense meals at any time you want wherever you may be.

The food is securely stored which keeps them fresh before they are dispensed with the desired amount.

Smart Pet Gadgets: A Smart Feed Automatic portion control pet feeder
PetSafe Smart Feed Automatic Portion Control Pet Feeder – Holds Up to 24 cups

The Wi-Fi-enabled feeder connects to your home’s wireless router (2.4GHz) to work with your iPhone or Android smartphone letting you feed and monitor your pet’s meals anytime, anywhere. Simply download the Smart Feed app to customize your dog or cats feeding schedule


The pet-proof design of the dispenser helps eliminate the possibility of prying paws opening the feeder to get more food between meals. When meals get messy, simply place the lid, hopper, stainless steel bowl and bowl holder in the top rack of the dishwasher. Just in case your Wi-Fi drops, install 4 D-cell alkaline batteries with the optional battery backup feature, to ensure that your best friend never misses a meal.

Even at home, these gadgets will not bother you during mealtime. The gadgets are programmed to dispense food on time even at 3 am!

PetSafe Smart Feed Automatic Portion Control Pet Feeder – Holds Up to 24 cups Buy Now at Walmart ?

Smart Pet Gadgets: A smart automatic pet feeder with HD camera
Best Choice Products 4.5L Smart Automatic Pet Feeder w/ HD Camera

APP CONTROL: iOS (7.5 and up) and Android (4.0 and up) compatible app gives you and up to 8 users remote control of your feeder and all its unique functions

PERSONALIZED FEEDING: Use the app to schedule up to 4 meals a day or use the manual feeding option for those times your pet needs a pick-me-up

Best Choice Products 4.5L Smart Automatic Pet Feeder w/ HD Camera Buy Now at Walmart ?

Fresh Flowing Drinking Water Encourages Hydration For Your Pet

Humans drink water to quench their thirst as a means to hydrate their bodies. Noticeably, when your body is dehydrated you seem to feel dizziness, weakness, and an increased risk of falls.

Canines suffered from dehydration too, where they do not get water from their food and drink. It is crucial for animals for it can impact their health.

Their age, how active they are, and the weather is a few varieties of factors for your pets to drink enough water.

Clean Drinking Water

Smart pet gadgets which have a free-falling stream of water greatly entice your pet dogs or cats to drink water. Cats are very picky and they drink only clean fresh water.

Smart Pet Gadgets: Dogs and Cats Water Fountain
PetSafe Drinkwell Ceramic Avalon Dog and Cat Water Fountain, White, 70 oz.

The PetSafe Drinkwell Avalon Pet Fountain continuously recirculates and filters your dog or cat’s water, keeping it cleaner and fresher than a normal water bowl. It offers 70 oz. of fresh, filtered water in a ceramic design that is easy to clean and looks great in your home.

The upper and lower dishes provide 2 drinking areas for your pets, and the circular design makes it easily approachable. Dual free-falling streams keep water fresh and encourage pets to drink more.

The falling stream aerates the water with oxygen and with the help of a replaceable filter, the water is filtered clean, void of bad taste and odours. And they taste fresher.

PetSafe Drinkwell Ceramic Avalon Dog and Cat Water Fountain, White, 70 oz. Buy Now at Walmart ?

Smart Pet Gadgets: A multi-pet cat and dog water fountain
PetSafe Drinkwell Stainless Multi-Pet Dog and Cat Water Fountain, 128 oz.

 PetSafe Drinkwell Stainless Multi-Pet Fountain offers the versatility to choose from 1 to 5 free-falling streams perfect for multiple-pet households. Free-falling streams add more oxygen for freshness, and the activated carbon filter removes bad taste and odours from the water while the foam filter catches hair and debris. Holding 128 ounces, this fountain incorporates an open bowl design so if your home loses power, your pet will still have access to water.

PetSafe Drinkwell Stainless Multi-Pet Dog and Cat Water Fountain, 128 oz. Buy Now at Walmart ?

You Love Your Cats But You Don’t Like To Clean Up Their Litter Box

Without potty-trained, cats will just defecate and urinate very where. Fancy stepping on the poo when you have a drink in the middle of the night or you smell horrible odours in the morning. Check out my blog on why cats spray here.

Smart Pet Gadgets: A self-cleaning litter box

With the ScoopFree Covered Self-Cleaning Litter Box, there’s no scooping, cleaning or refilling your cat’s litter box for weeks. It uses crystal litter that provides 5 times better odour control than traditional clumping litter by absorbing urine and dehydrating solid waste.

This low-tracking litter also helps keep your floors clean because it is 99% dust free and doesn’t stick to your cat’s paws. Safety sensors ensure that the scooping cycle only occurs when your cat is out of the box.

It uses disposable trays that have a plastic lining to help protect against leaking, and each tray comes with a lid for quick and easy disposal. Just remove the tray and throw it away. 

Clean On Its Own

If you have already trained your cats to poo in a specified place, for example in a litter box, is time to upgrade to smart pet gadgets that can be virtually touch-free, and once set you can leave it to clean off its own.

PetSafe ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Litter Box, Second Generation, Hooded Buy Now At Walmart ?

PetSafe ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box Tray Refills with Blue Non-Clumping Crystals

Just load the tray in the cat litter box with no scooping, cleaning or refilling for weeks! The crystal cat litter absorbs urine and dries solid waste quickly to remove odours. With the completely disposable tray and covered waste trap, you never see or touch smelly waste! Every few weeks simply replace the cat litter tray and your ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box is just like new. PetSafe brand is here to help you and your pet live happily together

PetSafe ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box Tray Refills with Blue Non-Clumping Crystals Buy Now at Walmart ?

Give Your Dog A Treat If They Are Cute

You can’t help to give but your pets a treat if they give you a cute face in front of you. Pets moms and dads who are very passionate about their animals and love to spoil them and give them tidbits for a show of love and affection towards them.

As working full-time parents, they cannot be with them for a long period of time. Well, you can still see and talk to them by using smart pet gadgets such as a Smart Cam and Automatic pet treat dispenser and monitoring device.

While you are working, and whenever you just have to see your pet, a smart cam will allow you to monitor them, including two-way audio.

Sad Eyes

If your emotions overcome you on seeing the lonely sad face of your loved ones, you can toss them a treat. Dogs loved treats because most savoury treats are made of ingredients that dogs pick up the scents instantly and most of them are crazy over treats, crazier than their daily food.

Smart Pet Gadgets: A smart cam automatic pet treat dispenser and monitoring camera
Dogness Smart Cam Automatic Pet Treat Dispenser and Monitoring Camera

FUN TREAT TOSSING: TOSS a treat to your dogs via the free Dogness iOS/Android app. Fill it with your dogs’ favourite treats & play a game of catch. Full HD Camera & Night Vision: live stream video to monitor your pet with a wide-angle view, day and night.

Give your dogs treats to make them happy while they wait eagerly for your return.

Dogness Smart Cam Automatic Pet Treat Dispenser and Monitoring Camera Buy Now at Walmart ?

FunPaw Q Cat & Dog Treat Dispenser w/ Toy Laser: Monitor from Anywhere 

The Android and iOS app allows you to monitor your pet from anywhere in the world. A built-in 1 MP pet cam will capture and save moments you are?t able to see in person using 720p Hi-Res photo quality. Make video memories and take snapshots all with the app! For 2-way audio chats to comfort your furry best friend, simply use the microphone and speaker functions. You and your pet can have seamless communication and bonding time even during long hours apart.

FunPaw Q Cat & Dog Treat Dispenser w/ Toy Laser: Monitor from Anywhere Buy Now at Walmart ?

Let’s Play With Your Pets While You’re Away

Don’t feel sorry for your pet dogs or cats when you left them alone while you’re on vacation or on a short business trip. Your little flurry babies will not miss you when you have these smart pet gadgets – the Petcube to play with.

While a laser pointer beam kept them busy chasing the little red dots around them, you can watch and talk to them on a two-way audio stream. I’m sure your cats will love it better than dogs do and they’ll spend hours happily trying to catch that elusive dots.

Smart Pet Gadgets: A petcube interactive dog camera with laser
Petcube Play Interactive Dog Camera with Laser

You can watch in clear 1080p HD video, hear and even talk to your pooch via the two-way audio system. What’s extra special about the Petcube dog camera is that you can actually play with your pet through the built-in laser toy. When it’s dark, its night vision feature and sound and motion alerts will help give you peace of mind. 

Keeping your pets active will relieve them of boredom and reduce the chances of destructive behaviour, incandescent barking and anxiousness.

Petcube Play Interactive Dog Camera with Laser Buy Now at Walmart ?

EEEKit 1080P Wireless IP Security Camera WiFi Surveillance Pet

Capture complete panoramic scenes in bright 1080p High-Definition with practically zero blind spots, and 1080p HD live stream direct to your smartphone. 80°wide-angle advanced glass lens combined with 355°horizontal & 110°vertical rotation range create a complete 360°coverage.

EEEKit 1080P Wireless IP Security Camera WiFi Surveillance Pet Buy Now at Walmart ?

Controls Your Pet Door Automatically

It is becoming a hassle when you have to open and close the door to let out your pet dogs and cats all day and night. Dogs and cats usually go out of the house either to ease themselves or to play. If you are safe let your dogs out only if you have a secured backyard, if not they may wander off.

Having smart pet gadgets like a Smart Pet Door will provide fine control and lots of information on your pet’s movements.

A pet door is a cat flap affixed to a hole made to a door or glass door which is big enough for some dogs and a slightly bigger size cat to get through.

Each of your pets will carry a tag with their own personalized microchip tag scanned and only they are permitted to go through the door’s tunnel. This will keep out any intruders that might gain entry if left unchecked.

Controlled Movement

However, with this smart door, you can set and control the movements of your pets. You can set a time for them to go out, how long you want them out, what time to let them in, and the frequency during the day. You can set the curfew time, especially at night when you don’t want your pets to roam out.

Smart Pet Gadgets: A microchip pet door connect + hub
SureFlap Microchip Pet Door Connect + HUB
  • Connect with the Hub (included) which links the Pet Door Connect to the Sure Petcare app ( Download Google Play & App Store )
  • Remotely lock or unlock the pet door anytime, anywhere from the Sure Petcare app
  • Know whether your pets are at home, monitor long-term activity and notice changes in behaviour
  • Prevents intruder animals from entering your home
  • Create a curfew – set the door to lock and unlock at specified times or take control at any time using the Sure Petcare app
  • Share app access with friends and manage their permissions
  • Designed for large cats and small dogs
  • Battery-powered with up to 6 months battery life (4 x C cell batteries not included)
  • Selective entry – any animal can exit. The microchip reader is located on the exterior of the pet door only

Well, it will take a bit of coaxing and plenty of treats to get your doggie or kiddies to get used to something that is new for they have never experienced it before. But once they got the hang of it, your pets will enjoy their freedom, albeit a more controlled one, and you can enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your pet can have quality time both inside and outside the house automatically.

SureFlap Microchip Pet Door Connect + HUB Buy Now at Walmart ?

Automatic Feeding Time

If you have pets of different sizes, breeds and diets, mealtime is a stressful time for you and your pets. Without assigning to each individual pet, food stealing is common in a multi-pet home. Does your dog steal the cat’s food?

With smart pet gadgets – A microchipped pet feeder you can preset your pet’s meal in advance according to each individual’s favourite food and controlled portions.

Smart Pet Gadgets: A microchip pet feeder
SureFlap MPF001 Surefeed Microchip Pet Feeder – Uses Microchip or Collar Tag

Ensures that prescription food is consumed by the right pet. Suitable for both wet and dry food. Works with a pet’s existing identification microchip or RFID collar tag (one tag included)

In this smart device, a personalized pet microchip ID only can recognize one specific pet who can only open the automatic cat feeder. The lid, which is a seal with a neoprene lip, which helps to retain the food freshness, closes as the cat moves away.

SureFlap MPF001 Surefeed Microchip Pet Feeder – Uses Microchip or Collar Tag Buy Now At Walmart ?

Play Fetch With Your Dogs Even You Don’t Have The Energy

There is no substitute for hands-on with your dogs, but sometimes you’re just too tired to play with them after a hard day at the office. Most dogs are game for playing fetch. They enjoy running to retrieve anything thrown at them. Nothing like a good exercise to drain out your pets’ extra energy, you think.

Well, now you don’t have to lift a finger, literally, to play fetch with your dogs, you can have smart pet gadgets like iFetch Ball Launcher to do the job.

Teach Them To Obey Orders

This is the best opportunity to teach basic instruction commands, like fetching the ball and bringing it back and dropping it on the launcher again, in that order. On top of that, you can teach them to stand behind the launcher so that the balls would not shoot directly at them. All of these provide both physical as well as mental stimulation for their well-being.

Smart Pet Gadgets: An interactive dog ball launcher
iFetch Interactive Dog Ball Launcher

Powered by included AC adapter or requires 6 C batteries

When the weather forbids playing outdoors, the launcher could still work indoors but don’t forget to set the launcher at the minimum distance. Make sure the balls are not shot at places where it would endanger your pets from crashing into them when they try to retrieve the balls. You still need a bit of supervision when they play indoors and they shouldn’t be left alone to prevent accidents.

iFetch Interactive Dog Ball Launcher Buy Now at Walmart ?

The Collar That Helps You Train Your Dog

Most dogs are stubborn and are not easily trained. They would easily be bored and would forget what they had just been taught. Thanks to the great innovation of smart pet gadgets you can train your pet on a daily basis with a smart dog collar.

The dog collar allows you to strap around the pet’s neck and will be able to receive signals from a handheld transmitter.

The transmitter can help you to control your pet remotely, even without a leash. This device can help you to change the bad behaviour of your pets.

No Animals Are Harmed

The transmitter sends out signals which activate your dog’s receiver a safe harmless static stimulation at a level that he will respond to your command. Continue with the stimulation, and only when he doesn’t respond then you would raise the level of intensity until he obeyed the order.

If he obeyed the command, quickly release the stimulation and as your dog steps towards you praise your dog and offer some treats as rewards, which will reinforce the learning process.

The stimulation has many levels and you can simply find the right level for your pet. Start from the lowest until you find the level that he would respond to you.

Smart Pet Gadgets: A remote dog trainer
PetSafe Remote Dog Trainer (100-900 Yards)

With its handheld remote, the systems let you train your dog within 100 yards using tone (beep), vibration or up to 15 levels of static stimulation. The collar and remote are both waterproof so your pet can maintain his manners rain or shine. You can train 2 dogs with 1 handheld remote with the purchase of a PetSafe Add-A-Dog training collar.

You can use the stimulation as a means for your dog to follow a particular command. Examples of commands are: Sit Command, Come Command, Stay Command, Leash Training, Stop Barking, Stop Jumping and Digging, and the list goes on. Press the stimulation level one step above the dog’s recognition level, until it follows your instruction.

PetSafe Remote Dog Trainer (100-900 Yards) Buy Now at Walmart ?

Bottom Line

With a wide array of smart pet gadgets ranging from on-demand food dispensers and ingenious play toys, it’s a wonderful time to be a pet. Pet parents who are tech-savvy enough will seek the help of these products, not only to keep their pets fed, safe, and entertain while they are away, but smart automation prevents stress from pet ownership and helped keep them stay healthier and happier life.

If you’re unable to feed your pets when you’re not at home, automation is what you really need. A smart device would able to feed them at a scheduled time, correct portion and only to a specified individual pet all through an app anytime you want.

Do A Houdini Act

Keeping your pet safe is another smart device that you do without. If you take your pet for a walk without a leash, more often than not, your dog may perform stunts like an escape artist. In a dissimilar environment, without the aid of a GPS-enabled device that attaches to your pet’s collar, trekking them down may not be easy and losing your pet is the last thing on your mind.

Keeping your pets indoors all the time is unhealthy. They need all the exercise they want, but keeping up with their movements takes a toll on them. With smart dogs or cats’ flap doors, you can schedule the opening and closing according to their needs and safety in mind.

When your pets are left alone in the house, boredom can lead to destructive behaviour. Let these innovative devices entertain them with laser lights and play fetch in the comfort of your home.

Most of these interactive high-tech, pet-friendly gadgets will keep your pets busy for hours. This makes their life a bit easier and yours too.

“Why can’t cats work on the computer for long? They get too distracted chasing the mouse around”



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