Cat Supplies: Being Cat Smart Parent And A Happy Kitty

Cat supplies will help you to be a smart cat parent to keep your cat to stay active, happy, sleep better, properly fed and clean litter.

Good Cat Care Means A Happy Cat

Cat supplies will help you to be a smart cat parent to keep your cat happy and stay in the best of health. The better you care for their emotional and physical needs the stronger your cats’ health and attitude are.

With a healthier and balanced emotionally cat, you are able to enjoy your cat’s playful antics and unique personality. Living happily, your pet cat will be able to display their affectionate side and can dramatically reduce any stress and hostile behaviour problems that your kitty may be displaying.

Sense Of Responsibility

As a cat owner, it certainly is a full-time job raising a pet and it gives you lots of satisfaction and a unique sense of purpose to connect with it.

Do you want to be pet smart when it comes to caring for your cat’s well being and happiness? I know you can’t help but worry if you are doing enough or doing the right things to keep your cuddly feline healthy and happy.

Don’t worry, the following list of must-have cat supplies for your cat that will help eliminate bad behaviour and relieve anxiousness making your cat a happy member of your family.

Truly A Tree Made For Cat

Why do cats need a tree for? Cats instinctively thought that they are predators and they should perch high up to see more or they may feel they may also fall as prey and they are vulnerable on the ground. This makes them secured and comfortable up high, even though the enemy can be imagined by them and there is no immediate threat in your home except you do have a pet dog.

Cat supplies come in different styles such as hammocks, ramps, scratches as well as condos. Which one do you pick?

Besides a great place for a look-out in these trees, these intricate networks of ramps and poles promote a safe place at home for exercise, to leap, scratch, climb and to play, if your little furry friend can play independently without having to be engaged with you all the time.

Playing on cat trees allow them the freedom and cat space they want without any human intervention rather than using your cabinetry, counters, and furniture as their playground. Cat trees also provide them with a safe and cosy haven to nap, lounge and relax after a meal or some acrobatic exercise.

Fat Cats

How do you know what cat trees do your cat like? They are many factors that you must take into considerations before you can make a smart decision. The cat’s age, health and of course their athleticism.

No point in getting a tall tree with many ramps that hung precariously when you have an overweight kitty who might not even make it to the first ramp. If your cat is not any younger consider a shorter tree whom they are more than satisfied with the lower branches.

For the young and initiated get a taller tree with more space between levels and ramps so as to keep their adrenaline pumping. For a cat that tends to be less sociable and loves to hide and tuck into any small spaces, the condos might give them a little breather.

All these trees may not be helpful if the tree’s surface does not a firm grip for them to climb and scale. They might lose their footings if they are smooth and slippery and may risk injuries and once they feel it’s dangerous they may never make use of it again.

All cats love and enjoy to put their claws on anything that have a coarse, nubby or texture surface. To prevent destructive scratching behaviour in your cat, get a scratcher for your kiddy to satisfy them of their natural instinct.

Large Cat Tree Tower Condo Where Humans Cannot Afford To Stay

Cat Supplies: Large cat tree tower condo post pet play house
Yaheetech 79”Large Cat Tree Tower Condo Scratching Post Pet Play House

Multilevel cat tower: This 79” cat tree allows 2-3 adult cats to play at the same time. Its multilevel design expands the usable activity space vertically and offers more room for pets to climb and explore

Cats’ fun centre: There are 9 scratching posts in different heights help cats encourage positive scratching behaviour and meet different scratching preferences. Corrugated sisal ramp and the dangling sisal rope above the ramp hole give cats another fun place to stretch and scratch

Quality materials: Yaheetech cat tree tower is made of durable and eco-friendly materials. Non-toxic E1 particleboard construction with skin-friendly plush fabric covering, and natural sisal coiled posts and ramp offering your beloved pets a safe living and playing space

Stable & Sturdy: Our cat tree with basket features a 58.5 x 58.5 cm/ 23 x 23’’ big baseboard to avoid wobbling or tipping over. A safety strap is provided to attach the cat tree to the wall for extra stability. Extra-strong sisal is strong and sturdy enough for your pets to play with [Source: Walmart]

Yaheetech 79” Large Cat Tree Tower Condo Scratching Post Pet Play House Buy Now at Walmart ?

Multilevel Activity Cat Tree Condo Tower

Cat Supplies: Multilevel activity cat tree condo play house condo with post tower
Jaxpety Multilevel Activity Cat Tree Condo Tower Play House Condo with Scratching Post Tower
  • This cat playground is a multilevel cat tree tower complete with cat house condo for privacy.
  • Featuring multiple climbing platforms also includes fun, interactive toys to keep your pet entertained and active.
  • Dangling balls or rope ties are great for grabbing and catching.
  • Activity tree provides many fun places to duck, hide and play, providing hours of fun!
  • The cat tree provides your cat with a perfect place to enjoy themselves. [Source: Walmart]

Jaxpety Multilevel Activity Cat Tree Condo Tower Play House Condo with Scratching Post Tower Buy Now at Walmart ?

Low Tree Condo with Scratching Post To Sharpen My Crawls

Cat Supplies: Tree condo with scratching post
ScratchMe 17″ Height Tree Condo with Scratching Post, Cat Tower Pet Play

The ScratchMe 17 inches cat tree is the ultimate all-in-one spot for your kitty to do all the things she loves, from lounging to leaping to honing her expert hunting skills.

Cats can jump and climb to the top of their lookout tower. Carefully placed dangling toys give kitty the thrill of the hunt as she bats them around till her heart’s content. With scratching posts and a scratchboard ramps, it provides cats with multiple scratching choice. [Source: Walmart]

ScratchMe 17″ Height Tree Condo with Scratching Post, Cat Tower Pet Play Buy Now at Walmart ?

Cat Tree With Toys To Play

Cat Supplies: Cat toys and furniture
Cat Tree, Finether 68” Cat Toys and Furniture with 10 Scratching Post 2 Condos and Cat Scratching Post, Multifunctional Teasing Toy For Cats Kitty

Interactive cat toys:
Three dangling toys hung around the cat tree will keep your cat(s) entertained as they try to hunt them back and forth.

CAT TREE TOWER: tall 68-inch cat tree large enough to provide roomy space for a max of 3-4 cats to play, scratch, climb, and sleep; it has 1 hammock, 3 platforms, 2 square condos, and 2 carpeted ladders. [Source: Walmart]

Cat Tree, Finether 68” Cat Toys and Furniture with 10 Scratching Post 2 Condos and Cat Scratching Post, Multifunctional Teasing Toy For Cats Kitty Buy Now at Walmart ?

Cats Outdoor Space

If you think that your beloved cat is getting a bit overweight due to over-eating and lacking exercise, consider giving her a bit of jumping and running to do.

Not dumbbells and treadmills though, but letting them free-roam for a couple of hours a day to naturally burn some calories. You can’t bear anymore to see your cat lounging on the sofa the whole day without moving a muscle and woke up only for mealtimes. You’d afraid that soon she would suffer from diabetes and another chronic kidney disease.

Great To Be Outdoor

To prevent all these from happening get from your cat supplies a cosy outdoor cat house. Once outside, it allows your kiddy to express their natural behaviours that might be suppressed from staying indoors. Outdoor time might be good for your buddy’s mental health.

2-storey indoor/outdoor elevated wooden cat house shelter with balcony roof
PawHut 2-Story Indoor / Outdoor Elevated Wooden Cat House Shelter With Balcony Roof

– 2-story wooden cat house with roof and weatherproof finish
– Includes indoor lounge, climbable stairs and a rooftop balcony with railing
– Makes a perfect outdoor shelter for cats and small dogs
– Weather-resistant, water-based paint ideal for outdoor use
– Classic design in a natural-wood colour
– Raised base for extra protection from the elements
– Lightweight, durable and easy to handle

PawHut 2-Story Indoor / Outdoor Elevated Wooden Cat House Shelter With Balcony Roof Buy Now at Walmart

Heated Cat House

Cats are natural-born to live in the wild and they’re great hunters, but being domesticated they tend to be lazy and pampered at everything from food to shelter

However, give them a chance to live their native life once in a while by setting a shelter by the barn or garage and see how their natural instincts take over rather than their velvet docile lifestyles in the household.

Warm Shelter

They can live outdoors, but your pampered pet needs a place to take shelter too from the elements. You want a warm place for her to snuggle up when the weather gets cold.

Outdoor heated cat house
K&H Pet Products Outdoor Heated Cat House
  • Heated cat supplies for a house for outdoor cats is easy to assemble and comfortable for outdoor cats and feral cats too
  • Perfect for cats that sleep in garages, porches, barns, or even in the home
  • The two exits include removable clear door flaps to protect kitty from the harsh elements of winter
  • These heated cat houses have been tested & certified by MET Labs to exceed USA/CA electrical safety standards
  • The featured 20 watts MET Safety Listed heated bed inside the K&H Outdoor Heated Kitty House Extra-Wide keeps your kitties warm, even in sub-zero temperatures

K&H Pet Products Outdoor Heated Cat House Buy Now at Walmart

Cat Bed For Your Sleepy Cat

Some may think cat bed are unnecessary cat supplies because cat by their natural instinct could sleep anywhere – out in the open, on treetop, roof or about all sorts of conditions and environment.

But, we are talking about your pet cat that lives in your home. Especially if your cat breed that’s a big shedder, you wouldn’t want her to shed her furs all over your sofa, your carpets and rugs, or your couch?

One way to prevent this from happening is to train your cat to sleep on one dedicated place so that cleaning would be much easier.

Alternatively, get her a comfortable bed either for relaxing or sleep that helps her to keep with their daily routine. If their routine is interrupted that will put great stress on them. Cat sleep a lot and letting sleep in a quiet and private spot makes a happy cat.

Self Warming Cat Thermal Bed For Cold Nights

Cat pet cave bed snooze tunnel

Our cosy cave cat hut gives your furry friends some personal space. They’ll feel sheltered and secure, improving their overall comfort. And because it features a wide hooded entrance, it keeps them cool and can interact with the owner. The front and back holes bring comfort and release to your long-tail pet so that its tail is not constrained in space. [Source: Walmart]

FGY Cat Pet Cave Bed Snooze Tunnel Pet Supplies Self Warming Cat Thermal Bed Pet Palace Pet Mat Cushion for Cats Buy Now at Walmart ?

A Funny-looking Mongolian Yurt Shaped House

Mongolian Yurt shaped house
Cozy Cat Bed Cave, Mongolian Yurt Shaped House Windproof Removable

1. The high-quality velvet fabric is comfortable in hands and can keep the pet warm.

2. The sleeping mat is removable and it is suitable for all seasons.

3. Adopting the zipper design, the filled materials can be taken out of the mat, which is convenient to wash.

4. It can be used as a sleeping bag to make the pet feel safe to sleep.

5. The cute Hamburger-shaped design is fashionable and attractive, which is a great gift for your lovely friends. [Source: Walmart]

Cozy Cat Bed Cave, Mongolian Yurt Shaped House Windproof Removable Buy Now at Walmart ?

Your Cat Will Love This Crazy Cozy Bed

Cat Supplies: Small pet bed banana shape
Tuscom Small Pet Bed Banana Shape, Fluffy Warm Soft Plush Breathable Banana Cat Bed

Though attracted by the colour yellow, in particular, the warm and homely bed is adorable.

Tuscom Small Pet Bed Banana Shape, Fluffy Warm Soft Plush Breathable Banana Cat Bed Buy at Walmart

Self-Warming Pet Pad

Besides boxes needing and chasing things around, sleeping by far is your cat’s favourite past time. They can sleep between 12 to 16 hours a day if they left undisturbed.

This cat supplies is a must-have not only it provides a comfortable pad to nap but also the mattress will warm itself from the cat’s body warmth.

You can also put it near your glass door or window and let the sun’s ray filter through. Soon you’ll find your cat basking on its newfound place instead of fighting for space on your laptop whenever you’re doing some work on it.

Pet cat bed
K&H Pet Cat Bed
  • Self-warming material returns body heat to your pet
  • Reversible to match any decor
  • The self-heating pet bed does not require electricity or batteries
  • High-quality comfort and warmth that any pet will love
  • It is simple to care for as it is machine washable

K&H Pet Cat Bed Buy Now at Walmart ?

Window Mount Pet Cat Bed For Them To Daydream Or to Catch A Bird

Window mount pet cat bed
Oster Window Mount Pet Cat Bed

This cat window seat is simple to assemble and does not require any tools to do so. Set it up at his or her favourite spot and it gives your feline a warm and sunny place to rest.

This product is typically attached near windows, providing your pet with a peaceful spot to bask in the sun. Designed for felines that enjoy a high vantage point, this cat supplies space-saving Oster sunny seat mounts securely to glass windows and doors using four ultra-strong suction cups that can each hold up to 50 lbs. [Source: Walmart]

Oster Window Mount Pet Cat Bed Buy Now at Walmart ?

Cat Stroller For Lazy Cats

One great way to bring out your cat which has been homebound to explore the great outdoors is by ferrying them in a stroller.

The confined space inside the stroller offers them a sense of security while they take on the scenery.

The stroller cat supplies can be a bit bulky, like a baby pram, but it beats carrying them by your hands. Some breed is quite heavy though and can be challenging if you’re suffering from back pains.

If you’re living in a high rise where there are no lifts, carrying a stroller up and down the stairs will be tough. Even if you’re living in an apartment with lifts, it will take some manoeuvring to enter lifts which are crowded most of the time. Choose the off-peak period wisely so that you don’t inconvenience others.

However, for your cat’s happiness, you’d do anything for their sake. Is it sad that your purring little one only interaction with the great outdoors is from a perch by the window?

It’s important to stimulate their natural love for the environment and the stroller is a chance to give your cat a change of scenery.

Will your cat take to the stroller? Well, it depends on the personality of your cat, whether she is outgoing and adventurous or the timid shy type. With a little of coaxing and lots of treats in hand, your jumping cat will be like a fish in the water, checking it out.

Once your cat is familiarized with the stroller, it’s time to roll it out for some cat fun time together to get some fresh air and cat-adventure trails.

3-Wheeler Cat Stroller

Cat Supplies: 3 wheel foldable pet stroller
Paws & Pals 3 Wheel Foldable Pet Stroller

The strollers feature multiple mesh screens with zippers for easy access and breathability to protect your pet from insects and provide adequate ventilation. It’s equipped with a cup holder for refreshments and an undercarriage for toys and snack storage.

QUALITY CERTIFIED: HD Lightweight which Meets GB14748 Stroller Safety Standard and Manufactured under GB/T2161 Production Standard Ventilation Mesh Screen Windows for Keeping Bugs Out. [Source: Walmart]

Paws & Pals 3 Wheel Foldable Pet Stroller Buy Now at Walmart ?

Foldable Double-Decker

Cat Supplies: 4 wheels pet stroller
4 Wheels Pet Stroller Double Deck Promenade Foldable Pet Stroller
  • 2 In 1, can be as pet stroller or be shopping car
  • Multi-directional Breathable Nets: For safety ventilation and protection against insects
  • Shock-absorbing Anti-skid Wheel: The wheel has built-in spring suspension, and the bottom layer is isolated and decomposed into shock
  • EVA Foam Wheel: Front-wheel is the universal wheel, 360° rotation, up-orientation, down-unlock; Rear wheel safety brake, up-go, down-stop
  • Top Mesh Window Design: Top breathable mesh design, you can directly see the pets in the car
  • Storage Bag Design: Cart back storage pocket design, can be placed with small objects [Source: Walmart]

4 Wheels Pet Stroller Double Deck Promenade Foldable Pet Stroller Buy Now at Walmart ?

Cat and Dog Stroller

Couldn’t make up your mind whether to bring kitty or doggy out for a walk? If you bring either one or the other, the other left behind will sulk.

Now we have the right cat supplies that all cats and dogs can travel and be happy at the same time. No one will be left behind.

Cat Supplies: Double level dog stroller
Karmas Product Double Level Dog Stroller
  • Layered up and down — Double-layer design for Twin or Multiple pet use. Also, up and down layered design makes it small in size, so it was easy to manoeuvre through crowds and doesn’t take a lot of room to store.
  • Sturdy and Well made — Durable steel frame design, Can hold cats dogs and any small animals up to about 22 lbs. Oxford cloth design, bite-resistant and scratch-resistant.
  • Soft and Breathable — There is a soft cushion at the bottom of each layer, keep comfort and warm; Mesh design, keep breathable, let your pet breathe freely.
  • Easy to use — Foldable design for easy storage and carrying. 360 degree swivel front wheels + rear wheels with brakes, easy to stop and easy to walk, keep safety.
  • Extra space — with Storage basket and Cup holders, it is very convenient when you go for a walk or go shopping, it can store your small items or pet supplies, such as snacks, water glasses, umbrellas, clothing, etc. [Source: Walmart]

Karmas Product Double Level Dog Stroller Buy Now at Walmart ?

Cat Backpack Like A Back-Seat Rider

Considering, you don’t like to lug a buggy cat stroller, and best of all, you have a good back, you would need the right cat supplies of cat backpacks for your regular walks or family trips.

You really feel so close to your cat when you’re carrying your cat on a backpack. The snuggles provide a secure environment and a comfortable place to relax and enjoy the view as much as possible.

Before you click on to purchase a cat backpack you must bear a couple of things in mind, like how big is your cat, on whether they like it, do they suffer from stress and anxiety or not, and how long they have to be kept inside, and the weather outside where you be travelling.

Backpack Suitcase Pet Stroller 

Cat Supplies: Wheeled travel pet carrier cat backpack suitcase pet stroller
Wheeled Travel Pet Carrier Dog Cat Backpack Suitcase Pet Stroller 
  • Multi-functional pet supplies carrier accessory—it can be used as a backpack, and it also can be pulled as strollers.
  • Pocket is designed at both side of this bag, it is convenient to put something in it.
  • Zipper design, it is easy to operate. [Source: Walmart]

Wheeled Travel Pet Carrier Dog Cat Backpack Suitcase Pet Stroller Buy Now at Walmart ?

Cat Supplies: Portable breathable pet carrier backpack
Portable Breathable Pet Carrier Backpack Dog Cat Outdoor Travel Bag
  • Adopting environmentally-friendly Acrylic + PC which have good quality, is waterproof and resistant to dirty.
  • With the hole design of front has good air permeability.
  • Transparent cover, the pet will not feel uncomfortable because of the dark space.
  • Comfortable strap, chest buckle design, the owner will not be uncomfortable to wear it during the travel.
  • The hand belt fits the curve of hands, which can provide a comfortable hand feeling, and you do not feel tired after long carry. [Source: Walmart]

Portable Breathable Pet Carrier Backpack Dog Cat Outdoor Travel Bag Buy Now at Walmart

Cat’s Water Supply

Whether your cat is on dry cat food or canned cat food, it’s still required to drink water for optimum health.

Cats don’t like to drink stale dirty water. What they want is fresh drinking water all the time. Water is essential for them to flush off toxins from the blood.

Keep Your Cat Hydrated

Keep your cat hydrated by having fresh drinking water from your cat supplies a drinking fountain. You don’t want your lovely pet to suffer from kidney failure?

Pet drinking fountain for cats
Ceramic Pet Drinking Fountain, Ultra Quiet, Water Fountains for Cats

The pet fountain is designed with a noise reduction pump. It is designed with ultra-quiet shock absorption and can be quietly operated at night to help you and your pet enjoy a sweet and healthy sleep at night.

– It adopts environmentally friendly material, which is safe and non-toxic, and the stylish appearance will be perfect as home decoration.

– Automatically recycles the pet fountain, free-flowing fountain water, and encourages pets to drink more water. [Source: Walmart]

Ceramic Pet Drinking Fountain, Ultra Quiet, Water Fountains for Cats Buy Now at Walmart ?

Carbon-Filter Water Fountain

Automatic drinking water fountain for cats
Pet Automatic Drinking Water Fountain for Cats, Dogs and Birds with Carbon Filter
  • Size: 8″ W x 8″ D x 6″ H
  • Water capacity- 60 oz. great for cats and small pets
  • Carbon filter removes bad taste and odours, keeping water fresh
  • Completely disassembles for cleaning
  • Water fountain design encourages pets to drink more water [Source: Walmart]

Pet Automatic Drinking Water Fountain for Cats, Dogs and Birds with Carbon Filter Buy Now at Walmart ?

Programmable Cat Automatic Cat Feeder

When you out working, who is going to feed your cat? Unless you have a caretaker who comes in several hours a day to take of your pet daily feeding. Your cat will be happy knowing when its next meal is coming.

With a programmable automatic feeder cat supplies, it can be your cat’s nanny twenty-four seven.

You just have to fill it up the food supplies and program it the timing to feed and the correct portion to be dispensed.

This is an excellent way to feed your cat especially if they are overweight and you need to control their diet or your cat needs a special diet and need to dispense at a set interval.

Dispense Correct Amount Of Food

Great for storing your food fresh before they’re dispensed and knowing your cat’s daily consumption, the right amount is set for dispense and nothing is to get wasted.

Cat Supplies: Automatic pet feeder food dispenser for cats
Pawple Automatic Pet Feeder Food Dispenser for Cats
  • WORRY-FREE PET “BUTLER” – Enjoy Peace of Mind Knowing Your Pet’s Food is served on Schedule While You’re at the office or on Trips; Dispenses up to 4- Meal’s per day. Set the portion size from 2 teaspoon’s up to 4.5 cups per feeding.
  • USER-FRIENDLY & EAST SETUP – Bright & Easy-to-Program Display Panel Allows You to Set the Time & the Portion sizes in a Quickly Manner. Power Adopter is Included. Can also Run on 4 Type C Batteries.
  • 7L FOOD CAPACITY – Fill Up The Food Compartment With Up To 7 Litter Of Dry Food. Program Time & Portions for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner;
  • PERSONAL VOICE RECORDING MESSAGE – Record a Personal Message & Let Your Pet know That It’s Time To Eat. Keep Your Best Friend Feeling Full & Cared For While You’re Away; Prevent Overeating by Controlling Precisely the Amount of Food Your Pet Can Access
  • DISHWASHER-SAFE DURABILITY – Made of Premium ABS Plastic, The Food Storage Tray is Dishwasher Safe for Easy Cleaning; Display Cover, Handle & Rotating Lid Wipe Clean [Source: Walmart]

Pawple Automatic Pet Feeder Food Dispenser for Cats Buy Now at Walmart ?

Food Dispenser With Locking Lid

Automatic 6 meal pet feeder for cats
PetSafe Automatic 6 Meal Pet Feeder – Cat and Dog Food Dispenser
  • Worry-Free Feeding – Set the digital timer to schedule 6 pre-portioned meals a day or 6 meals over a couple of days
  • Set Portion Size – The food tray has six meal bowls, each holds up to 1 cup of kibble
  • Encourage Slower Eating – Schedule smaller meals to help pets who eat too much, too fast
  • Pet Proof – Dispenser keeps prying paws from turning the tray and stealing food
  • Easy to Clean – BPA-free plastic food trays are top-shelf dishwasher safe
  • Battery Operated – Runs on 4 D-cell alkaline batteries [Source: Walmart]

PetSafe Automatic 6 Meal Pet Feeder – Cat and Dog Food Dispenser Buy Now at Walmart ?

Fun Times With Toys

Of course, you like playing with your kitty, if not you wouldn’t keep them as your pet in the first place. It helps to strengthen your bond and trust between you and your cat and you would know more about your cat’s personality.

What they like to play with depends on their age and by 14 weeks old they begin their predatory instincts. They would pounce and stalk as if they are hunting for prey.

The play also relieves of their boredom and some form of exercise which they couldn’t get when they stayed indoor most of the time.

Cats Are Attracted By Movements

Get your cat supplies for some toys which can move rapidly and unpredictable ways that’s what they are after. Cats like movement and are not so much attracted by colours. Anyway, cats can only see hues of green and blue and colours does not matter much.

Cat Supplies: Pet multi laser cat toy
Premier Pet Multi Laser Cat Toy
  • Interactive toys enrich your cat’s life and provide exercise and mental stimulation
  • Hands-free play with 2 rotating lasers to encourage your cat to chase and pounce
  • Sleek, modern design with a wide base to prevent tipping
  • Automatic shut off after 15 minutes to let your cat rest
  • Requires 3 AA batteries [Source: Walmart]

Premier Pet Multi Laser Cat Toy Buy Now at Walmart ?

Why Cats Love This Yellow Banana?

I’m totally baffled by it. Why cats are going nuts for this curvature toy? Is it the right size for grabbing? Maybe it is right size of a typical prey, like a rat or a mice?

Yeowww! organic catnip toy, yellow banana
Yeowww! 100% Organic Catnip Toy, Yellow Banana

Is your cat top banana? Literally the world’s most potent catnip. This banana will drive your cat or kitten crazy. This stuff is insane! Get a bunch today! [Source: Walmart]

Yeowww! 100% Organic Catnip Toy, Yellow Banana Buy Now at Walmart ?

You Love Your Cat But Not Cleaning Up The Litter

Ultimately, you have to clean up the litter box and is never a fun task. You know that if the soiled litter box is left unattended it will leave a stinky smell in your home. It can be unhealthy for your cat and for yourself.

You need a cat supplies litter box that will automatically self-clean itself to handle this unpleasant chore.

Cat Supplies: Pet auto-clean litter box system
Premier Pet Auto-Clean Litter Box System – Works with Clumping Cat Litter
  • Self-cleaning litter box reduces odour with no scooping
  • Keeps waste locked away and uses carbon filters (GAC00-16737) to absorb odours
  • Whisper-quiet system won’t scare your cat
  • Removable, lined waste bin for a mess-free cleanup
  • Designed to work with any clumping clay litter
  • Best for cats under 15 pounds [Source: Walmart]

Premier Pet Auto-Clean Litter Box System – Works with Clumping Cat Litter Buy Now at Walmart ?

Bottom Line

Looking for perfect cat supplies for your feline? There are those fashionable, whimsical and sometimes playful cat accessories but never dress up or put it unnecessarily on them especially clothing and leashes that may stress them out.

Look for what essential supplies that would make them live happily and contented, healthy and active.

Read my blog on Smart Pet Gadgets: It’s A Wonderful Time To Be A Pet here.

“Dogs come when they’re called; cats take a message and get back to you later.”

Mary Bly


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