Security Cameras – On Guard While You Sleep

Security Cameras

Security cameras on security systems can offer you, your family, your private and business property peace of mind. With today’s technology, monitoring your home 24/7 isn’t as difficult any more because it has an extra level of protection where you can monitor from the safety and convenience of any place you choose, even on mobile devices.

Many outdoor security cameras available are able to feed live stream directly to your mobile devices. You can check on it anytime you like while you are not in your premises or away for an extended period of time.

For remote access or cloud-based feature require a monthly or a yearly fee with your home security provider.

Security cameras may be used for wide variety purposes including:

  1. traffic control
  2. home and grounds
  3. perimeter security
  4. monitory transport and enforcement
  5. business and retail surveillance
  6. overseeing construction and hazardous locations
  7. airports and banks
  8. public spaces, such as parks, stadiums and landmarks
  9. enclosed spaces, such as lifts
  10. police
  11. cyclist, motorist and cars

Before embark to purchase a security system, you would want to consider the following factors.

Functional requirements

There are different security systems that work in different situations and your specific security needs. Depending on how large is the area it is very crucial in determining the location of where you want the control centre to be.

security camerasIf it needs to use in a very large area, the monitory services need to be located in strategic locations all around the property. Different cameras of different function and purpose are used. The sensors are different too – depends on how far you need to zoom and how wide is the angle of view. Remotely-controlled cameras can also tilt, and pan to capture better over larger areas with the best viewing angle without physically adjusting the camera physically.

The ability to start recording if it detects the slightest movement makes particularly useful for home security. You may able to date and time-stamp your recordings.

Today security cameras make use of high-definition cameras and are capable of facial recognition for the purpose of an important investigation, analysis or the possibilities for use in a legal proceeding. The higher the resolution the camera is, the sharper the images. Remember that if you connect your camera to record video, the digital video recorder needs to be HD compatible to have videos and photos of sharp and crystal clear.

security cameraNight vision or infra-red cameras is one of the most important features for outdoor surveillance. They are used in war-zone combatting places where night surveillance is greatly needed to watch on the enemies. Monitoring your babies in the other room where they are sleeping helps prevent accident and it also helped in monitoring your domestic maids.

Older security cameras used smaller and lower resolution black and white cameras and monitors and there are no interactive capabilities.

Location factors

The environment is crucial in determining what type of cameras to use. There are outdoor cameras that are specifically for outdoor uses and there are indoor cameras that are used indoors. Outdoor cameras are able to sustain tough weather conditions and It can able to sustain changes in weather condition and air pollution. Technical features include facial recognition, audio, colour and the capability of live streaming, Besides being able to record in the computer where it is being stored it can be uploaded to different media for security measure.


Wyze Cam Pan 1080p Pan/Tilt/Zoom Wi-Fi Indoor Smart Home Camera

For guarding high-security area the security camera needs to be highly discreet and invisible to intruders and to the public. These sophisticated cameras are mounted with motion detection technology. The use includes banks, premises which house highly secretive works. Wyze Cam Pan 1080p Pan/Tilt/Zoom Wi-Fi Indoor Smart Home Camera Shop at Walmart

Get alerted instantly – Wyze Cam Pan automatically records a 12-second Event Video when it detects motion or sounds. Turn on push notifications to stay on top of things without having to constantly monitor the app.

The visible kinds where it is not used in a security risk, are suitable for use in a shopping mall, trains, schools, and parks and in the area of general surveillance such as traffic control.

Power and Lighting demands

aecurity cameraSecurity cameras are meant to operate night and day non-stop. However, a different level of brightness is necessary for a different environment. If the place is not bright enough, the picture and videos taken will be suffered in quality especially for colour ones. If wanted for highly secured places hazy and muggy pictures won’t do.

Arlo 720P HD Security Camera System VMS3330W – 3 Wire-Free Cameras

Unless of course, these cameras are able to take bright and clear pictures in poor lighting conditions or night pictures. Security cameras generally do consume much power and because it is being used continuously power consumption will be a factor to be taken into consideration. Arlo 720P HD Security Camera System VMS3330W – 3 Wire-Free Cameras Shop at Walmart

The cameras include motion activation to send real-time email or app notifications. Records and alerts only when motion is detected so no battery power ever goes wasted. All cameras are weather-resistant, so you can use inside or outside the home.

Audio Capabilities

Arlo Pro 2 – 3 Wire-Free Camera 1080P HD Smart Security System 

Besides sight, sound or audio completes the picture. Usually, this added to your security package and this won’t add much to your cost. Most modern cameras have audio included. Nowadays it seems odd when recording a video without the accompanying audio track. Arlo Pro 2 – 3 Wire-Free Camera 1080P HD Smart Security System  Shop at Walmart

Use 2-way audio or remotely sound a 100+ device siren while catching every moment with night vision and advanced motion detection. 

Technical Support

You need technical support if your security surveillance system requires regular maintenance and problems trouble-shoot. Most security companies do provide technical support for a lifetime or on a contract basis.


If a brand new surveillance system is too costly, one can opt for a used one. But if you are under a budget you should go for quality over cost. Second rate system will make your security system compromised if security is among your top agenda.

Use of analogue wireless security cameras that work without WiFi

Analog wireless make use of video signals and audio transmission using radio transmission. Even though not as versatile as digital wireless, it still has a transmission range of 300 ft (91 meters) in an open space without the hinderance of walls, furniture and doors. These obstacles will cause signals to be flattered and weakened.

Analog wireless uses the 2.4 GHz to operate, they compete against all other household routers, including video games controllers, microwaves and most cordless phones. This competition for wavelength causes interference with your wireless camera.

Future Proof – Wireless

How do wireless security cameras work?

The security system has evolved and nowadays it has modern features like wireless technology, that will add versatility to its users. When you consider to shop for a security system in the coming months, ensure that it will future proof. Future-proofing to anticipating the impact of future new technology development so that the technology used today would not go obsolete when a new one is developed.

Wireless security cameras as the name implies, are closed-circuit television cameras, through a radio band, to transmit an audio and video signal. Though they are “wireless”, they do require power supply via a cable or wire. However, if it is battery-operated, it makes them truly wireless.

Low installation costs are among the reason why wireless cameras are hugely popular. There is no need for expensive video extension cables and there are flexible mounting options.

Wireless cameras can be installed and mounted in places previously you thought it is accessible. In addition to ease of installation and access, wireless security cameras leverage on the modern technology of the day – broadband ad internet access.

D-Link 1080p Wi-Fi Indoor Security Camera, Motion Detection

Besides for commercial use, wireless cameras are ideally suitable for retiring homes, apartments and renting homes. Since there is not a necessity for extension cables through ceiling and walls and one does not need the approval of the landlord or owner in order to install a wireless security camera system. D-Link 1080p Wi-Fi Indoor Security Camera, Motion Detection Shop at Walmart

Full HD Clarity, Day and Night  Check-in any time with full HD 1080p video for clear and crisp video day or night.

Internet Protocol camera (IP camera)

Today, it is a digitised world, where everything conceivable data is converted, store and transmit over the internet. Unlike analogue cameras, they required no local recording device but only on a local network.

LTS CMHT1352N-28F (4 Pack) Platinum HD TVI 5MP 2.88 Matrix IR 

IP cameras are basically webcams, most used in surveillance that can directly transmit and access via a network connection. Some may require the support of a centralized network video recorder which will handle the video recording and alarm management. Others may able to record directly to any local or remote storage media. LTS CMHT1352N-28F (4 Pack) Platinum HD TVI 5MP 2.88 Matrix IR Shop at Walmart

High Definition Turret 5MP HD-TVI Camera

Final word

HeimVision HM243 1080P Wireless Security Camera System

All the above factors detailed above need to be addressed when you looking for security cameras on a surveillance system. Legal issues also need to be addressed on its usage. Security cameras are not allowed in some areas and the security firm that helped you to install will able to guide you on the legal aspects. HeimVision HM243 1080P Wireless Security Camera System Shop at Walmart

Watch over your home in the crystal-clear 1080HD video, and see the visitors from anywhere. With instant motion detection and mobile alerts, You can see what is happening from your smartphone, tablet, and PC.

Bonus tip before you made your choice

Any Best security camera should include :

security camerasEnsure before you go out to buy the best security surveillance camera, the important features should be taken into consideration :

1. See in the dark – night vision for crystal clear footage in the dark

2. Dual – two-way audio conversation capability

3. motion-detection capability and continuous video recording

4. Keep it dry – IP65-certified for weatherproof

5. HD – at least 1080p HD camera for sharp picture recording and cloud video storage

6. Don’t miss a thing – the ability to receive instant mobile alerts using your mobile devices

7. Quality image – 4K image sensor for higher image quality

8. Wider view – the camera is equipped with wide-angle lenses preferably over 102 degree

9. Convenience charging – the convenience of a rechargeable battery or plugged into a standard wall outlet

10. Do more – able to pairs with Amazon Alexa for hands-free camera control

11. Auto response-able to trigger the camera siren using your mobile devices when you detect suspicious activity outside your home

12. Intruders beware – two-way audio to scare off intruders using your mobile devices

13. Green energy – the use of solar power, for surveillance camera eats up lots of energy. It is important to find a security camera system that only records when only motion is detected to save on electricity and battery usage.

Is your security camera good enough to safeguard your assets and love one?


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