New Puppy Checklist: Find What Works Best For Your Puppy

New puppy checklist - your starter list of the right accessories that you'll need which will help your pup to feel right at home.

NEW Puppy Checklist – Make sure you’ve made a checklist of the essential supplies checked before you bring in your new pet puppy home. You know that they depend on you for their everyday care and needs. She needs plenty of attention, the best food, a comfortable home and proper veterinary care.

Certain items that your new puppy must have when they become a part of your family while others he will need as it gets along.

The first thing you want to establish is – an atmosphere of love, security, affection and mutual confidence in each other. You want your puppy to feel they are wanted in her new home.

Your pet’s handler would have advised you about all the necessary vaccinations to get throughout her first year.

Taking care of your puppy’s health is your number one priority so that she will enjoy a fruitful and whole fun life with you.

Sleep Puppy Sleep

PUPPIES just like babies sleep a lot. They would wake up refreshed and are ready to play. Find a comfortable bed for them. Provide some plush toys so that they feel safe and secure.

You cannot simply feed them anything you want but the food that is scientifically formulated to provide all the vitamins and minerals for healthy growth.

Never too early to teach your little playmate good behaviour. Have all the treats ready.

To manage your puppy’s toilet training and sleeping, using a crate is ideal.

It’s normal that your puppy starts chewing on everything that lies on her path. Get ready for some soft chewy toys for their growing teeth. But some items in your home are off-limit and how do you stop them from chewing?

Puppies need regular exercise too to keep fit and strong. Go for walks and runs with them or play with them in your backyard but are they too young to put under a collar and leash? There must be some safe way to bring them along in your car and walk with you in crowded places.

Puppies don’t need much grooming as compared to adult dogs. They might get a bit dirty and all you have to do is to check regularly if they are healthy and clean. Check regularly on their ears, eyes, teeth, skin, nails, and fur for any abnormalities early.

Does Your Puppy Really Need A Bed?

SLEEPING with your puppy is not a good idea even though they are all furry warm and snug. You really need to establish independence in your puppy right away.

It’s not that you are missing out on the fun but think about when she grows into a big dog, can the dog still have the habit of sleeping with you?

Take note in your new puppy checklist for a puppy bed so that she will feel secure and safe. Don’t let your puppy sleep on hard surfaces that may cause arthritis and calluses in later years.

Head And Neck Support

Dogs need the feeling of being secured even as a puppy. If the bed has raised rim that would provide the sense of security that it wants. The raised rim can also provide head and neck support for the young puppy which would minimize any orthopaedic issues.

New Puppy Checklist: A cuddle cup pet dog bed
Best Friends by Sheri Cozy Mason Cuddle Cup Pet Dog Bed, Standard Dusk

SUPPORTIVE STRUCTURE: Filled with high-quality AirLOFT™ fibres, our cat/dog bed offers relief for stiff joints and tired muscles! Its plush rim provides an ideal headrest and its deep crevices are perfect for pets that like to burrow. Featuring our self-warming faux fur fabric, dogs and cats will stay warm on chilly nights.

Digging in her bed is due to natural instinct rather than her misbehaviour. Dogs have the desire to hide for safety and comfort. Make sure in your checklist you want a deep and luxurious dog bed reminiscent of a mother’s fur coat.

Best Friends by Sheri Cozy Mason Cuddle Cup Pet Dog Bed, Standard Dusk Buy Now at Walmart ?

Cuddler Pet Puppy Bed

New Puppy Checklist: A deep dish sherpa cuddler pet dog bed
Best Friends by Sheri Deep Dish Sherpa Cuddler Pet Dog Bed, Standard Pink

From cuddling to sprawling, our luxury dog beds are flexible enough to accommodate any sleeping position! The high 12” rear bolster wall helps ease joint pain, while the 9” front delivers head, neck and extra orthopaedic support.

Best Friends by Sheri Deep Dish Sherpa Cuddler Pet Dog Bed, Standard Pink Buy Now at Walmart ?

Puppy Crate

Most people equate keeping a dog in a crate to confinement which is a bit cruel they are supposed to live free but it is the most common mistake new puppy owner made, which is to give them access to your whole home right away.

Puppy by nature, she doesn’t know where to potty and why you refrain her from chewing up things. You as a pet parent have to teach them the rules for their own safety and to prevent accidents down the road. Chewing and swallowing plastics and all other foam can be disastrous to your puppy and they have to be surgically removed.

Please include this in your new puppy checklist to buy a crate. Your primary goal of a crate is to potty train, stop destructive chewing, and teach your pub how to relax and settle down.

Dogs Are Den Animals

It’s easy to introduce a crate to your new puppy for they are natural den animals. They would love to have their own private safe haven and not be bothered. It is the perfect place for a puppy if she is tired or nervous.

New Puppy Checklist: An atlas two door plastic kennel and pet carrier
ATLAS Two Door Top Load Plastic Kennel & Pet Carrier, Blue 19-Inch
  • Easy to Assemble Dog Carrier | No tedious nut & bolt assembly like other plastic carriers, the Atlas pet carrier uses buckles for a quick & secure assembly
  • Dog Carrier Ideal for “Toy” Dog Breeds | 19-inch dog carrier is ideal for “Toy” dog breeds & XS small cats. Pet carrier dimensions: Outer 18.75L x 13W x 11.75H, Front Entry 8.5W x 9.25H & Interior 15.325L x 9.25W x 10.75H inches

When choosing a crate, never have it too big or your puppy will think part of the crate is to poo and another part is to sleep. Just keep it big enough for your puppy to turn around. To introduce her to the crate, placed some treats in the crate. This would be engrained in her that this is a place to eat and not for defecation. Dogs generally do not like to eat where they poo. Basically, a crate trains your puppy to be house-trained and keeps them from getting the house into a mess.

ATLAS Two Door Top Load Plastic Kennel & Pet Carrier, Blue 19-Inch Buy Now at Walmart ?

New Puppy Checklist: Folding Dog Crate

New Puppy Checklist: A double-door folding dog crate with divider
Vibrant Life Double-Door Folding Dog Crate with Divider

Keep your pet secure with the Vibrant Life Double-Door Folding Dog Crate with Divider. It features a heavy-duty, non-corrosive steel frame and a 36-inch double door with locking latches to prevent your animal from escaping.

The open wire construction offers visibility and ventilation for your furry friend while the removable floor provides a smooth and comfortable surface for your dog to enjoy food, water, toys, and treats on while inside. 

Vibrant Life Double-Door Folding Dog Crate with Divider Buy Now at Walmart ?

Crate Cover

SHOULD you cover your puppy’s crate? It depends on whether your puppy like it covered or not. Some like it covered entirely, some like it partially covered, while others prefer no cover at all. If your dog shows any sign of dislike, do not force it on her.

We know that you’re just helping your puppy from anxiety and distraction, and you just want to introduce a crate cover so that your dog can relish the opportunity to unwind inside her own personal retreat.

With consistent training, your puppy will soon learn that the opening of the crate cover will be signified in the morning and they can now play, and closing the crate’s cover will indicate it’s bedtime and there is no more playing.

Once the crate is covered, it creates a den-like atmosphere and dogs love to seek out a dark enclosed space and dug in. By limiting its visual stimuli it will soothe their nerves and prevent excitement and barking.

Leave No Slagging At The Sides

Your new puppy checklist should include a crate cover that is made of durable and breathable material. It should fit nicely and tight and leave no slagging at the sides to prevent your puppy from chewing on it.

New Puppy Checklist: a Midwest quiet time defender dog crate cover
MidWest QuietTime Defender Dog Crate Cover Gray, 36″L x 23″W x 25″H

Don’t reprimand them too quickly if she rejects the cover in the beginning. Coax her gently and if she doing good, praise her and offer some treats.

This model features a deluxe, brown geometric pattern on Teflon fabric, which is known to repel liquids and dirt and is machine-washable and dryer-friendly. It will remain looking like new even after years of use. The MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate Covers are designed to fit single-door and double-door wire enclosures to provide the privacy, security and comfort the pets instinctively need and desire.

MidWest QuietTime Defender Dog Crate Cover Gray, 36″L x 23″W x 25″H Buy Now at Walmart ?

Crate Mat

Why is it necessary to place a mat inside a crate? Whilst you want to house-train your puppy, you do not want her to lie down on a bare wired crate, do you?

Your new puppy checklist should include a comfy and cosy mat in her new den. Training will be a breeze if you look after your new puppy well.

New Puppy Checklist: Comfortable Pet bed
Pet Beds for Small / Large Dogs, P275RWXS01 Comfortable Pet Bed 

For use with Crates, or as a stand-alone bed. Size: 24″ x 18″, Thickness: Approximately 1″. Very comfortable (Made of fleece and synthetic cotton). Easy to Clean, Machine Washable. Ideal for Use in Crates, Carriers, Dog Houses, and Vehicles.

A clean mat is a healthy puppy, who’ll enjoy playing and snoozing inside. Accidents do happen, and the mat will not only make cleaning easier but some will absorb unwanted substances. It’s better that it can be washed and reused without any damage to the mat.

Pet Beds for Small / Large Dogs, P275RWXS01 Comfortable Pet Bed Buy Now at Walmart ?

New Puppy Checklist: A durable and water resistant crate mat
Vibrant Life Durable & Water Resistant Crate Mat, Black

This product is the kennel insert you need to take your energetic pet’s comfort level up a notch. It slides into any crate of the same size range and stays in place as your pet rustles, fidgets and moves around.

Made of machine-washable and pet-friendly material with quality construction and stitching, this durable crate pad also possesses a water-resistant quality that makes it easy to brush off loose dirt, rinse with water and create a more convenient evening for you when your pet tips the food or water dish over. 

Vibrant Life Durable & Water Resistant Crate Mat, Black Buy Now at Walmart ?

No Drinking In The Crate

Refrain from leaving water to drink in the crate for they will mess it up. If you insist to let them drink just allow them to drink for a short while and after that withdraw the water bowl altogether.

Also, do not place the poo pad inside the crate. Your main purpose of this crate training is to house-trained your puppy and introducing the poo pad will encourage it to urinate on it. If you give your puppy a drink of water, be sure you bring her out of her pen to prevent an accident. Bring out your New puppy checklist and ensure your puppy will be well-trained.

New Puppy Checklist: A sippy pup non-spill dog water and food bowl
Sippy Pup Non-Spill Dog Water & Food Bowl 1 Count – BPA Free, Dishwasher 

The Sippy Pup is a Non-Spill Water and Food Bowl for Dogs and Cats. It won’t spill, tip or slide if kicked or turning, starting, stopping or driving over bumps. It keeps your pet refreshed on the road and your vehicle dry 3.

Reduces slobber outside of the bowl. It keeps beards and long ears out of water. Slows down aggressive/ferocious eaters for healthier digestion. It has an innovative curved designed lid that keeps water and food off the floor and in the bowl. Holds over 54oz of water 8. Removable lid for easy cleaning. It is BPA Free.

If you insist to have your puppy drink in their places get a drinking bowl that won’t spill, tip or turned upside down.

Sippy Pup Non-Spill Dog Water & Food Bowl 1 Count – BPA Free, Dishwasher  Buy Now at Walmart ?

New Puppy Checklist: Dog Slow Feeder Bowl

New Puppy Checklist: A dog slow feeder bowl
Dog Slow Feeder Bowl, Non-Slip Puzzle Bowl – Anti-Gulping Pet Slower Food Feeding Dishes – Interactive Bloat Stop Dog Bowls 

KEEP YOUR PETS HEALTHY: Slow feeder dog bowl promotes healthy eating, adjusts pet weight, prolongs meal time prevents indigestion. With Fun Feeders, pets eat healthier and more balanced meals.

SLOW EATING: Reasonable distance between the ridge and valley can effectively delay the pet’s eating speed. The smooth design of the mouth, to avoid the pet’s mouth and tongue from being scratched.

NON-SLIP OFF: Slow feeder bowl base widened to prevent being knocked over by pets, the bottom four sides are attached with anti-skid pads, do not worry about pets getting food everywhere.

If it’s time to feed her, remember to use one of the puzzle feeders or the slow Bowl feeder and remove the bowls when they are done feeding you don’t want your puppy to think it’s a toy and start chewing it.

Dog Slow Feeder Bowl, Non-Slip Puzzle Bowl – Anti-Gulping Pet Slower Food Feeding Dishes – Interactive Bloat Stop Dog Bowls  Buy now at Walmart ?

Metal Exercise Pet Playpen

New Puppy Checklist: A foldable metal exercise pet playpen
MidWest Foldable Metal Exercise Pet Playpen, With and Without Door
  • Each panel measures 24″W x 36″H, Exercise Pen / Pet Playpen folds flat for convenient storage
  • Exercise Pen provides 16 square feet of enclosed area (1.5 meters) for your dog & other pets
  • 8 ground anchors for outdoor use and 4 thumb-snaps for easy assembly included with Exercise Pen / Pet Playpen
  • The durable black e-coat finish on the Exercise Pen / Pet Playpen provides long-lasting protection against rust and outdoor elements

Also, this is the perfect time to set up a playpen that will be attached to the crate to give them more space to play but limit the space so that they don’t mess up the place.

The purpose of the playpen is to allow private playtime for themselves and they don’t have to stick to you every minute of the day. You can have your private time of your own and at the same time occasionally keep an eye on her.

MidWest Foldable Metal Exercise Pet Playpen, With and Without Door Buy Now at Walmart ?

Safe Puppy Dental Health Chew Toy

New Puppy Checklist: A puppy teething rings safe dog dental health chew toy
Puppy Teething Rings Safe Dog Dental Health Chew Toy Vet Approved Gentle Extreme

Encourage positive chewing habits from the start with Puppy Chew Teething Rings! This puppy chew toy satisfies your pup’s natural urge to chew with irresistible bacon flavour and softer, puppy-friendly material.

This puppy toy was designed for teething puppies, with a gentle texture to help clean teeth and massage gums. This long-lasting chew toy is the perfect pastime for playful pups who could use some teething relief

Puppy Teething Rings Safe Dog Dental Health Chew Toy Vet Approved Gentle Extreme Buy Now at Walmart ?

Puppy Teething Toys

Just like babies, the toys will keep your puppy entertained and busy. The puppy toys must be the ones that are easy and cannot be destroyed and swallowed and ingested.

They have to go through a stage where they have to lose their baby teeth and experience teething pain when the adult teeth start to grow.

That will intensify their urge to chew on things and train your puppy to chew to appropriate objects, like their own toys.

N-bone puppy teething ring
N-Bone Puppy Teething Ring – Chicken Flavor Puppy Teething Ring

Calcium helps maintain healthy teeth and bones. The pliable texture is safe for the puppy’s new teeth and aids with pain and sore gums. Deliciously low in fat. DHA Omega 3 helps promote healthy cognitive development. This is an offering for multi quantity bundle – 3 count N-Bone Puppy Teething Ring – Chicken Flavor Puppy Teething Ring

A word of caution, watch over her when chewing the toys, and intervene if she starts to choke.

N-Bone Puppy Teething Ring – Chicken Flavor Puppy Teething Ring Buy Now at Walmart ?

Chewing Deterrents

I know you have to dog-proof your house to prevent your puppy from chewing on everything within her reach. Keep clothes and shoes away, and provide your gnawing-hungry puppy with plenty of her own toys to chew.

But sometimes things cannot be hidden from them like furniture legs and rugs. You can discourage them from chewing by spraying them with chewing deterrents. Have you ticked your new puppy checklist with this in mind?

Chewing deterrent
Grannick’s Bitter Apple for Dogs Spray Bottle, 16 Ounces (2-Pack)
  • Discourages fur biting
  • Eliminates hot spots to stop pets from licking, gnawing, and chewing fur, wounds, and bandages
  • Non-toxic and safe
  • Simply spray problem areas to discourage chewing
  • Ingredients include water, isopropanol 20%, bitter principles, and extracts

Make sure the deterrents are safe for them and you can test them on them by applying a small amount on a piece of tissue and placing it gently in your puppy’s mouth. If she found it unpleasant that means she can distinguish between what is pleasant and what is not. Then you can spray on all objects that you don’t want your puppy to chew on. She can instantly recognize the odour and avoid it.

Grannick’s Bitter Apple for Dogs Spray Bottle, 16 Ounces (2-Pack) Buy Now at Walmart ?

New Puppy Checklist: Clean Up Your Puppy’s Mess

Dog stain and odor eliminator spray
Nature’s Miracle Advanced Dog Stain & Odor Eliminator Spray, 32 oz
  • FOR SEVERE DOG MESSES: Powerful enzymatic formula works to eliminate tough stains and odours from dog urine, diarrhoea, vomit and other bio-based accidents.
  • LIGHT FRESH SCENT: Dog odour control formula gets your home smelling clean again.
  • ENZYMATIC FORMULA: Continues working as long as any bio-based mess is still present.
  • DISCOURAGES RESOILING: Removes the odour from even the toughest dog messes.

To prevent your floor in case of accidents, placed some rubber playroom tiles under your puppy playpen or you’ll have to clean up the mess time and again. The ammonia found in the urine will remain on the floor unless you’re able to neutralise it using some cleaning agents.

Nature’s Miracle Advanced Dog Stain & Odor Eliminator Spray, 32 oz Buy Now at Walmart ?


Potty Pads

It’s fun to have an active bouncy and full-of-life puppy in your household. Your mundane life is about to change for the better or the worse.

Why do you say that? Having a new puppy in your life involves hard work and endless care for her.

Because she is too cute, you let her roam the whole house on her first day. Horror to horror, she began to answer the call of nature almost anywhere she feels like it.

Quick put on the new puppy checklist that you want to potty-train your new kid in town if you want to value your floors, your bedroom, your Persian carpet, and your sanity.

You may consider using puppy pads to help housebreak your new puppy. You may not have the time to look over her all the time and place her outside the house to pee and so all these pads can be laid across the room for any impromptu moments to cool her bladder.

Living In A High Rise Poses A Problem

Or you’re living in a high-rise apartment where you don’t have the luxury of a backyard. It’s impractical to bring her down the elevator and by the time you reached the ground floor accident may happen.

Dog pet potty mat grass pad
EECOO Dog Pet Potty Mat Grass Pad with Mesh+Collection Tray Home 
  • It is easy to use and clean. A great training tool for your puppy, which effectively avoids wetting the dog’s feet
  • Made from premium plastic with a grass pattern, keeping your house neat and clean
  • The toilet trays function for the separation of urine and faeces.

Puppy Cannot Hold Their Bladder For Long

Puppies can hold their bladder for one hour for every month of age but that does not guarantee accidents will not happen. So, it is better safe to place pee pads at her favourite place.

EECOO Dog Pet Potty Mat Grass Pad with Mesh+Collection Tray Home Buy Now at Walmart ?

Dog pet potty mat grass pad with mesh and collection tray
HERCHR Dog Pet Potty Mat Grass Pad with Mesh+Collection Tray Home 
  • With a mesh tray and bottom collection tray, it is easy to use and clean. A great training tool for your puppy, dog or other pet.
  • The odour-resistant, antimicrobial mat sits on top of the plastic insert that locks in and allows liquid to drain into the durable collection tray.
  • Urine seeps through the synthetic grass mat and runs down the slanted tray into the collection bin, preventing it from gathering below the surface and causing bad smells and wet paws. The collection bin catches the urine and is removable for easy clean-up.
  • Perfect for owners that work long hours or live in apartments, and want to potty train their pets. This bathroom mat uncomplicates the process by offering a spot for your pets to relieve themselves indoors, which ensures a cleaner house, apartment, or patio.

HERCHR Dog Pet Potty Mat Grass Pad with Mesh+Collection Tray Home Buy Now at Walmart ?

Clicker Dog Training System

We know it’s hard to train a puppy to do what you want them to do, like calling to stop whatever they are doing and call them to come to you or simply to sit down. Knowing a dog’s behaviour, you know that they can learn any tricks by repeatedly positive enforcement.

It means giving instruction and if your puppy responded by giving the right answer (behaviour) they would be rewarded. This is a universal basic dog training.

Simple Mechanical Noisemaker

What is Clicker Training? It’s positive reinforcement training but with the help of a simple mechanical noisemaker. It’s a simple device that makes a clicking noise when clicking. Nothing is as simple as that! Make sure you put in your new puppy checklist for a clicker on your next pup’s training.

Dog training clicker
Dog Training Clicker with Wrist Strap – Pet Training Clicker, Big Button Clicker
  • Easy to use training clicker in any position, fits in the palm of your hand
  • Can be used to train the dog in basic obedience, small trick, and correct bad behaviour; Scientific method of training your pet safely and easily

That’s how you train your puppy with the clicker. Click and say your instruction to your puppy. If she responded and does it correctly, quickly reward her with a treat to reinforce the training. It’s as simple as that!

Dog Training Clicker with Wrist Strap – Pet Training Clicker, Big Button Clicker Buy Now at Walmart ?

Puppy Carrier

Why is a puppy carrier necessary? It’s a necessary gear if you want to travel out with the puppy either to go out to the vet or have some fun time together.

Sometimes, dogs are not allowed to ride in public transport or enter a shop or business establishments even if they are on a leash.

Make sure you have in your new puppy checklist for a puppy carrier. You can use this carrier to carry your small pub and enjoy hanging out without the need to worry about carrying her around.

A Smart Way To Travel With Your Puppy

Using a puppy carrier is a smart and unobtrusive way to bring your puppy to any place without disturbing or offending any people around. Some people might freak out at the sight of dogs and they thought they were going to jump on them, especially the older folks.

Dog travel soft sided carrier
TrustyPup Dog Travel Soft-Sided Carrier, Black, Small, 11″L
  • Designed for easy travelling
  • Fits under most airline seats
  • Designed for small to medium cats and dogs
  • The seat belt safety strap is built-in
  • Top and side entry points
  • Large mesh panels for ventilation and viewing
  • Airline-approved pet carrier with locking zippers for pet safety
  • Machine-washable liners included, replacement liners available
  • Adjustable shoulder strap included

Carrier provides your puppy with a warm and cosy den while you travel and it keeps them safe, especially in crowded and busy places. This snug carrier can definitely help to soothe their nerves and yours.

TrustyPup Dog Travel Soft Sided Carrier, Black, Small, 11″L Buy Now at Walmart ?

Puppy Carrier Sling

If your puppy is small enough, you can carry your pooch in a puppy carrier sling as an alternative to a carrier bag. You can still carry out your cycling pursuits without having to leave her at home for cycling enthusiasts.

Portable breathable mesh pet sling shoulder bag backpack
Portable Breathable Mesh Pet Sling Shoulder Bag Backpacks Cat Puppy
  • Comfortable Material: This pet sling bag is made of oxford cloth and breathable mesh fabric. It provides a safe and comfortable place for your pet to look around or even sleep.
  • Secure Enough: This pet carrier can hold your pet easily, You just need to put your pet in the bag and attach the security lock to the ring on the collar.
  • Adjustable Wider Shoulder Strap: Our pet shoulder bag fits small to large-sized people, wide padded shoulder strap effectively reduced the sense of weight, making the everyday walk easier and more comfortable.
  • Hands-free with Mesh Pocket: This sling dog bag with mesh pocket for cellphones, cards and others. Hands-free sling feature is perfect for daily use, walking, cycling, travelling and other outdoor activities. You can take your pet anywhere.

With the sling bag, you can comfortably carry around your shoulders in front of you and leave your two hands-frees either to hold a selfie camera or hold your handlebars.

Portable Breathable Mesh Pet Sling Shoulder Bag Backpacks Cat Puppy Buy Now at Walmart ?

Car Harness For Puppy

Dogs are just as susceptible to suffering from an injury during a car accident just as we do if they are not properly and securely buckled up.

Dog seat belt harness
Vastar Dog Seat Belt Harness, 2 Packs Pet Dog Seat Belt Leash Adjustable 
  • Made of high-quality nylon fabric to ensure safety, features the solid zinc alloy swivel snap and metal buckles guarantee extra durability
  • Keep your pet safely restrained and secure in the vehicle while driving, and allows your dog to sit, stand or lie down comfortably in a car without distracting the driver
  • Hassle-free seatbelt clip designed to latch into your car with ease

Everyone loves to bring their puppy for a ride. Harness them so that they can settle down quietly in the backseat. You don’t want them to get excited and jump on the driver in particular. Take note of your new puppy checklist for a new car harness.

Vastar Dog Seat Belt Harness, 2 Packs Pet Dog Seat Belt Leash Adjustable Buy Now at Walmart ?

Puppy Grooming

Becoming a puppy parent for the first time can be a bit unnerving. Taking care of a new puppy can be quite challenging. Nevertheless, you have to keep your pet looking great, healthy and safe all the time.

Put in your new puppy checklist that you’re going to have a grooming schedule set for your new bundle of joy.

Grooming Start Early

Generally, a new puppy does not require much grooming compared to a grown dog. Nevertheless, it requires a consistent check on their overall appearance, ears, nose, eyes, fur, skin and paws whether they are clean.

Dog mail clippers
BOSHEL Dog Nail Clippers and Trimmer with Safety Guard

CLEAN CUTS EVERY TIME: The pet nail clippers are made out of high quality 3.5 mm thick stainless steel sharp blades, it is powerful enough to trim your dogs or cats nails with just one cut, it will stay sharp for years to come for stress-free, smooth, quick and sharp cuts.

With early grooming, any abnormalities can be detected such as skin problems, nails, teeth, or infections of any kind, and these problems can be treated right away. In the long run, you save on your vet bills and headaches in later years.

BOSHEL Dog Nail Clippers and Trimmer with Safety Guard Buy Now at Walmart ?

Why You Have To Brush Your Puppy’s Teeth?

A puppy usually loses its baby teeth around six months of age. Make sure you have your new puppy checklist for dental care. Brushing your pup’s teeth early when they are ages eight and sixteen weeks will make you accustomed to it so that it will make your job easier when they have their adult teeth to care of.

Dog toothbrush and enzymatic toothpaste
Vets Best Dog Toothbrush and Enzymatic Toothpaste Set | Teeth Cleaning and Fresh Breath Kit
  • SOOTHING AND EFFECTIVE – Vet’s Best Enzymatic Dental Gel Toothpaste is a veterinarian-formulated soothing and effective mix of aloe, neem oil, grapefruit seed extract, baking soda, and enzymes.
  • •FAST AND EASY – The triple-headed toothbrush has a unique bristle head design that cleans teeth from multiple angles at once, to make brushing fast and easy.

You can easily introduce toothpaste (that is specially formulated for dogs) to your puppy by letting it taste first. Each time when you are finished, reward them with a treat.

Vets Best Dog Toothbrush and Enzymatic Toothpaste Set | Teeth Cleaning and Fresh Breath Kit Buy Now at Walmart ?

Something To Chew On

Besides brushing, it is equally important to have something for them to chew on to assist in the cleaning process.

American bully sticks for dog
Downtown Pet Supply Best Free Range 6″ & 12″ American Bully Sticks for Dog
  • MADE IN USA: sourced from free-range, all-natural USA beef. Also, inspected and packaged in the USA
  • QUALITY INGREDIENTS: premium dog treat with 100% natural protein, full of vitamins and minerals
  • SAFE: a great alternative to rawhide since the treats don’t splinter. Low in fat and high in protein!

For your small puppies, you can give them to chew on pig’s ears for cleaning their molars and premolars.

Downtown Pet Supply Best Free Range 6″ & 12″ American Bully Sticks for Dog Buy Now at Walmart ?

Rawhide chews for dogs
Dingo Twist Sticks Rawhide Chews, Made w/ Real Chicken
  • A tasty combination of Real Chicken wrapped with the highest quality natural rawhide
  • Specially made to be long-lasting for the dog who is an aggressive chewer
  • Healthy, fun chew to promote clean teeth and gums

For larger puppies, rawhide bones will be just fine.

Dingo Twist Sticks Rawhide Chews, Made w/ Real Chicken Buy Now at Walmart ?

Puppy Long Hair Grooming

If you have a long-haired puppy, their long coats can become tangled and this knotted hair if not brushed or combed daily may be turned into a mat. An untangled matted hair will subsequently cause great pain to the puppy when you comb its hair. An important new puppy checklist of things to do urgently.

You may think that they are too young for grooming but a long-haired puppy requires more intense grooming compared to short-haired ones.

Grooming Start At An Early Age

It’s better to get started at an early age so that they are agreeable to it but if delayed, they might reject it later especially nail clipping and ear cleaning.

Itch soothing shampoo for dogs
Burt’s Bees Itch Soothing Shampoo with Honeysuckle for Dogs
  • Made with 99.7 % natural ingredients
  • Contains no harmful chemicals
  • Dog shampoo for itchy skin helps to provide a clean coat and soft skin
  • Helps make the fur shiny and healthy while soothing dry and irritated skin
  • Made with honeysuckle, colloidal oatmeal, honey and beeswax to calm, moisturize and condition skin and coat

Brushing doesn’t have to be limited to long-haired canines only. The act of brushing helps get rid of dead cells and hairs, dirt, and dandruff.

Burt’s Bees Itch Soothing Shampoo with Honeysuckle for Dogs Buy Now at Walmart ?

You’d be surprised that many puppies seem to have more dandruff than would expect. This is quite normal, especially in puppies with dark coat colours. If not removed it can cause irritation and itchiness to your dog.

Dog brush grooming comb

– Use the Bristle to help remove tangles, dirt, and loose hair.
– Use the gentle round pin tip side to evenly distribute natural oils for smooth shiny hair.
– Great for all breeds and coat types and will have your pet cleaner and shinier than ever before!

BV Dog Brush and Cat Brush, Pet Grooming Comb, 2-Sided Bristle and Pin for Long and Short Hair Dog, Removing Shedding Hair Buy Now at Walmart ?

Slicker Brush

Pet Self Clean Slicker Brush by Hertzko – Great Grooming Tool for Small Medium and Large Dogs

Hertzko’s Self Clean Slicker Brush is the great grooming tool of choice for pet owners of small to large dogs and cats of all coat lengths and hair types. Fine Steel Slicker bristles gently remove stubborn tangles, mats, and knots while lifting and removing the dead undercoat without hurting or scratching your pet’s skin

Pet Self Clean Slicker Brush by Hertzko – Great Grooming Tool for Small Medium and Large Dogs Buy Now at Walmart?

Puppy Harness

If your little puppy has yet to learn to walk on a leash, a puppy harness is a good training tool. Small puppies tend to sustain serious neck injuries from tugging and pulling on the leash. Because of their playfulness, they may get tangled up and strangled.

Dog harness
Voyager by Best Pet Supplies – Fully Adjustable Step In Dog Harness with Reflective 3M Piping

The harness is fitted with the most adjustment points to create a custom fit for your pooch. So now your furry buddy won’t choke from a harness that’s too tight on the neck or chaff from one that fits poorly around the legs. Emphasis on Safety.

No more fears about your cherished canine breaking free of its harness when you’re out and about! Fitted with a heavy-duty buckle and strong metal dual D-rings, the Voyager is tough enough to handle the most high-energy pets and keep them safely contained during your walks and runs.

Be sure to put in your new puppy checklist for a new puppy harness. A harness will disperse the pressure over a larger area of the body rather than concentrating on the collar.

Voyager by Best Pet Supplies – Fully Adjustable Step-In Dog Harness with Reflective 3M Piping Buy Now at Walmart ?

All You Need Is Dog Treats

You gave your dogs regular meals almost at the same time every day. They expected it and they don’t have to perform any tricks to get it, so it gets rather boring.

Treats are different, most are tasty tidbits and they know that if they want it they have to perform certain tricks. That makes it so endearing and rewarding. Dogs know that treats aren’t always available. That’s why there are called treats!

Real chicken dog treats
Nudges Grillers with Real Chicken Dog Treats

Nudges Grillers Dog Treats Made With Real Chicken are made with real chicken as the #1 ingredient. These tender treats are made with natural ingredients and contain no artificial flavours or fillers. They’re the perfect way to return your dog’s unconditional love at the end of a long day.

Treats To Die For

Dogs love treats and they’ll do anything just for it. With treats, you have the secret to training your puppy into a well-behaved dog. Motivation is key in your dog’s behaviour training.

So, include it in your new puppy checklist so that you won’t forget to click to buy a dog treats.

Nudges Grillers with Real Chicken Dog Treats Buy Now at Walmart ?


Marosnacks dog snacks

Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Meat and Bone Meal, Sugar, Dried Poultry Digest, Cooked Bone Marrow, Beef Fat (preserved with BHA/BHT), Salt, Corn Starch, Sodium Metabisulfite (used as a preservative), Red 40, Annatto Extract (colour).

Milk-Bone MaroSnacks Dog Snacks, Small Size Buy Now at Walmart ?

Bottom Line: Your New Puppy Checklist

If you’ve read this far, that means you’re super excited about the new arrival of your new puppy and you’re building a new puppy checklist of what you’ll get.

You know it is a great responsibility in your hand when you adopt a new puppy and it’s important to have the right pet accessories to make your puppy’s gotcha day feel right at home.

Make sure your new puppy has a smooth transition from the breeder or handler to your home. You might be a first-time puppy parent and you feel lost and overwhelmed but it could make your process much easier with the right accessories.

Now that you have your starter new puppy checklist for your new family member, you can start preparing for the exciting day when she arrives. Check out smart gadgets for your pets here.

“Happiness is … a warm puppy”

Charles M. Schulz


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