Standing Desk: The Chair Is Out To Kill You

Standing desk to good health

Standing desk? Probably you have not heard about it before. You may be wondering why you need this. I and you have probably worked long hours and some of you may have worked sitting on a chair behind a desk for many years.

For those who are just starting out and still at their prime, don’t let success kill you softly. Er, I meant sitting down.

I know we have to work hard and only dedication to work can lead you to achieve the success you enjoyed now. But what are the tradeoffs with your health in reaching your professional goals?

You spent hours every day for umpteenth years to achieve your goals and you are proud of your success. Your one-minded strategy to reach the top of your career means nothing if the latter years are filled with health problems linked to sitting behind your desk for too long.

Americans don’t get enough exercise and that’s a great concern. As someone said, “Sitting is the new smoking” This is apt because even if you don’t smoke, passive sitting for prolonging a period for many years could also kill you.

Sources quoted that it attributed to one getting cancers, breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, ovarian cancer, osteoporosis, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and several other related health problems.

I am sure you know very well that working on your computers can lead to bad posture. We tend to hunch our backs and our hands and elbows are not aligned for a comfortable working posture. This could attribute to wrists injury and a great strain on your shoulder blades knowing that gravity always wins if you don’t know how to counter it.

Have You Seen A Standing Desk Before?

You called it a standing desk because they let you stand on both feet while you work on your computer or other things.

They are either fixed height or they may go up and down to your fancy. Most good brands sold are powered by electricity at the push of a button. You can either predetermine how high to go or you can adjust whichever height you want. There are those manual ones where you can easily raise the desk up and down with a handle or crank it up.

Standing Desk Converter

Besides having a full-sized stand desk, you may get yourself a standing desk converter. It works exactly like a full-fetch standing desk except that this converter is placed on top of any normal desk. This makes it very mobile, and you can move it from desk to desk as you wish.

Some standing desk operates on dual gas string force instead of an electrical mechanism. It uses pressurized gas along with some oil-based lubricant to support or oppose a range of external forces. The external force here is your desk’s load and the compressed gas offers the stored energy to control the resistance of the desk pushing down. It ensures a smooth and cushion movement, transferred via a sliding piston and rod.

You can become more productive using a standing desk or being less productive. One thing is for sure – you’d welcome the bit of activity. It beats sitting down for 8 hours straight.

Standing gives you the choice of removing your inactivity to stretch your legs and improve blood circulation and your bad sitting posture which you have developed through the years.

You don’t have to stand up the whole time though. Alternate between sitting and standing, setting your period and see what suits you.

Walnew Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Walnew Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk
Walnew Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk

 Spacious Office Area: The large tabletop measuring 55” x 27.5” provides you with ample space to place all kinds of office supplies.

An Electric Lift System: The powerful motor allows the desktop to move up and down smoothly, quietly and quickly.

Height Adjustable: Press the arrow keys to adjust the height from 28.3” to 46.5”. 4 preset height storage can customize your desired height.

♥ Sturdy Metal Frame: The strong metal construction can provide a maximum load capacity of 154 lbs.

Walnew Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk with 55 Inch Wooden Tabletop, Sit Stand Office Desk with Memory Preset Controller Buy Now at Walmart

FITUEYES Standing Desk Converter Sit to Stand Up Desk (Dual Gas Spring Force)

FITUEYES Standing Desk Converter Sit to Stand Up Desk
FITUEYES Standing Desk Converter Sit to Stand Up Desk
  • The top surface measures 31.5” x 15.7” providing plenty of space for single monitor, dual monitor, and laptop + computer monitor setups. Raisep to 19.8 inches and lowers down to 4.3 inches making this ideal for you no matter your height
  • Dual Gas Spring Force: Go from sitting to standing in one easy smooth motion with dual gas spring force. Adjust to your proper comfort level by using the innovative simple touch height locking mechanism
  • Its strong base can hold up to 33 lbs.! Sturdy enough to hold your 2 monitors

FITUEYES Standing Desk Converter Sit to Stand Up Desk for Dual Monitors Adjustable Desk Desktop Workstation Monitor Riser Buy Now at Walmart

WALNEW Office Desk Electric Standing Desk

WALNEW Office Desk Electric Standing Desk
WALNEW Office Desk Electric Standing Desk
  • Electric Lifting: The office desk is equipped with a powerful electric motor, which can smoothly adjust the height of the desk.
  • Large Work Area: The larger desktop gives you a spacious work area with plenty of room for your computer, printer, and important work materials.
  • Solid Frame: Heavy-duty metal frame and sturdy particleboard desktop to ensure stability and sturdiness for the office desk.

WALNEW Office Desk Electric Standing Desk with Height Adjustable Computer Stand Up Table Home Workstation with Wood Tabletop Buy Now at Walmart

AIRLIFT Black 35.4″ Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter Workstation

AIRLIFT Black 35.4" Electric Height Adjustable Desk Converter Workstation, Dual Monitor Riser
AIRLIFT Black 35.4″ Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter Workstation, Dual Monitor Riser
  • Electronic motor lifts from 6.1″ to 18.9″ high
  • 35.4″ wide top with built-in stand for holding smartphones, iPads and Android tablets
  • USB charging port rated at 2.1A/10W
  • Large detachable keyboard tray extends full-width of the desk and up to a foot deep
  • High-quality steel base and frame
  • Supports up to 33 lbs. on workstation top
  • Includes ties and clips for no-fuss wire management
  • Pre-assembled for quick setup and ease of use
  • Product Type Workstation
  • Table Top Width 35.43″
  • – Depth 23.23″
  • -Thickness of 0.59″
  • Height Adjustment 6.1″ to 18.9″
  • Maximum Load Capacity 33 lb
  • Table Top Shape Rectangle
  • Application/Usage Monitor, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone, Keyboard, iPad, Home, Office
  • Material Steel
  • Colour/Finish Black

AIRLIFT Black 35.4″ Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter Workstation, Dual Monitor Riser w/Keyboard Tray Buy now at Walmart

Adjustable Stand-Up Computer Desk with Wheel, Stand Up Desk Cart

Adjustable Stand Up Desk
Adjustable Stand-Up Desk, YOFE Mobile Standing Desk

Delicate appearance is easy to fit in your home decor. Compact size with portable & height-adjustable design is perfect for small spaces and you can deal with your computer, laptop, printer, books and others.

You could use this computer workstation as a portable presentation lectern, mobile standing computer desk, laptop desk, office table or others in the office, living room, study room, or bedroom

Adjustable Stand Up Computer Desk with Wheel, Stand Up Desk Cart with Standing and Seating 2 Modes, Computer Workstation for Bedroom Buy Now at Walmart

Rolling Laptop Cart for Standing and Sitting

This rolling tray is a god-sent. It can adjust to a sitting position to serve as a computer desk in the TV or living room. You can also use it as your working desk in your bedroom before you call it a day.

Living in small spaces required compact and versatile furniture. Check out my lifestyle blog on compact furniture here.

The rolling wheels are perfect for you to move around your room. Perfect for a snack table in your garden.

Rolling Laptop Cart for Standing and Sitting
Rolling Laptop Cart for Standing and Sitting
  • Adjustable Height for studying, reading, and much more. Portable work desk that folds & stacks for easy storage.
  • Easily assembled right out of the box. No tools are required.
  • Suitable for living room, bedroom, dining room, home office, and study.

Height Adjustable Standing Laptop Desk Converter Mobile Stand Up Table Home Office Workstation Riser, Rolling Laptop Cart for Standing and Sitting Buy Now at Walmart

Bottom Line

By now, you are feeling guilty for sitting down too long behind your desk and pledged to switch over to the standing desk for your health’s sake.

But then, you don’t have to kick off your shoes just yet and totally embraced totally standing up.

Start slow and let your leg muscles, and tendons accustom to standing. Only you can tell if your legs could take it.


THICK, SUPPORTIVE ERGO-FOAM CORE: This anti-fatigue cushion mat for standing features a 3/4’’ thick ergo-foam core which can provide excellent support and prevent feet, legs and back pain.

NewLife by GelPro Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat 20×32 Grasscloth Charcoal Buy Now at Walmart

If you’re determined to forge a healthier lifestyle, it’s now or never.

Depending on your body’s muscles and energy level, you can determine the optimal period, and your body and mind can be productive standing up. In other words, alternate between sitting and standing.

But standing still for a long period of time is equally bad as sitting down. So strike a balance between sitting and standing. Now that you have just bought a standing desk or a standing desk converter, it’s time to make the change in your daily routine.

Screen Height

When you’re at a standing desk, you have the opportune time to adjust your computer or laptop screen to a top third if you’re looking straight ahead. This is to prevent excessive head and neck bending and rotating. Your elbows should align with your desk.

Most of us have experienced strain in our wrists after working long hours on our computers or laptops due to placing our wrists in the wrong positions. When in the standing position your wrists should be slightly tilted upwards to put less pressure on the wrists.

“The Air Is Better Up Here”

– Standing desk’s satisfied customer


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